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Rarity (Character)
from "My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic" (2010)

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"My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic: Suited for Success (#1.14)" (2011)
Pinkie Pie: Rarity? You OK in there? You haven't come out for days...
Rarity: I'm never coming out! I can't show my face in Ponyville ever again! I used to be somepony! I used to be respected! I made dresses - beautiful, *beautiful* dresses! But now, everypony is *laughing* at me! I'm nothing but a *laughing stock*!
Twilight Sparkle: You're not a laughing stock, Rarity.
Rainbow Dash: [rather loudly] She kind of is.
Twilight Sparkle: Shh! Come on out and talk to us...
Rarity: LEAVE ME ALONE! I *want* to be alone! I want to wallow in... whatever it is that ponies are supposed to wallow in!... Do ponies wallow in pity?... Oh, listen to me! I don't even know what I'm supposed to wallow in! I'm so PATHETIIIIIC!
Twilight Sparkle: Now what do we do?
Fluttershy: Uh, panic?
Rainbow Dash: That's your answer for everything!
Applejack: Well we can't just leave Rarity like this...
Pinkie Pie: She'll become a crazy cat lady!
Twilight Sparkle: She only has *one* cat.
Pinkie Pie: Give her time...

Applejack: So all you have to do is make a different, stunning, original, amazing outfit for one, two, three, four, five... plus yourself, *six* ponies? And "lickety split"?
Rarity: Oh, Applejack. You make it sound as if it's going to be hard!

Rarity: [referring to Fluttershy's second dress] If you don't like it, you should just tell me.
Fluttershy: Oh, but I *do* like it.
Rarity: Like it, or *love* it?
Fluttershy: Um... both?

Rarity: [desiring Fluttershy's opinion on the dress she made for her] Tell meeee...
Fluttershy: No... i-it's fine...
Rarity: Tell me.
Fluttershy: I-I-I like it!
Rarity: Tell me tell me tell me tell me TELL ME!
Fluttershy: All right. Since you *really* wanna know...
[inhales; speaks faster]
Fluttershy: The armscye's tight, the middy collar doesn't go with the shawl lapel, the hems are clearly machine-stitched, the pleats are uneven, the fabric looks like toile, you used a backstitch here when it clearly called for a topstitch, or maybe a traditional blanket stitch, and the overall design is reminiscent of prêt-à-porter and not true French haute couture...
[slows down and resumes her shy nature]
Fluttershy: But... uh... you know... um... whatever you want to do is fine...

Rarity: Exile... I guess, technically, I'd have to move *away* to live in exile. Where would I go? And what would I pack? Oh, it's going to take me forever to do all of that packing. What are you supposed to pack when you go into exile? Are you supposed to pack *warm*?

Rarity: [sees the dress her friends made for her] HUH?
Pinkie Pie: We all finished your dress for you!
Applejack: Thanks to Fluttershy's freaky knowledge of sewin'...
Fluttershy: Do you like it?
Rarity: Like it? *Like* it?
Fluttershy: Uh oh. She doesn't like it...
Rarity: No, I DON'T *like* it... I LOVE IT!

Pinkie Pie: Don't you think my gown would be more "me" with some lollipops?
Rarity: Well, I think...
Pinkie Pie: Balloons?
Rarity: Well...
Pinkie Pie: [excited] DO IT!
Rarity: [singing] Hour by hour, one more change/I'm sewing them together, take great pains./Fluttershy, you're putting me in a bind/Rainbow Dash, what is on your mind?/Oh my gosh, there's simply not much time/Don't forget, Applejack's duds must shine...
Rarity: Dressmaking's easy, every customer's call/Brings a whole new revision/Have to pick up the pace, still hold to my vision.

Twilight Sparkle: [everyone is criticizing Rarity's designs and calling for changes] That constellation is Canis *Major*, not Minor.
Fluttershy: French haute couture, please.
Rarity: Ugh...
Applejack: What if it rains? Galoshes!
Pinkie Pie: More balloons! Oh no, that's too many balloons. More candy! Oh, less candy. Oh wait, I know. Streamers!
Rarity: [incredulous and tired] Streamers?
Pinkie Pie: Whose dress is this?
Rarity: [reluctant] Streamers it is.

Rainbow Dash: [Rarity looks back and forth from the dress she designed for Rainbow Dash to Rainbow herself, expectantly; Rainbow says "what" as if being accused] What?
Rarity: Aren't you going to tell me to change something too?
Rainbow Dash: [leaning against a table] No, I just want my dress to be cool.
Rarity: Do you not like the color?
Rainbow Dash: The color's fine, just make it look cooler.
Rarity: Do you not like the shape?
Rainbow Dash: The shape's fine, just make the whole thing... you know, cooler.
[music stops briefly]
Rainbow Dash: It needs to be about twenty percent cooler.

Hoity Toity: [at Rarity's second fashion show, held exclusively for Hoity] All right, I haven't got all day.
Hoity Toity: Take two.
[the show begins with lights and different music that changes to match the theme and personality of each character]
Hoity Toity: [Twilight's dress: Midnight blue with star-shaped decorations, and light blue slippers] Hello... Oh, this can't be the same designer.
Hoity Toity: [Applejack's dress: Primarily brown and green with a "cowgirl" feel; green hoofcovers/boots] Simply magnificent! And suddenly I have a fresh craving for some Dutch apple pie. Candied apples on a stick? Apple turnovers? Apple cobbler?
Hoity Toity: [Pinkie Pie's dress: Mostly pink and white with some light blue; various candies are attached to it, and she wears a white hat] Brilliant!
Hoity Toity: [Rainbow Dash's dress: Rainbow-colored with light blue highlights, golden Greek-style fake olive leaves, and golden hoofcovers] Oh, spectacular!
Hoity Toity: [Fluttershy's dress: Green and leafy with a nature motif, light blue butterfly decorations for her chest and mane, green grass-based slippers] Now this is a fashion show. All of these dresses are absolutely amazing. Who is responsible? Step forward, show yourself!
Hoity Toity: [Rarity shows herself and her dress, which is mostly magenta pink with some purple underneath; she wears a tiara] Bravo! Bravo! Magnifico! Encore!
Rarity: Oh, thank you. Thank you! Oh, thank you so much!

Hoity Toity: Rarity, my congratulations. You are the most impressive fashion maven. Would you do me the great honor of allowing me to feature your couture in my best of the best boutique in Canterlot?
Rarity: [gasps happily]
Hoity Toity: Now, I'll need you to make a dozen of each dress for me by next Tuesday.
[Rarity snaps under the sudden pressure in shock]

Rarity: [singing] Thread by thread, stitching it together/Twilight's dress, cutting out the pattern snip by snip/Making sure the fabric folds nicely/It's the perfect color and so hip/Always gotta keep in mind my pacing/Making sure the clothes' correctly facing/I'm stitching Twilight's dress.
Rarity: Yard by yard, fussing on the details/Jewel neckline, don't you know a stitch in time saves nine?/Make her something perfect to inspire/Even though she hates formal attire/Gotta mind those intimate details/Even though she's more concerned with sales/It's Applejack's new dress.
Rarity: Dressmaking's easy, for Pinkie Pie something pink/Fluttershy something breezy/Blend color and form;
[to Opalescence]
Rarity: Do you think it looks cheesy?
Rarity: Something brash, perhaps quite fetching/Hook and eye, couldn't you just simply die?/Making sure it fits forelock and crest/Don't forget some magic in the dress/Even though it rides high on the flank/Rainbow won't look like a tank/I'm stitching Rainbow's dress.
Rarity: [chorus] Piece by piece, snip by snip/Croup, dock, haunch, shoulders, hip/Thread by thread, primmed and pressed/Yard by yard, never stressed/And that's the art of the dress!

Twilight Sparkle: Now, the stars on my belt need to be technically accurate. Orion has three stars on his belt, not four.
Rarity: [singing] Stitch by stitch, stitching it together/Deadline looms, don't you know the client's always right?/Even if my fabric choice was perfect/Got to get them all done by tonight/Pinkie Pie, the color's too obtrusive/Wait until you see it in the light/I'm sewing them together!

Pinkie Pie: [singing] All we ever want is indecision,
Rainbow Dash: All we really like is what we know.
Twilight Sparkle: Gotta balance style with adherence,
Fluttershy: Making sure we make a good appearance.
Applejack: Even if you simply have to fudge it,
Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle, Fluttershy, Applejack: Make sure that it stays within our budget!
Rarity: Got to overcome intimidation/Remember, it's all in the presentation!
Rarity: Piece by piece, snip by snip/Croup, dock, haunch, shoulders, hip/Bolt by bolt, primmed and pressed/Yard by yard, always stressed/And that's the art of the dress!

Rainbow Dash: Hmmm... It needs to be about 20 percent cooler.
Rarity: [puts hoof to her face in "face-hoof"]

"My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic: A Dog and Pony Show (#1.19)" (2011)
Rarity: I am *not* "whining". I am complaining. Do you want to hear "whining"? *This* is whining! Ooohhhh! This harness is too tight! It's going to chafe! Can't you *loosen* it? OH! It hurts and it's so rusty! Why didn't you clean it first? It's gonna leave a *stain*, and the wagon's getting *heavy*! Why do I have to pull it?
Spot the Diamond Dog: AAH! Make it stop!
Rover the Diamond Dog: Stop whining!
Rarity: But I thought you *wanted* whining!

[first lines]
Rarity: [doorbell rings] Coming!
[door opens, Rarity's eyes are closed]
Rarity: Welcome to Carousel Boutique, where every garment is chic, unique and magnifique.
[opens her eyes and gasps]
Rarity: Sapphire Shores! The Pony of Pop!
Sapphire Shores: Good afternoon, miss Rarity!
Rarity: You yah... Y-y-you know my name?
Sapphire Shores: Well, of course I do, darling. I make it a point to know all of the up-and-coming designers and Clothes Horse magazine simply raved about you.
Rarity: Oh my stars. If I'm dreaming, do not wake me up. How may I help you, Miss Shores?
Sapphire Shores: Oh please, call me Sapphire.
Rarity: [giggle] How may I help you, Sapphire?
Sapphire Shores: Well, as I'm sure you know, I'll be touring all of Equestria with my latest concert, SAPPHIRE SHORES ZIGFILLY FOLLIES so I need to look SEEENSATIONAL! OW!
Rarity: I have just what you need. Sapphire Shores, prepare yourself for the piece de résistance de la haute couture. I used every last diamond I found on this one garment.
Sapphire Shores: [gasp] And it is spectacular! I'll take it.
Rarity: Really?
Sapphire Shores: Oh yes, and five more, each done up in a different jewel.
Rarity: Beg pardon?
Sapphire Shores: Costume changes.
[Rarity faints, Sapphire chuckles]
Sapphire Shores: Yes, I do have that effect on ponies.

