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Lt. Marin (Character)
from Bloodstone: Subspecies II (1993) (V)

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Bloodlust: Subspecies III (1994) (V)
Lieutenant Marin: [in Romanian] Find anything?
Policeman: [in Romanian] No, Sir. Only the blood. It's empty, Marin. Except for the few poor souls who have been buried for centuries.

Rebecca: What's the story, Lieutenant?
Lieutenant Marin: [motions towards Popescu's corpse]
Rebecca: What about Michelle?
Lieutenant Marin: Sorry, Miss. No sister, no Radu, no little witches.
Rebecca: She's in there. Somewhere. She has to be.
Lieutenant Marin: Please, Miss. Tell me again. What's happening here? Who killed Popescu?
Mel: Rebecca, we want to believe you.
Rebecca: They're vampires, Mel. Vampires, Marin. There's something worse.
Mel: Marin, can I talk to you for a moment?
Lieutenant Marin: Yes. 'Scuse me, Miss.
[walks away]

Lieutenant Marin: [to Policemen] Call in the bomb squad.

Mel: I'm sorry. Okay, there's definitely something weird going on here.
Lieutenant Marin: Some kind of explosion, yeah?
Rebecca: No! It was *them* leaving. I could hear Michelle screaming in there.

Lieutenant Marin: [via megaphone to inhabitants of castle] This is Lieutenant Marin. Police of Bucharest. Where is the gate, please? How we get inside?

Lieutenant Marin: [sees Mel and Rebecca] Hello!
Mel: For Christ's sake!
Rebecca: Should we drop the sticks or-what?
Mel: Uh, no, no, just um, act natural.

Lieutenant Marin: Well, is you my friend.
Mel: Hi, Marin.
Rebecca: Well, I'm glad to see you're finally taking me seriously, Lieutenant.
Lieutenant Marin: It's very serious. Murder. And now, uh, why are you here? To see if Marin is doing duty?
Mel: Uh, no. We're just uh, looking around.
Lieutenant Marin: Look. Come here. Empty graves, missing persons, dead Popescu, this case making me crazy!
Rebecca: Have you gotten into the castle yet, Lieutenant?
Lieutenant Marin: No, no, it's no one to open gate. Now, we need rightful permission to enter.
Rebecca: Permission?
Lieutenant Marin: Yeah.
Rebecca: From whom?
Lieutenant Marin: Oh, the Director of Antiquities.
Mel: How long is that gonna take?
Lieutenant Marin: Two weeks. Maybe two months.
Rebecca: We can't wait that long. God knows what could happen by then!
Lieutenant Marin: Now, listen to-listen to me-mes. I wish this case to be solved as much as you!
Mel: Calm down, Marin.
Lieutenant Marin: I'm calm, but, I too have been busy over vampire story. You know what's happening?
Rebecca: *What?*
Lieutenant Marin: He scream at me for half hour. Now, I am big trouble, thank you, to you!
Rebecca: Yeah, well, the trouble is just beginning, Marin.

Lieutenant Marin: The Department of Police is not believing in the vampires.
Rebecca: *What* are you doing here, Lieutenant? *What* is your theory?
Lieutenant Marin: Your sister is mixed up in black market. Antiques. Stolen from graves.
Rebecca: Excuse me, Lieutenant.
[walks away]
Lieutenant Marin: Please.
Mel: Thanks, Marin.
Lieutenant Marin: It's alright.

Mel: No. It's blocked. They blocked the passageway.
Lieutenant Marin: You are sure-you are sure this is correct way?
Mel: Yes, Marin. It wasn't like this before.
Rebecca: [referring to Mummy and Radu] Obviously, they were expecting us.

Lieutenant Marin: Tomorrow morning. Contact to the boss. Speak for yourself, yeah?
Mel: Yes, we'll do that, Marin.
Rebecca: Can't wait to meet him, Lieutenant.

Rebecca: Jesus, Marin!
Lieutenant Marin: Don't worry. I'm only me. What's happening?
Mel: Just exploring, Marin.
Lieutenant Marin: Oh, looking for vampire, huh? Oh, Americans. Crazy people! Vampire. It's very nice up here. Maybe I stay here today, with you. Huh?
Mel: Suit yourself, Marin. Just don't be surprised at what you see.

Bob: Hey, Bud.
Mel: Jesus, Bob! Hey, Marin, it's okay! He's a friend.
Bob: Everybody cool here?
Mel: Yeah. Bob this Rebecca. Rebecca this is my friend, Bob.
Rebecca: Hi, Bob. Nice to meet you.
Mel: Ma'am.
Mel: And, uh, Lieutenant Marin. Bucharest Police.
Bob: I know, Sir.
Lieutenant Marin: Hello, CIA Bob, huh? I thought you were a sniper at first.
Bob: No, Sir.
Lieutenant Marin: Okay.

Lieutenant Marin: It's too much mountains for radio. We should go for help.
Rebecca: We can't leave, yet.
[referring to Michelle, Mel, and Bob]
Rebecca: What if they got away?
Lieutenant Marin: Okay. We wait and see.

Rebecca: No matter what happens-don't hurt Michelle.
Lieutenant Marin: Yes, of course.
Rebecca: You understand what I'm telling you, Marin?
Lieutenant Marin: Yes. Don't hurt sister. Yes.
Rebecca: Yeah.
Lieutenant Marin: Wait until it is most dark. So, no one had seen me.

Bob: What's the target here?
Mel: We gotta get inside. You think we can make it up this wall?
Bob: Give it a shot.
Mel: Good. Uh, you got the stuff?
Bob: Kind of weird stopping this, buddy. What are we vampire hunting? It's your show, man. I'm just doin' a cameo.
Mel: This body bag light-tight?
Bob: A hundred percent opaque. Woah, woah, woah, Lieutenant. Night viewing device. Don't wanna mess with it in daylight. You're gonna love this. Silver bullets. Melted down from my neighbor's antique crucifix. You're over five hundred bucks, pal.
Mel: Five hundred bucks?
Bob: [referring to Rebecca] She started out asking seven fifty.
Mel: Nice work, Bob.
Bob: Hey, man, it's my pleasure.
[referring to gun clip]
Bob: This makes six rounds each. That's if we're all participating. Ma'am? You know how to use it?
Rebecca: Yeah, I think I can handle it.
[points gun at Lieutenant Marin]
Lieutenant Marin: No,no,no,no.
[motions for Rebecca to point gun away]
Mel: Are you with us, Marin?
Lieutenant Marin: Okay. But, don't tell anyone the boss, okay?
Bob: Ma'am?
Rebecca: Rebecca.
Bob: Yes, ma'am.