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Pam Davidson Hinkley (Character)
from "The Greatest American Hero" (1981)

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"The Greatest American Hero: The Greatest American Hero (#1.1)" (1981)
Pam Davidson: [after Ralph tells her about the suit] My parents are coming in next week from Michigan to meet you. Let's try the the little suit and the Lois Lane jokes on them. They're gonna love it!

Bill Maxwell: If I'm not supposed to run this show, then why did our friends from the twilight zone put me aboard?
Pam Davidson: Comic relief?

Pam Davidson: [Ralph is driving Pam's convertible wearing his super suit] At least sit on the cape!

Pam Davidson: [to Ralph, who is wearing the suit and planning to break into a rich man's mansion] You go in there and you know what's gonna happen? You're gonna be sent away for so long, when you get out, this suit's gonna actually be in style.

Pam Davidson: Are you saying this insanity has something to do with getting Taft in the Oval Office?
Bill Maxwell: Well, we're just running it past the scanner, sweetheart, trying to find a little radio activity.

"The Greatest American Hero: The Greatest American Heroine (#3.14)" (1986)
Ralph Hinkley: They wanna do the Ralph Hinkley story, but they don't wanna do it realisticaly.
Pam Davidson Hinkley: Why should they, Ralph? There's nothing realistic about any of this.

Bill Maxwell: Ralph, you did it to me, didn't you?
[looks at Pam]
Bill Maxwell: He did it, didn't he?
Bill Maxwell: You picked a skirt!
Pam Davidson Hinkley: He picked a woman.

Bill Maxwell: Ralph, you really did it to me didn't you? He did it, didn't he? You picked a skirt!
Pam Davidson: He picked a *woman*.

"The Greatest American Hero: My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys (#1.6)" (1981)
Ralph Hanley: I can't for the life of me fly straight; I crash more often than the commodity market. I'm not equipped to do this job, Pam. What do I know about being a...
Pam Davidson: A hero?
Ralph Hanley: I'm about as heroic as a chicken sandwich.

Ralph Hanley: [to the discouraged Bill] Like it or not, Bill, I have a responsibility. This world needs its heroes, ya know? This society needs someone to look up to.
Pam Davidson: We got that straight from the Lone Ranger.

"The Greatest American Hero: Plague (#2.8)" (1982)
Pam Davidson: Let's go watch cartoons.