Sir Spike: [Spike imagines himself as a manly hero come to rescue Rarity] I shall save you. Show yourselves, dogs! You, curs! Hah. There you are, you mingy mutts.
Rover the Diamond Dog: Who are you calling mutts? Unleash the hounds!
[Sir Spike fights them off]
Sir Spike: Now, where is Lady Rarity?
Princess Rarity: Oh, Spike! I knew you would save me!
Sir Spike: Nothing could stop me, my lady.
Princess Rarity: Oho, Spike. You are my... hero.
[they begin to smooch]
Applejack: [Spike's imagination ends, and with his eyes closed, Applejack is right near him] Whoa-ho there, lover boy.

Rarity: Oh please, diamond dogs. Please let me go.
Spot the Diamond Dog: No!
Fido the Diamond Dog: You're our precious little pony.
Rover the Diamond Dog: For ever! Muhahahaha.

Rover the Diamond Dog: Please be quiet!
Rarity: Good heavens, what is that smell?
Rover the Diamond Dog: Smeeeeeell?
[breathes on her]
Rarity: Ah, mystery solved. It's your breath.

Fido the Diamond Dog: What are you doing? We said dig!
Rarity: Forgive me, but prior to you so rudely dragging me into your dirt pit, I had a pony-pedi, and I am not about to chip a hoof because you dislike my style of digging.

Rover: Search, Pony!
Rarity: Well, since you insist... But I must say the working conditions in here are simply dreadful. Musty and damp, it's going to wreak havoc on my mane. And this air is stifling, suffocating. And when I try to take a deep breath, the stench of all you dogs makes me nauseated. You look and smell like if you haven't bathed in weeks. Have you never heard of soap? You could all do with a good round of soap and water. Water, water, I'm terribly thirsty. Could I please have some water?
Spot the Diamond Dog: [pulls his ears and jumps around] Good gracious, I can't take this anymore. BE QUIET, PONY!

Rover the Diamond Dog: Make the noises all you want. But move while you make them. Hyah, mule!
[slaps her hindquarters]
Rarity: Did you... just call me a... mule?
Rover the Diamond Dog: [suddenly unsure] Eh...
Rarity: Mules are ugly! Are you saying that I, too, am ugly?

Rover: No! Mule! I said mule!
Rarity: An old ugly mule! And it's true! Just look at me. I used to be beautiful, but nooow...
Fido: No, no! You're still beautiful, po... uh, Miss Rarity.
Rarity: You're just saying that!
Spot the Diamond Dog: No, you're still pretty and... and...
Rover: Oh, and, and nice, yeah.
Rarity: I don't believe you! You never liked me!

Spike: [bursts into the cave-room with the other five ponies] Lady Rarity, I'm here to save you!
[Dogs' screams: Please, take us! Make it Stop! Please!, ect]
Twilight Sparkle: Excuse me?
Spot the Diamond Dog: So picky.
Fido: And critical.
Spot the Diamond Dog: She won't stop talking.
Fido: And crying.
Rover: We, uh, give her back. Yes.
Spike: Rarity! You're safe!
Rarity: Why, yes. Hello, girls. You are just in time to assist me.
Applejack: Assist you with what?
Rarity: With those.
[points to six mine carts filled with gems]
Spike: You're letting us leave with all these... jewels?
Rover: Yes. Take them. And her with them.
Spot the Diamond Dog: Please!

[last lines]
Pinkie Pie: I can't believe you got all these gems!
Rainbow Dash: Heh. I can't believe you tricked all those dogs.
Rarity: Just because I'm a lady doesn't mean I cannot handle myself in a sticky situation. I had them wrapped around my hoof the entire time.
Twilight Sparkle: I can't wait to write to Princess Celestia to tell her what you taught me today.
Rarity: Me? What did I teach you?
Twilight Sparkle: Just because some pony is ladylike doesn't make her weak. In fact, by using her wits a seemingly defenseless pony can be the one who outsmarts and outshines them all.
Spike: [while munching on some gems] Hm... "Outshines" is right. Now you have enough gems to cover Sapphire Shores' costumes.
Rarity: Not if you eat them all, Spike.

"My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic: Sweet and Elite (#2.9)" (2011)
Rarity: [Princess Celestia leads Rarity into a fancy bedroom in the Canterlot castle] Here? I get to stay *here*?
Princess Celestia: Twilight Sparkle said you were coming to Canterlot for a visit, and asked if I might accommodate you.
Rarity: Thank you so much, Princess.
Princess Celestia: You're very welcome.
Rarity: No, *really*. This is so nice of you.
Princess Celestia: It's nothing, really.
Rarity: Oh, but it isn't nothing, it's everything! I-I just don't know what to say but "thank you." Thank you!
[she begins to repeatedly kiss the gold coverings on Celestia's hooves]
Rarity: Thank you... thank you... thank you, thank you, thank you...
Princess Celestia: You are very we...
Rarity: Thank you!

Fancypants: [Rarity bumps into Fancypants due to carrying many packages] I say, that's one way to make an introduction.
Rarity: Oh goodness, I am so sorry. I didn't see you there, I've just got so many bags and I was trying to get back to my suite at the castle and...
Fancypants: You're staying at the castle?
Rarity: Wh- The Princess invited me to stay in one of the suites.
Fancypants: You know the Princess?
Fleur de Lis: [examining one of the bags] Hmm, a pony with expensive tastes, I see?
Rarity: Oh, it's for an ensemble I'm making for a friend. Her birthday is in a few days.
Rarity: Again, I am really sorry I bumped into you.
Fancypants: I'm not! Heheh, you are obviously somepony worth bumping into! Listen, I have a VIP box reserved at the Wonderbolts Derby this afternoon. Would you, would you be so kind as to join me and a few of my companions there?
Rarity: Me?
Fancypants: But of course my dear.
Rarity: Well, I'm, uh, ah- no- sure.
Fancypants: We'd love to see you there, uh...?
Rarity: Rarity.
Fancypants: Rarity.

Rarity: [debating to herself in her room] Pro: Seeing the Derby from a VIP box is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Con: Going to the Derby cuts into the amount of time I have to finish Twilight's outfit. Pro: Fancypants is the most important pony in Canterlot. His stamp of approval could mean big things for me here. Con: Twilight's party might not be as sophisticated as the Derby, but that doesn't mean I shouldn't put all of my energy into creating her birthday ensemble. My Ponyville friends will appreciate my hard work more than anypony. I'd hate to let them down. And I won't. Opal, I am going to the Wonderbolts Derby as a guest of Fancypants!
[excited giggling]

Wonderbolts Derby announcer: Fillies and gentlecolts, welcome to the Wonderbolts Derby! The competitors are taking their places at the starting line and the race will begin momentarily!
Fancypants: I'll be rooting for Rapid Fire, of course. He's sure to take home the grand prize.
Rarity: I don't think he has a chance against Fleetfoot.

Rarity: [to her cat] Looks like we'll be spending a few more days here, Opalescence. Turns out bumping into Fancypants like that was the best thing that's ever happened to me. Of course, finishing Twilight's dress in time for her birthday party is still my top priority, but I can't possibly disappoint the Canterlot elite by rejecting their invitations now, can I?

Twilight Sparkle: [sees the plain and simple yellow dress that Rarity didn't have time to finish] Is... that my dress?
Rarity: [uncertainly] Yes.
Twilight Sparkle: It's so simple. So practical.
[Rarity gets nervous, Twilight smiles]
Twilight Sparkle: So me! It's the perfect dress for my birthday party! I love it!
Rarity: You don't know how glad I am to hear you say that!

Twilight Sparkle: When I told the Princess that I was moving the party to Canterlot, she was kind enough to offer us the Canterlot castle ballroom!
Pinkie Pie: Isn't it fancy pants?
Rarity: Fancypants? Where? Ahh, I mean, where did you find the time to put up all these decorations? Haha.
Pinkie Pie: Oh, I never leave home without my party cannon!
[she pulls out her party cannon and fires it, instantly decorating the ballroom]

Rarity: [running back and forth between the elite Canterlot garden party and Twilight's birthday party inside the ballroom; to Fancypants and Upper Crust] I think I left the bathwater running in my suite.
Rarity: [inside, she finds Twilight and Rainbow dancing up a storm] I really should go check on Opal.
Rarity: [outside again; she points off into the distance] Is that Princess Celestia?
Rarity: [inside, she leans close toward Twilight, who keeps dancing and blowing on a party favor; whispering] I need to use the little fillies' room.
Rarity: [outside again] Can I get anypony more punch?
Rarity: [inside again; now the back-and-forth scramble is taking its toll on her] I... have to go to... do the...
Rarity: ... thing with the stuff, you know, uh...
Rainbow Dash: [back inside, Rarity has a croquet mallet in her mouth] Uh, what's with the croquet mallet?
Rarity: Wha cwokay mauwet?
Rainbow Dash: Duh! The one in your mouth?
Rarity: [realizes her blunder and drops the mallet] Oh! That croquet mallet! I... well, I, you know, the truth is... the truth is...

Fancypants: [referring to Rarity's friends who have crashed the garden party] You know these ponies?
Rarity: Yes. Yes, I do know them. They may not be as sophisticated as some of you Canterlot ponies, but they are my best friends. And they are without a doubt the most important ponies I know.
Jet Set: Important ponies? These ruffians?
Upper Crust: Don't make me laugh!
[they both laugh]
Fancypants: I, for one, find them charmingly rustic.
[ponies gasping]
Fancypants: And I think the dress you made for your friend is lovely. Mmhm, I dare say every mare in Canterlot will be wanting one.
Upper Crust: Oh, I'd like to place my order *right now*.
Jet Set: I think you should get two.
Fancypants: Er, yes, now then. How about you introduce me to your friends?
Rarity: With pleasure!

