Donal Docherty
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Donal Docherty (Character)
from "Ballykissangel" (1996)

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"Ballykissangel: Paul Dooley Sleeps with the Fishes (#6.5)" (2001)
[first lines]
Liam: Donal, reason gets us nowhere. I mean, how often have we asked politely? I've had it with him. There's only one language these people understand, the language of the old country.
Donal: This is the old country
Liam: Yeah, but if we were Sicilian...

"Ballykissangel: In a Jam (#6.6)" (2001)
[first lines]
Donal: That time o' year again.
Liam: Yeah.
Edso: What time?
Donal: Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
Liam: Nah. Father Mac always scuppers it.
Edso: Eight ninety. Scuppers what?
Donal: Father Mac isn't in charge of the fete this year. Father Sheahan is.

"Ballykissangel: The Outsiders (#5.9)" (1999)
[first lines]
Uncle Minto: Well, today's the day.
Paul Dooley: It is?
Uncle Minto: Ay. Good luck to you.
Liam: That's right.
Donal: Yeah.
Liam, Donal: Good luck.
Paul Dooley: Thanks.

"Ballykissangel: River Dance (#2.2)" (1997)
[first lines]
Donal: Liam!
Liam: You never know.
Brian Quigley: You think there's gold there, do you?
Liam: Ah, there was a gold rush here in the last century.
Brian Quigley: That right?
Liam: Mm-hmm.
Brian Quigley: Your wages are in the river, then.
Donal: There was, too.
Brian Quigley: Listen to me, both of you. If that fellow panned every river in the county for the next hundred years, he wouldn't find enough gold to make a tooth.

"Ballykissangel: Catch of the Day (#5.3)" (1999)
[first lines]
Quigley: What's this?
Donal: It's a bunker, Mr. Quigley.
Quigley: No, Donal, a bunker has sand in it.
Liam: Ah, we're onto that; but it's a question of cashflow.
Quigley: Here's fifty pounds. Get five tons of washed sand from the builders' merchants in Kildargen, and fill in this so-called bunker, and I do *not* want to be called out here again.
Liam: Right you are, Mr. Quigley.
[Quigley leaves]
Donal: Cash up front?
Liam: This is the easiest fifty pound we ever made.

"Ballykissangel: Spirit Proof (#6.4)" (2001)
[last lines]
Oonagh Dooley: That calls for a toast.
Brendan: To the memory of Finbar Corcoran.
Paul Dooley: Aye. May he definitely rest in peace.
Brendan: Finbar Corcoran
Fr. Vincent, Liam, Donal, Siobhan: Finbar Corcoran
Louis: Hear.

"Ballykissangel: A Few Dollars More (#5.8)" (1999)
Liam: What about the school fête? What are we going to tell Brendan?
Donal: We're about to poison half of Fitzgerald's; we're making illegal liquor; me house is never going to smell right again; I think the less we say to Brendan the better, you know.

"Ballykissangel: Lost Sheep (#3.8)" (1998)
Liam: It's not like Quigley to just up and go.
Donal: You don't think he's topped himself?
Liam: Quigley? Not in a million years.
Donal: You're right. Not if his life depended on it.

"Ballykissangel: All Bar One (#4.1)" (1998)
[first lines]
Donal: You're dropping it all over me.
Liam: Then you come up here and do the painting, and I'll haul the tin.

"Ballykissangel: In the Can (#2.3)" (1997)
[first lines]
Brian Quigley: Ah, boys, boys, boys.
Liam: You wanted to see us, Mister Quigley?
Brian Quigley: Indeed I did. I've just had an idea, or should I say - a vision.
Liam: Want us to call the police? Heh-heh.
Brian Quigley: Not that kind of vision. Artistic vision. We start tomorrow, first thing.
Donal: Start what exactly?
Brian Quigley: Ballykissangel: the Movie.