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George Owens (Character)
from "Mr. Belvedere" (1985)

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"Mr. Belvedere: Jobless (#3.13)" (1987)
Man: Did you get the mattress and box spring I left on your lawn?
George Owens: Yeah, we did. Thanks.
Man: You using it?
George Owens: No.
Man: Why not?
George Owens: Well, for one thing, it smells like someone's been raising goats on it.

George Owens: [to the unruly crowd at the Good Citizenship Awards] I'm proud I'm George Owens, unemployed sports writer, and I'll tell you why. Because I got a great family. A family who sticks together through thick and thin. I mean my oldest kid and butler are out slinging chickens. My wife is taking in typing. And my youngest kid, he brings home money too. We're just afraid to ask him where he's getting it.

"Mr. Belvedere: Baby (#3.19)" (1987)
George Owens: Decided on who you're taking to England?
Mr. Lynn Aloysius Belvedere: Not yet.
George Owens: How about me? I wouldn't mind leaving the country.
Mr. Lynn Aloysius Belvedere: Fearing hearing the patter of little feet.
George Owens: Well, its sort of caught me off guard. I mean, Marsha and I pretty much agreed to stop after having Wesley.
Mr. Lynn Aloysius Belvedere: That certainly would have stopped me.

"Mr. Belvedere: Debut (#3.3)" (1986)
Robert Goulet: It's not easy getting started in this business.
George Owens: I know that.
Robert Goulet: You know that? So you know what it's like, playing in every crummy dive, singing your heart out to somebody who's only interested in his cocktail or his cocktail waitress? I mean getting heckled and not getting paid. And you're lucky if they don't make you sweep up on the way out.
George Owens: You mean all that happened to you?
Robert Goulet: [emphatically] No.

"Mr. Belvedere: Halloween (#3.5)" (1986)
Wesley T. Owens: I got my Halloween costume, I'm gonna go as the devil.
George Owens: Makes sense.

"Mr. Belvedere: The Competition (#3.16)" (1987)
Mr. Lynn Aloysius Belvedere: [Kevin and George are competing about everything] What do you want breakfast?
Kevin Owens: I'm feeling kinda hungry... I'll have three eggs and some toast.
George Owens: I'll have four eggs and some sausage.
Kevin Owens: I'll have five eggs and some Canadian bacon.
Mr. Lynn Aloysius Belvedere: Do I here six eggs and a hog?