Rarity: [starting to write a letter] Dear Princess Celestia, I wanted to tell you about the important lesson I learned during my visit.
Princess Celestia: [walking up behind her] Now that I would like to hear.
Rarity: I learned that no matter where you go in life, you should never forget that you are the product of your home and your friends. And that is something always to be proud of, no matter what.
Princess Celestia: Hm, a very valuable lesson to have learned.

Rarity: [singing, light pop melody] I'll be the toast of the town, the girl on the go/I'm the type of pony everypony, everypony should know/I'll be the one to watch, the girl in the flow/I'm the type of pony everypony, everypony should know.
Rarity: [add drums] Becoming as popular as popular can be/Making my mark, making my mark in high society/I'm the belle of the ball, the star of the show, yeah/I'm the type of pony everypony, everypony should know.
Rarity: [drums out, lusher feel] See how they hang on every word that I speak/My approving glance is what they all seek/I'm the crème de la crème, not just another Jane Doe. I'm the type of pony everypony should know
Rarity: ["fashion pop" again, add drums] At home, at the opera, on a fancy yacht/Becoming the talk, the talk of all of Canterlot/I'm the crème de la crème, not just another Jane Doe, yeah/I'm the type of pony everypony, everypony should know
Rarity: [slower, as Rarity arrives back in her room from a full day of pleasing the social elite] Because I'm the type of pony/Yes, I'm the type of pony/Yes, I'm the type of pony everypony should know.

"My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic: Dragon Quest (#2.21)" (2012)
Rarity: [making a flourishing entrance to the dragon-watching trench the other girls have made, dressed in elaborate "camo" gear] What do you think? Am I the toast of the trench or what?
Applejack: [hushed] You'll be toast alright, when the dragons see you parading around in that getup.
Twilight Sparkle: [hushed] You look very nice, Rarity, but could you maybe look nice down here in the trench with us?
[she magically dispels the confetti]
Rarity: Nice is an understatement. I look *fabulous*! Who says camouflage has to be drab?

Rarity: Yes. You've got something those dreadfully fierce dragons can only dream of.
Spike: [excited] What's that?
Rarity: The cutest wittle chubby cheeks!

Rarity: Oh, isn't he adorable when he waddles off in anger?
Spike: Waddle? Rrrrrggggh!

Spike: [regarding breakfast] Count me out. I've gotta get an early start!
Rarity: An early start?
Spike: Yes! I'm going on a quest of self-discovery! I'm going to learn what it means to be a dragon! And the only way I'm gonna do that is to join the Dragon Migration!
Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, Rainbow Dash: What?

Rainbow Dash: I still say you're nutty, but hey, I've done *lots* of nutty things.
Rarity, Spike, Twilight Sparkle: We know.

Rarity: Goodbye, Spikey-wikey!
Rainbow Dash: Go get 'em, big guy!
Twilight Sparkle: We have faith in you!
Rarity: [through her grin] We're following him, right?
Twilight Sparkle: [through her grin] Of course.

Twilight Sparkle: [Rainbow Dash tries to fly up while still wearing the costume, Twilight yelps] Rainbow Dash, stop! We can't fly!
Rarity: And you're ruining my fabulous costume!

Rainbow Dash: Nopony's gonna lay a claw on him!
Twilight Sparkle: That's right!
Rarity: Fighting's not really my thing, I'm more into fashion, but I'll rip you to pieces if you touch one scale on his cute little head!
[dragons laughing]
Garble: Spike, are these namby-pamby ponies your friends?
Spike: Yes, they are. And they're better friends than you could ever be. Now, if you don't back off, you'll see what us *ponies* do when confronted by a huge group of *jerky* dragons.
Garble: Oh yeah?
Garble: What's that?
Spike: Run away!
[he dashes and the girls follow him]

Spike: [Twilight just succeeded in teleporting the group away from the dragons and near home] Phew, that was a close one. Thanks you guys.
Twilight Sparkle: Of course. What are friends for?
Spike: You're more than friends. You're my family.
Rarity: [squeaks while they all hug each other] Oooh!

"My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic: The Best Night Ever (#1.26)" (2011)
Spike: Come on, you guys. Let me in!
Rainbow Dash: Sure thing, Spike.
Rarity: Heavens no! We're getting dressed.
Applejack: Dressed? Uh, beg pardon, Rarity, but, uh... we don't normally wear clothes.
Rarity: [moan] I'm sorry, Spike. Some of us do have standards.

Prince Blueblood: Well, hello. I am Prince Blueblood.
Rarity: I am... Rarity. Oh my, what a lovely rose.
Prince Blueblood: You mean... this rose? Thank you. It goes with my eyes.
Rarity: [moan]

Applejack: First minute, first sale. Second... Fourth... Sixth... Sixtieth minute... no sales. *sigh* This ain't what I expected at all.
Pinkie Pie: I'm at the Grand Galloping Gala... and it's not what I dreamed.
Rarity: [watches Blueblood take away her seat] This isn't at all what I imagined.
Twilight Sparkle: [hears Celestia greeting the other ponies] This isn't what I hoped.
Rainbow Dash: [tries to talk to the Wonderbolts but to no avail] This isn't hanging out.
Fluttershy: [more animals run away from her] This isn't what I wished for.
Twilight Sparkle: No!
Rarity: I waited all my life...
Fluttershy: ...for this moment.
Pinkie Pie: And I'm not going to...
Applejack: ...let it slip by.
Rainbow Dash: If it's the last thing I do...
Twilight Sparkle: ...I'm gonna make this...
Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy: ...the best night ever!

Rarity: [to herself] Just give him a chance, Rarity. His princely side is sure to come out if you're just patient.
Prince Blueblood: Miss Rarity! Stop!
[there is a puddle of water on the floor from a spilled drink]
Rarity: Oh. Prince Blueblood! How chivalrous.
Prince Blueblood: One would hate to slip.
Rarity: Yes. "One" certainly would.
Prince Blueblood: One's cloak should take care of the problem.
Rarity: Oh, of course it will.
[after Prince Blueblood does nothing, Rarity ends up having to lay her own cloak over the puddle while Blueblood walks on it]

Applejack: [wheeling in a large cake to the ballroom] Okay, all you high-class ponies. Here's a highfalutin' apple cake for your hoity-toity taste buds.
Pinkie Pie: STAGE DIVE!
[jumps off the stage into the cake]
Rarity, Prince Blueblood: [both scream, Blueblood uses Rarity as a shield from the falling cake pieces]
Rarity: [angry growl] You, sir, are the most *uncharming* prince I have *ever met*! Seems like the only thing royal about you is that you are a *royal pain*!
Prince Blueblood: Ewww...! Uh, stay back! I just had myself groomed!
Rarity: Afraid to get *dirty*?
[shakes herself off on him]
Prince Blueblood: [whimpering, he steps backward into a statue, which then starts to fall]
Rainbow Dash: This is my chance! Yes! Whoa!
[in stopping the statue from falling, she causes some pillars to collapse]
Twilight Sparkle: [walks in with Princess Celestia to see the ballroom in a mess] Well... it can't get any worse.
Fluttershy: [breaks down the doors chasing many animals] You're... going to *LOVE ME*!
Twilight Sparkle: [everypony is running around] Uh... Eek!
Princess Celestia: [whispers to Twilight, instructing her as well as her friends in a playful manner] Run.

Pinkie Pie: [Rarity loses one of her glass slippers on the way out] Ooh! Rarity, your glass slipper! Now your prince is sure to find you.
Rarity: [shriek] No! Ugh! Let's go!
[she crushes the slipper]

Rarity: [singing with a string accompaniment] At the Gala/All the royals/They will meet fair Rarity/They will see I'm just as regal at the Gala! *at the Gala*/I will find him/My Prince Charming/And how gallant he will be/He will treat me like a lady/To-night at the Gala!
Crowd: This is what we've waited for, to have the best night ever/Each of us will live our dreams, tonight at the - Gala! At the Gala!

Crowd: [song ending] Into the Gala we must go,/we're ready now, we're all aglow/Into the Gala, let's go in and/have the best night ever/Into the Gala, now's the time, we're/ready and we look divine!
Crowd, Fluttershy: Into the Gala,
Fluttershy: Meet new friends!
Crowd, Applejack: Into the Gala,
Applejack: Sell some apples!
Crowd, Rarity: Into the Gala,
Rarity: Find my prince!
Crowd, Rainbow Dash: Prove I'm great
Rainbow Dash: as a Wonderbolt is!
Fluttershy: To meet!
Applejack: To sell!
Rarity: To find!
Rainbow Dash: To prove!
Pinkie Pie: To whoop!
Twilight Sparkle: To talk!
Crowd, Fluttershy, Applejack, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Twilight Sparkle: [four part harmony] Into the Gala, into the Gala!/And we'll have the best night ever!/At the Gala!

"My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic: Hearth's Warming Eve (#2.11)" (2011)
Twilight Sparkle: [first lines, on the train to Canterlot] We're getting closer!
Rainbow Dash: I can hardly wait!
Fluttershy: I'm so excited, I-I feel like shouting!
Fluttershy: Woo hoo!
Applejack: Hoo-wee! Canterlot, here we come!
Rarity: [wearing a Christmas tree hat] Oh, I do hope I look festive enough!
Pinkie Pie: [pops out of Rarity's hat] There it is! Canterlot!

