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Dr. Bill Baxter (Character)
from "Frontier Doctor" (1958)

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"Frontier Doctor: Flaming Gold (#1.39)" (1959)
Dr. Bill Baxter: Do you think Harry Clark was murdered?
Hamilton, Clark's Junior Partner: That's a big question, Doctor.
Dr. Bill Baxter: I hear the stakes are big, too.

"Frontier Doctor: The Twisted Road (#1.31)" (1959)
[Sheriff Wilson and his deputy are convinced the murderer is a local hardcase or someone new to the area]
Dr. Bill Baxter: Instead of making lists of people you don't know or don't like, why don't you get out and find those shoes.
Sheriff Ed Wilson: Well, thank you. In a radius of twenty miles, all I got to do is go out and find a pair of shoes, girls' shoes, size five, black with red mud on 'em!

"Frontier Doctor: Queen of the Cimarron (#1.1)" (1958)
Fancy Varden, Golden Slipper Owner: Just one minute, Doctor. Have you got anything in that black bag that's good for a headache?
Dr. Bill Baxter: You might try goin' to church. It's the best relief I know.

"Frontier Doctor: San Francisco Story (#1.2)" (1958)
Dr. Bill Baxter: Here, here, stop you're worryin'
Ed, Stage Office Clerk: What's this? Pills?
Dr. Bill Baxter: No, gumdrops
Ed, Stage Office Clerk: Gumdrops?
Dr. Bill Baxter: Finest thing in the world for expectant fathers. Now, when you get to worryin', just pop one of these in your mouth and start chewin' on it. Worries will disappear just like that.