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Captain Crewe (Character)
from "A Little Princess" (1973)

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The Little Princess (1939)
Captain Reginald Crewe: Sara has no mother, and we've never been separated for more than a few days.
Amanda Minchin of Minchin Seminary for Girls: How touching.
Captain Reginald Crewe: This is going to be very hard on her.
Amanda Minchin of Minchin Seminary for Girls: Have no fear, Captain Crewe. I'm a mother to all my little girls.

Captain Reginald Crewe: Let's pretend we're back in India, and I'm going away with the troops for a few days. We've fought this kind of battle before, haven't we? And you never cried once when I went away, remember?
Sara Crewe: Yes, Daddy.
Captain Reginald Crewe: Well, this is going to be our hardest battle. We'll be good soldiers, won't we?
Sara Crewe: Yes, Daddy.
Captain Reginald Crewe: Shall we say goodbye like we used to at home?
Sara Crewe: Yes, Daddy.

[first lines]
Sara Crewe: Why are they sending so many soldiers, daddy, if it's only going to be a little war?
Captain Reginald Crewe: To make those stubborn Boers take us seriously this time, my darling. When they realize Her Majesty intends to put a stop to their nonsense, they'll quiet down.
Sara Crewe: They'd better. Anyhow, when you get there, you'll stop them. Won't you, daddy?
Captain Reginald Crewe: I'll do my best, dear.

Sara Crewe: Daddy?
Captain Reginald Crewe: Sara...
Sara Crewe: Daddy! Oh, Daddy! It is you! I found you! I found you! They said you were dead, but I knew you weren't! I knew you'd come back! Oh, Daddy, hold me, hold me close. You won't ever go away again, will you? Will you, Daddy? What's the matter, Daddy? Why don't you talk to me?
Captain Reginald Crewe: Sara...
Sara Crewe: Don't you know me, Daddy? I'm Sara! I'm Sara!
Captain Reginald Crewe: Sara... Where is my daughter...
Sara Crewe: Oh, Daddy! Something's happened to you! Mr. Bertie! Mr. Bertie! Oh, Daddy, you've got to know me! Look at me! Look at me! Oh, Daddy...
Captain Reginald Crewe: You musn't cry. You musn't cry. We must be good soldiers, you know.
Sara Crewe: But, I have been a good soldier, Daddy! And you don't know me!
Captain Reginald Crewe: My little Sara never cries...
Sara Crewe: But, I'm Sara! I'm Sara!
Captain Reginald Crewe: Sara... Sara! My little... My darling...
Sara Crewe: Oh, Daddy! You know me! You know me!
Captain Reginald Crewe: Sara, my darling! My baby Sara! Sara! Poor Sara, darling!

Captain Reginald Crewe: You learning me by heart little Sara?
Sara Crewe: No daddy, I know you by heart. You're inside my heart.

[repeated line]
Captain Reginald Crewe: Sara, Sara.

A Little Princess (1995)
[Sara is tracing her father's face with her finger]
Capt. Crewe: What are you doing? Memorizing me by heart?
Sara Crewe: No... I already know you by heart.

Sara Crewe: Papa? Maya told me that all girls are princesses.
Capt. Crewe: Maya... is a very wise woman.
Sara Crewe: Then it's true?
Capt. Crewe: You can be anything you want to be, my love, as long as you believe.
Sara Crewe: What do you believe?
Capt. Crewe: I believe that you are... and always will be... my little princess.

[Captain Crewe has just presented his young daughter with a doll named Emily]
Capt. Crewe: Whenever you're afraid, or miss me terribly... just tell Emily. And she'll get the message to me, wherever I am. And I'll send one back right away... so that when you hug her... you'll really be getting a hug from me.
Sara Crewe: ...It's alright, Papa. I'm going to be fine.

[Sara just met her new doll, Emily]
Capt. Crewe: You know, dolls make the very best friends. Just because they can't speak doesn't mean they don't listen. And did you know that when we leave them alone in our room, they come to life?
Sara Crewe: They do?
Capt. Crewe: Yes! But before we walk in and catch them, they return to their place as quick as lightning!
Sara Crewe: Why don't they come to life in front of us so we can see them?
Capt. Crewe: Because it's magic. Magic has to be believed. It's the only way it's real.

[the amnesiac Capt. Crewe comes across Sara crying in a corner of a darkened room in Randolph's house]
Capt. Crewe: What is it? Why are you crying? Please tell me. I won't hurt you. Won't you tell me your name?
Sara Crewe: [sobbing] Sara.
Capt. Crewe: 'Sara'... that's such a pretty name. Sara...
Sara Crewe: [there is a flash of lightening, and the lights suddenly come back on] Papa...
[she rises, and stares at Crewe in shock]
Sara Crewe: Papa...
Capt. Crewe: What did you say?
Sara Crewe: [she runs to him, and he tries to hold her away] Papa...
Capt. Crewe: I'm sorry...
Sara Crewe: Papa, it's me! It's Sara!
Capt. Crewe: Sara, do you know me?
Sara Crewe: Oh, God, papa, don't you remember me?
Miss Minchin: [faintly] She must be in here!
Sara Crewe: Papa, please! You've got to know me! It's Sara, remember? Remember India and Maya? Remember the Ramayana... and Emily? And the locket with Mama's picture in it?
Capt. Crewe: [still struggling to push her away] No...
Sara Crewe: Oh, God, papa, please!
Miss Minchin: [entering the room with the policemen and Randolph] Sara!
Sara Crewe: Papa, please!
Charles Randolph: Do you know this man?
Sara Crewe: Papa, tell them!
Miss Minchin: [recognizes Captain Crewe] This child has no father. Take her away!
Sara Crewe: [a policeman tears Sara away and carries her, kicking and screaming, from the room] No! No! Papa!
Capt. Crewe: I'm so sorry...

Capt. Crewe: Sometimes when I dream, I sense a part of me that's missing. It's a strange feeling having your heart remember something your mind can not.