Twilight Sparkle: I can't believe that Princess Celestia chose us to put on the most important play of the season! Do you guys know what an honor this is? For all of us?
Fluttershy: Oh, I wish she hadn't honored me quite so much... I can't go onstage! I don't want everypony looking at me!
Rarity: Fluttershy, darling, there's nothing to feel nervous about.
Fluttershy: No?
Rarity: Of course not. All across Equestria, ponies are preparing their own pageants for Hearth's Warming Eve, in their own towns. It's tradition.
Fluttershy: So you're saying they'll be too busy to come to *our* play?
Rarity: Well no. We're in the Canterlot pageant, the biggest, most important production in all of Equestria. A *lot* of ponies will come to watch us.
Fluttershy: A lot?
Rarity: Hundreds.
Fluttershy: Hundreds?
Rarity: [happy gasp] Maybe even thousands!
[Fluttershy yelps and hides in a box of decorations and props]

Rainbow Dash as Commander Hurricane: All I wanna know is why the Earth ponies are hogging all the food?
[other observing pegasi shout]
Pinkie Pie as Chancellor Puddinghead: *Us*? We're not hogging all the food, *you* are! Oh wait. You're right. It's us. Well, it's only 'cause you mean old pegasusususes are making it *snow like crazy*!
Rainbow Dash as Commander Hurricane: For the hundredth time, it's not us! We're not making it snow! It must be the unicorns! They're doing it with their freaky magic!
Rarity as Princess Platinum: [gasps] How *dare* you! Unlike you Pegasi ruffians, we unicorns would never stoop to such a thing! H-m-ph!
[other unicorns 'humph' with her]
Pinkie Pie as Chancellor Puddinghead: Well, if you non-earths aren't gonna stop using your weirdo powers to freeze us all, then I'm just plum out of ideas.
Rainbow Dash as Commander Hurricane: What a shocker. An Earth pony with no ideas.
Rarity as Princess Platinum: Commander Hurricane, please cease with the insults!
Rainbow Dash as Commander Hurricane: You're not the boss of me, your royal snootiness!
Rarity as Princess Platinum: I beg your pardon? I am a princess! I won't be spoken to that way!
Rainbow Dash as Commander Hurricane: Well, I'm leaving first!
Pinkie Pie as Chancellor Puddinghead: No, I'm first!
[the three of them argue]
Spike: [accent, narrating] And the blizzard raged on.

Rarity as Princess Platinum: Stoooooop!
Twilight Sparkle as Clover the Clever: What's wrong?
Rarity as Princess Platinum: *That* is what's wrong!
[points to a stream with rushing water]
Twilight Sparkle as Clover the Clever: Your highness, it's just a stream. We can cross it easily.
Rarity as Princess Platinum: I refuse to get my gown wet. I have no intention of arriving at my new land looking like a bedraggled Earth pony, or worse yet a rough-and-tumble Pegasus. I, for one, have no intention of stooping down to their level. On the other hand, I have no trouble watching *you* stoop down.
Twilight Sparkle as Clover the Clever: [groans]
Rarity as Princess Platinum: And do watch the gown, darling. It's worth more than *all* of the books in your library.

Pinkie Pie as Chancellor Puddinghead, Rainbow Dash as Commander Hurricane, Rarity as Princess Platinum: We found our new home!
Rainbow Dash as Commander Hurricane: I planted my flag first!
Rarity as Princess Platinum: Did not!
Rainbow Dash as Commander Hurricane: Did too!
Pinkie Pie as Chancellor Puddinghead: I planted mine earlier than first.
Rarity as Princess Platinum: All of you riff-raff are trespassing in Unicornia!
Rainbow Dash as Commander Hurricane: The name is Pegasopolis!
Pinkie Pie as Chancellor Puddinghead: Earth!
Rainbow Dash as Commander Hurricane: Pegasopolis!
Rarity as Princess Platinum: Unicornia!
Rainbow Dash as Commander Hurricane: I say we fight for the land. May the best pony win!

Spike: All through the night, the three ponies kept the fire of friendship alive by telling stories to one another and by singing songs, which of course became the winter carols that we all still sing today. Eventually, the warmth of the fire and singing and laughing reached the leaders, and their bodies began to thaw. And, it even began to melt their hearts.
Spike: [accent] The three leaders agreed to share the beautiful land, and live in harmony ever afterwards. And together, they named their new land...
Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Rarity: Equestria!

Twilight Sparkle: [backstage after the play] We should be so honored that Princess Celestia chose us! She must really think we exemplify what good friends are!
[wind blows through an open window]
Rarity: Applejack, I thought you closed all the windows.
Applejack: Don't blame me. Rainbow Dash should've flown up there and shut it. After all, she's got wings.
Rainbow Dash: Why do I always have to do all the high up chores? Why can't Twilight use her magic for a change!
[everyone starts to argue, but the wind blows harder, reminding them of the windigoes in the story]
Rainbow Dash: Y'know what? I got it.
[she goes to close the window and everyone laughs]

"My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic: Sisterhooves Social (#2.5)" (2011)
Rarity's father: Well! G'mornin', Rarity!
Rarity: Father! Mother!
Rarity's father: I'll have you know that Sweetie Belle here cooked this yummy lookin' breakfast all on her own.
[the table is filled with burned food and things]
Rarity: I... figured.
[sniffs a glass of some dark powdery material]
Rarity: I didn't know you could burn juice.
Rarity's mother: I've been giving her lessons. I wouldn't be surprised if she's got a cutie mark in fancy cookin' by the time we get back from our vacation.
Rarity: Vacation? Is that this week? As in "starting this very instant this week"?
[Sweetie Belle sets a bowl of bubbling gray liquid in front of her]
Rarity: Uurh. Let me guess; apple sauce?
Sweetie Belle: Nope. Toast! We're gonna have the bestest time two sisters could ever have! I'm gonna go grab my stuff from Dad's wagon.
Rarity: So, now, when you say "a week"... is that, um, seven whole days?
Rarity's mother: And six nights, I know! Such a short time to spend with your little sis.
Rarity's father: [pointing to a plate of burned orange wedges] You gonna eat that?
Rarity: But I've got such a long to do list. Oh well, I suppose "spend time with your sister" will just have to be added to the list.
Sweetie Belle: [appears at the door with a lot of luggage] Just a few necessities.

Rarity: Sweetie Belle, what am I going to do with you?
Sweetie Belle: Oh, we could paint together, we could ride bikes, play chess, sing a song, catch frogs, have a pillow fight...
Rarity: That's not what I meant!
Sweetie Belle: Oh.

Rarity: Oh, Sweetie Belle! My one and only sister! What have I done? All the time I could have spent with you was wasted complaining and wishing you were gone!
Rarity: Woe is me! No! I must get her back! I must! As Celestia is my witness I shall never be sisterless again!

Applejack: Bein' sisters is like... apple pie. You can have amazin' apples, and you can have a wonderfully crispy crust, but only together you can have a perfect apple pie.
Rarity: ...but apart, all we are is just a pile of mush and some crumbly dry mess... I know what I need to do! I just hope it isn't too late!

Rarity: Us. I did it for us. You see? We *are* apple pie!
Sweetie Belle: Huh?
Rarity: I'll explain later. For now, I think we deserve a celebration!
Sweetie Belle, Applejack, Apple Bloom: Yeah!
Sweetie Belle: Where?
Rarity: The spa, of course.
Sweetie Belle, Applejack, Apple Bloom: [laughing]
Sweetie Belle: Oh, Rarity.
Rarity: No, I, I, I'm serious.

Rarity: [preparing to dictate a letter for Spike, who is in the room with them] Very well then, what shall we write to the Princess?
Sweetie Belle: I'll start. "Having a sister is just about the bestest thing in the world. But it sure isn't the easiest."
Rarity: I agree that being sisters is a wonderful thing, but it takes teamwork. Sometimes it's about compromising. Sometimes it's about accepting each others' differences. But mostly, it's about having fun together. Even if it means getting your hooves a little bit dirty.
Sweetie Belle: A lot dirty.
Rarity: A little bit dirty.
Sweetie Belle: A lot dirty.
Rarity: A little bit dirty!
Sweetie Belle: A lo...
Spike: Hold it, hold it! How about "a medium amount of dirty, not too little, not too much, just right"?
Rarity, Sweetie Belle: Deal!

My Little Pony: The Movie (2017)
Rarity: I hate epic adventures!

Rainbow Dash: [about her rushed and haphazard decorating] Oh come on, it's fine!
Rarity: If you were raised in a barn! Ahem, no offense, Applejack.
Applejack: None taken. Espeically since I wasn't raised in a barn. My family just happens to have a barn. Where I was born. And... spent most of my formative years...
Rainbow Dash: [very quickly] You were raised in a barn!

Applejack: Everypony okay?
Rarity: I think my bottom's on backward.

Rarity: You know what they say - where there's a city, there's a spa!
Rainbow Dash: Who says that?
Applejack: 'Case you forgot, we're on a mission to save Equestria.
Rarity: I can multitask.

Rarity: That's it! I simply... cannot... even! I have nothing! The bad guys have won! I'm so sorryyyyyyyy-y-y-y!

Rarity: [referring to Capper] Well! Look what the cat dragged in! Himself!

"My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic: Sonic Rainboom (#1.16)" (2011)
Rarity: Didn't you see how nervous she was?
Applejack: Nervous? Have you spit yer bit or somethin'? She was tootin' her own horn louder than the brass section of the marching band.
Rarity: Oh puh-lease! I put on enough fashion shows to recognize stage fright when I see it.

Rarity: [flying above the competition with sunlight shining through her translucent temporary wings] Look upon me Equestria! For I. AM. RARITY!

Twilight Sparkle: [watching the competition] I loved number seven. Doing fifteen barrel-rolls in a row can't be easy.
Fluttershy: My favorite is number ten. She just looked like such a nice pony.
Applejack: Hmm... Wonder how come we haven't seen Rainbow Dash or Rarity yet? The competition's almost over.
Lucy: [back in the prep room] Number fifteen, let's go!
Rarity: [overdressed with extra makeup on] Rarity... Is ready!
Lucy: Look ladies. I don't know what to tell you. There's only time for one more performance. If you both want to compete, you'll just have to go out there together!
Rarity: Well Rainbow Dash? Shall we?
Rainbow Dash: [scared babble]
Madden the Announcer: [back outside again] And now, for our final competitor of the day, contestant number fifteen!
[Rainbow Dash comes out, unsure of herself, while Rarity follows with much confidence]
Madden the Announcer: Uhh... And apparently contestant number four...

Rarity: [Rainbow Dash has performed a "sonic rainboom" to save Rarity from her fall] Oh thank you Rainbow Dash. You saved my life!
Rainbow Dash: Oh yeah. I did that too. Ha, BEST DAY EVER!

Princess Celestia: So Twilight Sparkle, did you learn anything about friendship from this experience?
Twilight Sparkle: I did Princess, but I think Rarity learned even more than me.
Rarity: I certainly did. I learned how important it is to keep your hooves on the ground, and be there for your friends.
Princess Celestia: Excellent. Well done Rarity.

Twilight Sparkle: Rainbow Dash. Are you okay? You don't look so good.
Rainbow Dash: [Panting] Of course! Why wouldn't I be ok? Everyone's so in love with Rarity's wings that they won't even notice when I totally *blow it* in the Best Young Flyer's Competition.
Rainbowshine: [to Rarity] Hey! There's an idea! YOU should enter the competition!
Nana Knits: Yeah! I could watch you fly all day long!
Rarity: There really isn't anypony who uses their wings quite like me. Perhaps I *should* compete.
Rainbow Dash: WHAT?
[workers continue awing at Rarity]
Rainbow Dash: What am I gonna DO? I'll never win the competition now...

"My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic: Bridle Gossip (#1.9)" (2010)
Applejack: The Everfree Forest just ain't natural. The plants grow...
Fluttershy: Animals care for themselves...
Rainbow Dash: And the clouds move...
Applejack, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash: All on their own!
Rarity: Ohhh!

Twilight Sparkle: Now tell me, what exactly have you actually *seen* Zecora do?
Rainbow Dash: Well... Once a month... she comes into Ponyville.
Twilight Sparkle: [sarcastically] Ooooh...
Rarity: Then... she lurks by the stores...
Twilight Sparkle: [more sarcasm] Oh my!
Fluttershy: And then... she digs at the ground.
Twilight Sparkle: Good gracious! OK, I'm sorry, but how is any of this bad? Maybe she comes to town to visit.

Rarity: You made me look ridiculous!
Flutterguy: You made me *sound* ridiculous!
Pinkie Pie: [muffled] You made me speak ridiculous!
Twilight Sparkle: You ruined my horn!
Zecora: How dare you? You destroyed my home, destroyed my work, then rudely accused me of being a jerk?

Lotus: Miss Zecora, I would love to get the recipe for this bath. It's simply luxurious!
Apple Bloom: [realizing] Applejack! Hey, where's Applejack?
[everypony gasps, thinking that tiny Applejack was lost in the hot tub]
Applejack: [sitting in a small wooden bucket] I'm right here lil' sis. I ain't tiny no more!
Rarity: Ooh. I have never felt so lovely in all my life!
Pinkie Pie: Oh my gosh! I've never realized how horrible it is not to be able to talk. I mean I *love* talking so much and when I couldn't talk 'cause my tongue was all "ehhhh". It was the *worst*! Don't you agree, Fluttershy?
Fluttershy: [normal voice] Yes.
[everyone laughs]

Pinkie Pie: [Pinkie peeks in on Zecora's house/hut to see her pour a bottle of powder into a bubbling pot; With her voice muffled by a swollen tongue, she tries to speak] Sthe sthtole my sthong! Sthe's cthooksing sthew!
Rarity: She stole your song?
Twilight Sparkle: Oh, Pinkie. Doesn't sound anything like your song.
Pinkie Pie: [she looks around and then runs up to Fluttershy, falling at her feet in a pleading manner] Ah. Hmm... Pbth!
Flutterguy: [sighs, then starts to sing Pinkie's song in a low bass voice - a jazz/bongo/poetry club feel - while Pinkie mimes the actions of her song] She's an evil enchantress/And she does evil dances/And if you look deep in her eyes/She will put you in trances/Then what would she do?/She'll mix up an evil brew/Then she'll gobble you up/In a big tasty stew/Soooo... watch out.

"My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic: A Canterlot Wedding - Part 1 (#2.25)" (2012)
Fluttershy: Um, Twilight? Are you okay?
Twilight Sparkle: Sorry, it's just that Shining Armor and I have always been so close. He's my B.B.B.F.F!
[questioning looks from others]
Twilight Sparkle: Big Brother Best Friend Forever?
Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Rarity, Spike: [they look at each other] Ohhh!
Twilight Sparkle: Before I came here and learned the importance of friendship, Shining Armor was the only pony I really accepted as a friend.

Twilight Sparkle: [in Rarity's room, present day, while Rarity is sewing a dress] Oh, you should have seen how she acted back there. I don't know when she changed, but she changed!
[imitating Cadance]
Twilight Sparkle: "Please, call me Princess Mi Amore Cadenza."
Princess Cadence: [walks in with three bridesmaids] Did I hear someone say my name?
Rarity: [rushes to attention] Your highness! Let me just start by saying what an honor it is to play a role in such a momentous occasion.
[laughs nervously]
Princess Cadence: [unenthusiastically] A-ha. Is my dress ready?
Rarity: [stammers] Yes, of course. Um, I've been working on it ever since I was given the assignment, and I think you'll be pleased with the results! Mmm!
Princess Cadence: [looks at the dress on the mannequin; walks away] I was hoping for something with more beading and a longer train.
Rarity: [writing on a notepad] Oh, yes, of course.
Princess Cadence: [referring to the dresses for her bridesmaids, on three other dummies] And those should be a different color.
Twinkleshine: I think they're lovely.
Minuette: Me too!
Lyra Heartstrings: I love them.
Princess Cadence: [glares at them while facing away; to Rarity] Make them a different color.
[Rarity gets back to work]
Twilight Sparkle: [after Cadence and the others leave, to Rarity] Gee, maybe her name should be "Princess Demandy-pants."

Rarity: [Twilight has been talking to her friends about her concerns about Cadence's behavior] The princess is about to get married. I'm sure any negative behavior she might be displaying is simply the result of nerves.
Twilight Sparkle: And *I'm* sure it's the result of being an awful pony who doesn't deserve to even know Shining Armor let alone marry him!
Applejack: Think maybe you're being just a tiny bit possessive of your brother?
[the others agree with "Uh-huh"]
Twilight Sparkle: I am *not* being possessive, and I am *not* taking it out on Cadance! You're all just too caught up in your wedding planning to notice that maybe there shouldn't even *be* a wedding!

Princess Luna: [after seeing Cadence cast an evil-looking spell on Shining Armor, Twilight runs underneath Princess Luna's watch tower] Who goes there? Stay indoors, Twilight Sparkle.
Twilight Sparkle: [to her friends, inside] Shining Armor's in real trouble! You have to help-
[they are chattering about their dresses]
Twilight Sparkle: Dresses? What are you-?
Fluttershy: Can you believe it? We're gonna be Princess Mi Amore Cadenza's new bridesmaids!
Twilight Sparkle: "New" bridesmaids? What happened to her "old" bridesmaids?
Applejack: She didn't say. But she did tell us that she would love love *love* it if we'd fill in for them.
Rarity: Seeing as we've been working so hard and everything.
Applejack: And you had your doubts about her.
Rarity: Told you she was an absolute gem!
Rainbow Dash: [fiddling with her dress] You sure this is what I should wear? Doesn't seem all that aerodynamic.
Rarity: Ehm - I'll see what I can do.
[they walk out of the room, more excited chatter from those remaining]
Twilight Sparkle: Looks like I really am on my own.

Twilight Sparkle: [singing] When I was just a filly, I found it rather silly/To see how many other ponies I could meet/I had my books to read, didn't know that I would ever need/Other ponies to make my life complete.
Twilight Sparkle: But there was one colt that I cared for/I knew he would be there for me/My big brother, best friend forever!/Like two peas in a pod, we did everything together.
Twilight Sparkle: He taught me how to fly a kite
[backup: Best friend forever!]
Twilight Sparkle: /We never had a single fight
[backup: We did everything together!]
Twilight Sparkle: /We shared our hopes, we shared our dreams/I miss him more than I realized, it seems...
Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Rarity: Your big brother, best friend forever/Like two peas in a pod, you did everything together.
Twilight Sparkle: And though he's, oh, so far away/I hoped that he would stay/My big brother best friend/Forever... Forever...

"My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic: Ponyville Confidential (#2.23)" (2012)
Rainbow Dash: The new Gabby Gums just came out! "The Great and Powerful Trixie's secrets revealed!"
Rarity: We already read that one, Rainbow Dash.

Twilight Sparkle: We've got to put a stop to this once and for all! Sweetie Belle's on the newspaper staff. Maybe she knows who Gabby Gums is!
Rarity: [gasps] My sister would never associate with anyone as beastly as Gabby Gums! I resent you even suggesting such a thing, Twilight! Why, she's the most innocent, most lovely...
Rarity: [cut to Rarity's home, she looks in her bag to find her diary missing] -most evil pony in Equestria! How could my own sister steal my private diary? How could my own sister be... Gabby Gums?

Rarity: Rainbow, why don't you join me in one of these delicious hooficures?
Rainbow Dash: It's that good, huh? Well, maybe just one little hoof.
[Lotus gets the file very near to Dash's hoof]
Rainbow Dash: [yelps; jumps up and hovers] Forget it, I don't like ponies touching my hooves.

Applejack: "Applejack, asleep on the job!" Can y'all believe this? And this one: "Big Macintosh - what's he hiding?" Who the hay does this Gabby Gums think she is?
Twilight Sparkle: Listen to this one. "Twilight Sparkle: I was a Canterlot snob. A well-placed scaly source close to the prissy pony says Twilight Sparkle thinks Ponyville is nothing but muddy roads and low-class rubes."
Rarity: Everypony, please! She's just a harmless schoolpony engaged in a little harmless gossip. You're really making too big a deal out of this.
Twilight Sparkle: But it's *all* lies! Gabby Gums prints whatever she wants, she doesn't care whose reputation she destroys! "Fluttershy has tail extensions!" "Pinkie Pie is an out-of-control party animal!"
Pinkie Pie: [shocked] What?
Pinkie Pie: It's true! I *do* have a problem!
Twilight Sparkle: Oh look! According to this one, the Cakes are breaking up!
Mrs. Cake: [rushes into the room with Mr. Cake and their babies] We are?
Rainbow Dash: [crashes in with a pile of newspapers] Well, my life is officially over. Gabby Gums has made it to Cloudsdale.
Twilight Sparkle: "Rainbow Dash: Speed demon or super softie?"?
Rainbow Dash: I grabbed as many copies as I could, but it was too late!
Rainbow Dash: I'm a laughing stock!
Twilight Sparkle: See, Rarity? Your so-called "harmless gossip" can be very hurtful!
Rarity: Honestly, you ponies have no sense of humor. So she tweaks a few ponies every now and then, maybe they dese-
[sees another issue, gasps]
Rarity: I'll *destroy* her! "The Drama-Queen Diaries"... she's reprinted my diary! How could Gabby Gums possibly get access to my private diary?

Rarity: Et tu, Gabby Gums?
Sweetie Belle: [gasps] You know? How'd you find out?
Rarity: The gilded pages of your betrayal!
Sweetie Belle: Oh yeah.
Rarity: How could you do this to me? You stole my secret diary and published it for all the world to read! Gossip can be a very hurtful thing. It is an invasion of privacy, just like when I snooped through your saddlebag. You didn't like that much, did you?
Sweetie Belle: No...
Rarity: What is important is that you understand how your column makes the ponies that you're writing about feel!
Sweetie Belle: I *do* understand, and we've all been feeling guilty, but we just want our cutie marks so badly!
Rarity: Do you really think that writing nasty things and making everypony feel horrible is your destiny?
Sweetie Belle: Well, when you put it that way...

"My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic: Secret of My Excess (#2.10)" (2011)
Rarity: [sees Spike's fire ruby] I hope it's as tasty as it is beautiful, Spike. I've never seen anything quite so stunning before.
Spike: Gosh... you really like it, huh?
Rarity: Like it? It's *magnificent*.
Spike: [sighs] Then you should have it. This beautiful gem was meant to be with you.
Rarity: I don't know what to say... This is so thoughtful. Oh, my little Spikey-wikey!
Rarity: Thank you *so* much!
Twilight Sparkle: Wow, Spike, that's one of the kindest, most generous things you've ever done. I've never seen Rarity so happy!
Spike: I will never wash this cheek again.
[sighs and laughs]

Rarity: [gigantic Spike roars in Rarity's face] How rude.

Rarity: [being held captive by a gigantic Spike, whom she does not recognize] Oh be quiet. You've got nothing to be proud of. You steal everypony's things, terrorize the town, and use *me* as a weapon against my own friends! Which, as horrible as it is, I can almost understand because you're a *dragon* and all. But this!
[rips off her dress which was destroyed earlier]
Rarity: *This* is a *crime against fashion*!
[Spike notices Rarity's ruby that she is wearing as a necklace]
Rarity: Oh no. You are not getting this gemstone! This was given to me by my dear friend Spikey-wikey... the kindest, sweetest, most generous dragon ever. And it is too precious to me to give to a greedy old beast like you!

Fluttershy: [gasps] We did it! I can't believe we did it!
Rainbow Dash: All in a day's work.
Rarity: [Rarity comes over to Spike, who is brooding on the edge of a small creek bridge, and looking at the damage he caused earlier that day while giant] Spike, I just have to tell you how absolutely proud I am of you.
Spike: Proud of *me*?
Rarity: Yes. It was you who stopped... w-well you, from destroying Ponyville. You are my hero, Spikey-wikey!
[kisses him on the cheek]

"My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic: The Crystal Empire - Part 2 (#3.2)" (2012)
Rarity: I am running out of weaving materials for the traditional crafts booth! I just made a hat out of three pieces of hay and a drinking straw! I made it work. But still!

Applejack: Now, don't y'all worry your pretty, little Crystal heads! The real Crystal Heart will be here any second!
Rarity: [hushed] I don't know if they believe you...
Applejack: [hushed] Don't know if *I* believe me...

Rarity: [referring to how they all became Crystal Ponies temporarily after King Sombra was defeated] I do so wish it was permanent. Did you see how my mane just absolutely sparkled?
Applejack: But... good things are better when they're a *rarity*.
Rarity: Aww.

Rarity: You were prepared to do your best/Had what it takes to pass the test/All those doubts you can dismiss/Turns out you were
Applejack, Spike, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy: Prepared for this!
Applejack: You clearly have just what it takes
Pinkie Pie: To pass a test with such high stakes
Fluttershy: We knew for sure you would prevail
Rainbow Dash: Since when does Twilight Sparkle ever fail?
Applejack, Spike, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy: All those doubts that you can dismiss/Trust yourself and you cannot miss
Applejack, Rarity, Pinkie Pie: Turns out you were
Twilight Sparkle: Turns out I was
Spike, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy: Turns out you were
Twilight Sparkle: Turns out I was
Rarity: Turns out you were
Applejack, Spike, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy: Prepared for this!
Spike: [laughs nervously] Yeah, I knew everything was going to be fine.

"My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic: Putting Your Hoof Down (#2.19)" (2012)
Turf: [talking with another teenage pony, suddenly cutting in front of Fluttershy in line for asparagus] ... like, oh well.
Fluttershy: Hey!
Turf: Would you mind moving back? You're in my personal space.
Fluttershy: But...
Surf: Seriously, do you need your asparagus so badly? Get a life.
Fluttershy: [backing away] Oh, okay. There's no rush.
Rarity: [behind Fluttershy as she backs up] Fluttershy, you mustn't let them treat you that way.
Fluttershy: Oh, it-it's really no big deal...
Pinkie Pie: It's bigger than big, it's double big, you are a pony with a *problem*.
Fluttershy: What problem?
[to demonstrate, Pinkie places Fluttershy in front of her, then quickly zips past her, causing Fluttershy to spin around and fall down]
Fluttershy: Oh, go right ahead Pinkie Pie, you first.
Pinkie Pie: Right there! *That's* the problem.
Rarity: You've got to stop being such a doormat.
Fluttershy: A doormat?
Rarity: A pushover, darling. You've got to stand up for yourself, promise us.
Fluttershy: Oh, okay. I promise.
[sees some asparagus for sale]
Fluttershy: Oh! Good!

Rarity: Fluttershy! What *are* you doing? That's no way to behave!
Fluttershy: Didn't you see what he did to new Fluttershy? And he thought new Fluttershy was a pushover!
Rarity: No sweetie, he didn't. We saw the whole thing. We think that you've taken your assertiveness training a little too far.
Fluttershy: *What*? You just want *new* Fluttershy to be a *doormat* like *old* Fluttershy! But old Fluttershy is *gone*!
Pinkie Pie: New Fluttershy...? Old Fluttershy...?
Rarity: What happened to *nice* Fluttershy? We want *that* Fluttershy back.
Fluttershy: [Fluttershy begins to fly circles around Pinkie Pie and Rarity] No, you want *wimp* Fluttershy. You want *pushover* Fluttershy. You want do-anything-to-her-and-she-won't-complain Fluttershy!
[while she circles them, Pinkie twists her neck around to follow her]
Pinkie Pie: [unwinding her neck and feeling dizzy] Nyaaaaah! Too many Fluttershies to keep track of! Make it stop!
Pinkie Pie: Things getting too complicated for your simple little brain, Pinkie Pie?
[Fluttershy pushes Pinkie by the head and knocks her into Rarity's 'arms']
Rarity: Now, stop right there! Let's not let things descend into petty insults!
Fluttershy: [still hovering above them, stationary] Why not? I thought "petty" was what you're all about, Rarity. With your 'petty' concerns about fashion.
Rarity: [gasps]
Pinkie Pie: [zips over] Hey, leave her alone! Fashion is her passion!
[she stands up and makes hip-swaying motions]
Fluttershy: Oh, and what are you passionate about? Birthday cake? *Party hats*? I can't believe that the two most frivolous ponies in Ponyville are trying to tell *new* Fluttershy how to live her life when they are throwing their own lives away on pointless pursuits that *nopony else gives a flying feather about*!
[Pinkie Pie and Rarity are on the verge of tears now]
Pinkie Pie: Looks like *nasty* Fluttershy is here to stay!
Rarity: I cannot believe what that monster Iron Will has done to you!
Rarity, Pinkie Pie: [they run away crying]
Fluttershy: Iron Will's not a monster, *HE'S A MINOTAUR*!
[she lands on the ground at the base of a puddle, and growls at her reflection. Suddenly, she sees how mean she has become and whimpers]
Fluttershy: ... I'm the monster.

Iron Will: [looking at the screen with a thumbs-up] Iron Will's my name, training ponies is my game.
Rarity: [Pinkie Pie and Rarity stare back at us, puzzled. Then they turn back and address Iron Will] What a darling little catchphrase.
Iron Will: Your friend Fluttershy *loved* Iron Will's catchphrases. Word on the street is that she doesn't take no guff from nopony! So, Iron Will is here to collect Iron Will's fee.
Pinkie Pie: Fluttershy is in no shape to deal with *that* creep!
Rarity: [gasps; starts running after him as he walks] I'm sure a big, brave, powerful and rich monster- I mean, minotaur, like you, doesn't need that money right away. You can afford to come back later.
Iron Will: Are you kidding? Fluttershy is overdue as it is. Iron Will collects *now*.

Fluttershy: [Pinkie and Rarity gallop up to Fluttershy] You were amazing, Fluttershy!
[they hug her]
Fluttershy: You totally stood up to that monster!
Rarity: In fact, you didn't change at all! You were the same old Fluttershy that we've always loved!
Pinkie Pie: The one we missed!
Fluttershy: Don't worry, old Fluttershy's back for good. I'm sorry I took the whole assertiveness thing too far. Friends?
[she gets a pair of teary smiles]
Pinkie Pie, Rarity: Friends.
Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rarity: [laughing]

"My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic: Party of One (#1.25)" (2011)
Spike: Anything else I can do for you, most beautiful one?
Rarity: [sniffs and shudders] Hmm... perhaps you could take a bath. How do I put this delicately? You smell like a rotten apple core that's been wrapped in moldy hay, and dipped in dragon perspiration.

Pinkie Pie: I know it's short-notice, but we had such a great time at his birthday party, I thought we could have even more fun at his after-birthday party.
Rarity: And I'm sure that we would, but I'm going to have to decline. I have to... wash my hair!
Pinkie Pie: Don't be silly. Your hair doesn't look dirty.
Rarity: It doesn't?
Pinkie Pie: Nope.
Rarity: [Rarity forces her head into an overflowing trash can] See?
[mild belch]
Rarity: Dirty! I have to go!

Applejack: Oh! Howdy, pardn'r!
Pinkie Pie: Mind if I... take a look inside the *barn*?
Applejack: No! Uh, I mean, yes, I mean... you can't come in here!
Pinkie Pie: Rainbow Dash just went in there.
Applejack: Oh, well, she was just bringin' in some... *supplies*! Yup, supplies for the... *renovation*! Fixin' up the whole thing, top to bottom... uh, lots of construction goin' on in there right now!
[yells back to the others inside]
Rainbow Dash: [from inside, whispering] You heard her! "Construction!"
Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, Fluttershy: [mimicking random noises for various construction tools]
Applejack: Yup! Construction! That's my story, and I'm stickin' to it.
[nervous giggle]

Pinkie Pie: And you like me so much you decided to throw me a surprise party!
Rarity: That's what we've been trying to tell you, darling.
Pinkie Pie: You girls are the best friends ever!
[Looking a little ashamed]
Pinkie Pie: How could I have ever doubted you?
Twilight Sparkle: It's okay, Pinkie Pie. It could have happened to any of us.
Rainbow Dash: Uh-huh! It sure would.
Fluttershy: Don't worry about it.
Rainbow Dash: I'm just glad I haven't been replaced by a bucket of turnips.
Twilight Sparkle: Huh?
[Makes a confused look at Pinkie Pie, who nervously smiles]
Rainbow Dash: You don't wanna know.
Applejack: All right, girls! Enough of this gab. Let's party!

"My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic: Look Before You Sleep (#1.8)" (2010)
Applejack: [the girls are telling ghost stories] I'd like to tell ya'll the terrifying tale of the prissy ghost who drove everypony crazy with her unnecessary neatness.
[Makes spooky ghost noises]
Applejack: I'm sure ya'll are familiar with that one.
Rarity: Never heard of it. But I have a much better one. It's the horrifying story of the messy, inconsiderate ghost who irritated everypony within a hundred miles.
[Makes spooky ghost noises]
Applejack: That's not a real story. You made it up.
Rarity: It *is* a ghost story, they're *all* made up.

Twilight Sparkle: Now the next item of fun we have to do is... "Truth or Dare"...
Rarity: I dare Applejack to do something carefully and neatly for a change.
Applejack: Oh yeah? Well, I dare Rarity to lighten up, and stop obssessin' over every... last... little... detail... For a change.
Rarity: I think the truth of the matter is that somepony could stand to pay a little more attention to detail.
Applejack: And I think the truth is somepony aught'a quit with her fussin', so the rest of us can get things done!

Applejack: [a tree branch has crashed through an upstairs window during the storm and Applejack is struggling to push it out while Twilight obsessively reads her "Guide to Slumber Parties"] Rarity, for pony's sake, stop sweatin' the small stuff and help me get rid of this thing! I said hussle over here and help me! Look, I'm sorry, all right?
Rarity: What was that?
Applejack: I said I'm sorry! I shoulda listened to you when you noticed where this here branch would end up. Yer annoyin' attention to detail woulda saved us from this whole mess. But right now, ya need to stop bein' so dang fussy pickin' up all those little things and help me move the one big thing in here that actually matters! Please!
Rarity: Uh. Uh, but I'll get all icky.
Applejack: Consarnit! What the... eh... you... I mean, yes, ickiness is often a side effect of hard work. But y'all need to get over it, on account of I just can't fix this mess I made myself. I need your help.
Rarity: [hesitates for a few seconds before becoming resolute] Oh... Let's do this!

Twilight Sparkle: Let's see what our next fun, fun thing is, shall we?
[Looks into the next page of her book]
Twilight Sparkle: Hmm... what does this mean? Pillowfight?
Rarity: Oh, please. I am not at all interested in participating in something so crude.
[Applejack hurls a pillow straight into her face from offscreen]
Rarity: Oof!
[Camera zooms in closer to her face]
Rarity: It... is... on!

"My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic: Winter Wrap Up (#1.11)" (2010)
Spike: [Seeing Twilight's bird's nest] That nest needs to be condemned!
Rarity: Oh, Spike! It's not so bad. Uh... Maybe the birds can use it as a...
Spike: An outhouse?

Rainbow Dash: [opening lines of the song] Three months of winter coolness, and awesome holidays
Pinkie Pie: We've kept our hoofsies warm at home, time off from work to play.
Applejack: But the food we've stored is runnin' out, and we can't grow in this cold.
Rarity: And even though I love my boots, this fashion's getting old.

Rarity: [singing] Little critters hibernate/Under the snow and ice
Fluttershy: We wake up all the sleepy heads/So quietly and nice
Rarity: We help them gather up their food/Fix their homes below
Fluttershy: We welcome back the southern birds/So their families can grow

"My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic: The Return of Harmony, Part 2 (#2.2)" (2011)
Twilight Sparkle: [trying to usher her discorded friends into the library to find a book] Pleeeease, we've gotta hurry!
Rarity: Forget it, Twilight. I know what you're up to. The second I go in, you'll have your little minion Spike come and take Tom!
[the rock she thinks is a diamond]
Twilight Sparkle: Tom?
Rarity: Well, it's not going to work.
Twilight Sparkle: You're not going in without him, are you?
Rarity: Mm-mm.
Twilight Sparkle: [grunting, she picks Tom up herself] Fine!

Rarity: [still brainwashed, Twilight and Applejack approach her] What do you think you're doing? Get away from my gem! Get away - !
[after a memory spell, Rarity pushes her rock, Tom, out the door]
Rarity: Let us never speak of this again.

Rarity: Oh, Fluttershy, would you be a dear and FLY FASTER, please?
Fluttershy: [whimpers] I can't!
Twilight Sparkle: If you can't catch her, Discord wins!
Fluttershy: That big... dumb... MEANIE!
[she grits her teeth and her flight speed greatly increases, catching up to the discorded Rainbow Dash]

"My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic: Green Isn't Your Color (#1.20)" (2011)
Rarity: Welcome to Carousel Boutique!
Bon Bon: [excited] Is she still here? We heard Fluttershy was here!
Rarity: Sorry. You just missed her. But... you're still in luck. I'm having a huge sale on some of my best designs!
Bon Bon: ...And you are?
Rarity: Why, Rarity, of course.
[fluffs her hair]
Bon Bon: [dismissively] Never heard of you.

Rarity: I'm the one who should be mobbed by strangers wherever I go!

Fluttershy: If we just told each other the truth.
Rarity: I promise never to keep my feelings in secret again.
Fluttershy: Me too.
Fluttershy, Rarity: [doing Pinkie's motions with each other] Cross my heart and hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye!
Photo Finish: [enters the room; to Fluttershy] You were brilliant. Brilliant! I've already got six photo shoots lined up for tomorrow alone.
Fluttershy: I'm sorry, Photo Finish, but I don't think I'll be able to make any of them.
Photo Finish: Whaaat?
Fluttershy, Rarity: We go!
[they walk out of the room laughing]
Photo Finish: Vat has just happened?
Twilight Sparkle: [pulls her head out of the potted plant she was in] Spike has a crush on Rarity!
[covers mouth]
Pinkie Pie: [appears from within a mirror] And you were doing so well!

"My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic: The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000 (#2.15)" (2012)
Rarity: This is just dreadful. Even at top speed the Apples are only making one barrel to the twins' three!
Twilight Sparkle: Um, Miss Mayor! Are honorary family members allowed to help in the competition?
Mayor Mare: Well, I'm not sure... Flim, Flam, would you object to honorary family members helping?
Flim: [idly operating their machine with magic] Are you kidding?
Flam: We don't care if the whole kingdom of Canterlot helps. It's a lost cause.
Mayor Mare: Hm, I guess it's okay. Applejack? What do you think?
Applejack: I think I'd love to have the rest of my *family* helpin' out.
Rest of main cast: All right!

Twilight Sparkle: Okay everypony, we're not gonna let those smooth talkers take our friend's farm.
Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Rainbow Dash: Yeah!
Twilight Sparkle: Fluttershy, help Applejack with the trees.
Fluttershy: Got it.
Twilight Sparkle: Pinkie Pie, you're on apple catching detail.
Pinkie Pie: Yes sir, ma'am, sir!
Twilight Sparkle: Rarity, you've got a discerning eye. Help Granny Smith at the quality control station.
Rarity: Of course.
Twilight Sparkle: Rainbow Dash, do you think you can help Big Macintosh press?
Rainbow Dash: In my sleep!
Twilight Sparkle: Alright everypony, let's save Sweet Apple Acres!
Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Rainbow Dash: All right!

Pinkie Pie: [catching apples out of trees] Over there, Apple Bloom! Don't miss them!
Apple Bloom: [with bushels on their heads] Right behind you, Pinkie Pie!
Granny Smith: [sniffing apples] Good 'un, bad 'un, bad 'un, good 'un...
Rarity: [also sorting apples] Lovely, horrid, horrid, lovely...
Twilight Sparkle: [stacking cider barrels and looking at a scroll of paper] Based on these figures, we're making five barrels for every three of theirs!

"My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic: Twilight's Kingdom - Part 1 (#4.25)" (2014)
Twilight Sparkle: I'm glad you all wanted to come, but I don't think it's gonna be that exciting. I pretty much just have to smile and wave as the dignitaries arrive.
Rarity: Yes, but you get to smile and wave like a princess.
Applejack: How exactly is that different than smilin' and wavin' like NOT a princess?
Twilight Sparkle: It isn't.

Twilight Sparkle: I think I found something! I've been reading our journal, and there's something interesting about the sections that Discord bookmarked. Applejack, do you remember when you had to tell everypony that the tonic Granny bought from the Flim Flam brothers didn't really work?
Applejack: How could I forget? It was one of the hardest things I ever had to do. But what's that got to do with openin' the chest?
Twilight Sparkle: I've found that each of you has had to face a situation where living up to the Element of Harmony you represent wasn't easy. Fluttershy, it was when you realized that the way to show kindness to the Breezies was by forcing them to leave your home.
Fluttershy: Oh, the looks on their poor little faces! But I knew that, as difficult as it was, pushing them away was the kindest thing I could do.
Twilight Sparkle: Rarity, even after Suri took advantage of your generosity at Fashion Week in Manehattan, you didn't let it cause you to abandon your generous spirit.
Rarity: I simply couldn't have lived with myself if I didn't do something special for the friends who have always been so generous to me!
Twilight Sparkle: Rainbow Dash, you had the chance to fly with the Wonderbolts at the Equestria Games, but instead you chose to compete with your friends.
Rainbow Dash: Sure! But being loyal to my friends was way...
Pinkie Pie: Ooh, my turn, my turn!
Twilight Sparkle: Pinkie Pie, you realized that seeing your friend laugh was more important than proving you were a better party planner than Cheese Sandwich.
Pinkie Pie: Best party I've ever had.
Rarity: It's clear we've all had our moments to shine, Twilight, but I'm with Applejack. What does any of this have to do with the opening of the chest?
Twilight Sparkle: All of you had tough choices to make. But when you made the right one and embraced your element, it helped somepony else make the right choice too. Each of you received something from the pony whose life you helped change. I know it sounds crazy, but maybe there's something special about those objects that could lead us to the location of the keys. The chest is connected to the Tree of Harmony, the Tree is connected to the Elements, and the Elements are connected to all of us. There must be a connection! I hate to admit it, but maybe Discord was trying to be a good friend after all.

[All the ponies get their keys... nearly all of them]
Twilight Sparkle: There's still one key missing. The key that represents the Element of Magic. My element.
Fluttershy: Oh, but I'm sure that if we've gotten our keys, you have too, Twilight.
Rarity: Think, Twilight. When have you completed a difficult magical task, and in doing so encouraged another pony to do the same?
Twilight Sparkle: I haven't. If I had, I would have written about it in the journal.
Spike: Don't worry, Twilight. I'm sure you'll get your key eventually.

"My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic: The Return of Harmony, Part 1 (#2.1)" (2011)
Pinkie Pie: Hold on a second! Eternal chaos comes with *chocolate rain*, you guys. CHOCOLATE. RAIN!
Twilight Sparkle: Don't listen to her, Princess. We'd be honored to use the Elements of Harmony again.
Rarity: [Princess Celestia opens up a vault and takes a decorated case out] Ooh. You can keep the Elements. I'll take that case!
Princess Celestia: Have no fear, ponies. I have total confidence that you will be able to defeat Discord with these!
[opens the case, but it is empty]
Pinkie Pie: [everyone gasps in shock] Oh, well. If anyone needs me, I'll be outside in the chocolate puddles with a giant swizzle straw.

Twilight Sparkle: Rarity! Are we glad to see... Why are you carrying a humongous boulder?
Rarity: [Rarity has been brainwashed by Discord into being greedy, and... ] What do you mean, "boulder"? This big beautiful bedazzling rock is a diamond! And it's all mine. Keep your envious little eyes off it! I found it and it's mine fair and square!

Twilight Sparkle: Fluttershy! I'm so glad to see a friendly face. This awful labyrinth is getting to everypony.
Fluttershy: [brainwashed to be cruel] Aw, boo hoo hoo! Why don't you wave your magic little horn and make everything all right?
Twilight Sparkle: Uh...
Fluttershy: Oh, that's right, you can't. You don't have one.
[slaps Twilight with her tail]
Twilight Sparkle: What is happening to my friends?
Applejack: [laughing; brainwashed to compulsively lie]
Pinkie Pie: [brainwashed to be cynical and mistrusting] And what are you laughing at?
Applejack: [puts on a bad, scrunched-up poker face] Chocolate milk.
Rarity: [holding a large rock she thinks is a diamond on her back] Little help here!
[Twilight comes over and holds it instead]
Rarity: Thanks, Twilight.
Twilight Sparkle: You're welcome...
Rarity: But don't get any ideas about my gem! I know where you live.

My Little Pony: Equestria Girls (2013)
Spike: Sure would love a scratch behind the old ears!
Rarity: Gah...
Spike: Uh, maybe later.

Rarity: I, for one, think you're adorable.
Spike: Oh, yeah.

Rarity: Twilight! Oh, sorry, darling, but I just realized you're not wearing your crown. You haven't forgotten it back in Ponyville, have you?
Twilight Sparkle: It's in my bag. Just feel a little self-conscious about wearing it. Haven't really gotten accustomed to these yet, either.
Rarity: You are a princess now, Twilight. Embrace it! I'm telling you, if I had a crown like that, I would never take it off. Why, I'd sleep in the thing.

"My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic: Dragonshy (#1.7)" (2010)
Pinkie Pie: [finishing a game of tic-tac-toe in the dirt] Whoo-hoo! I win again!
Rarity: Ugh. That's thirty-five games in a row. Best of seventy-one?

Rarity: I was *this* close to getting that diamond...
Twilight Sparkle: You mean... getting rid of that dragon?
Rarity: Oh, yeah... sure.

"My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic: Baby Cakes (#2.13)" (2012)
Applejack: Now how in thunderation is one of them twins a pegasus, and the other one a unicorn?
Carrot Cake: Easy. My great-great-great-great grandfather was a unicorn, and Cup Cake's great aunt's second cousin twice removed was a pegasus. That makes sense, right?
Rainbow Dash: Aw yeah, heh, just you wait! Once little Pound Cake gets there his wings going, he'll be all over the place.
Twilight Sparkle: And be careful around Pumpkin Cake.
Rarity: Baby unicorns get strange magic surges that come and go.
Pinkie Pie: [holds up a candle-less cake for the newborns] Quick! Make a wish and blow out your candles! Which is easy, 'cause there are zero candles! You are zero years old, after all!
Nurse Redheart: Shhh!

Fluttershy: [to the Cakes, who are looking for a babysitter] Oh, I would love to babysit! But I can't today, sorry. I promised Angel we'd go on a picnic.
[Angel, her bunny pet, points angrily at a picnic basket]
Fluttershy: You understand, don't you? Y-you're not mad at me are you? Please don't be mad at me!
Pinkie Pie: [rocking a bunny that looks like Angel in her arms] I'll do it! Pick me!
Twilight Sparkle: I have to finish this report for the Princess summarizing all my other reports to the Princess.
Pinkie Pie: [holding a diaper-wearing book like a baby] I wanna babysit! Pick me!
Applejack: Babysit? Now? When there's a swarm a' hungry caterpillars headed this way? I gotta get all these apples picked before they get swarmed on!
Pinkie Pie: [holding a bundle of apples like a baby] Ooh, ooh, I wanna do it!
Rainbow Dash: I got tickets to the Wonderbolts airshow this afternoon. Gotta dash!
Pinkie Pie: [holding some cloud with a diaper] Ask me! Mememememememememememememe!
Rarity: Moi? Babysit? N- oh nonononononononono. I'm flattered that you would think about me though.
Carrot Cake: [groans; unenthusiastically] Pinkie Pie, how would you like to babysit for us.
Pinkie Pie: [gasps excitedly, then acts serious] I dunno. I'll have to check my schedule.

"My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic: Princess Twilight Sparkle: Part 1 (#4.1)" (2013)
Rarity: Hmm... something strange about the sky.

Discord: Ladies, ladies, I'm innocent. Would I lie to you?
Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Rarity: Yes!
Fluttershy: Um... maybe?

"My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic: The Last Roundup (#2.14)" (2012)
Pinkie Pie: [jumping out of Applejack's coach into her friends' cart] Rarity, catch me!
Rarity: What? Pinkie-
[screams; they both get knocked out to the ground]

[last lines]
Pinkie Pie: [out in the desert, working together to operate a handcart on the train tracks back to Ponyville] What do you think, Rarity? Chimi-cherry or cherry-changa? Chimi-cherry? Cherry-changa? Chimi-cherry? Cherry-changa? Chimi-cherry? Cherry-changa? Chimi-cherry? Cherry-changa?
Rarity: When I get back, you're gonna get it, Rainbow Dash!
Pinkie Pie: [continues repeating question to fadeout]

"Pony.Mov: Dress.Mov (#1.2)" (2011)
Twilight Sparkle: [knocking on Rarity's door] Rarity, get your fat ass out here and help me find the Elements!
Rarity: Oh, I simply can't darling. I'm entertaining family today.
Twilight Sparkle: [peeks in through the mail slot] You're family with over thirty illegal Mexican immigrants?
Rarity: Of course dear, who do you think makes my dresses? They come over, they look at my posters, I pretend to whip them, it's a silly pretend game. Haha, like a family tradition. Hohohohohoho. Except they're not allowed to leave.
Twilight Sparkle: That doesn't exactly seem ethical, Rarity.
Rarity: [laugh] Oh, please. Everybody knows Mexicans aren't real people.

Mexican Girl: Mrs. Rarity, I am so thirsty...
Rarity: [takes an enormous spit into the cup, filling it up to the top] Drink that dear.
[handing it back to the girl]
Mexican Girl: When are you going to pay us, Mrs. Rarity?
Rarity: I'm sorry darling, I can't understand your thick accent. You simply must learn to speak English properly if you're going to live in this country.

"My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic: The Ticket Master (#1.3)" (2010)
Rarity: [fantasizing] I would stroll through the gala, and everyone would wonder: "Who is that mysterious mare?" They would never guess that I was just a simple pony from little old Ponyville. Why, I'll cause such a sensation, that I would be invited for an audience with Princess Celestia herself. And the princess would be so taken with the style and elegance, that she would introduce me... to him... her nephew! The most handsome, eligible unicorn stallion in Canterlot. Our eyes would meet... Our hearts would melt... Our courtship would be magnificent. He would ask for my hoof in marriage, and of course I would say... YES! We would have a royal wedding, befitting a princess which is... what I would become upon marrying him... The stallion of my dreams!

Twilight Sparkle: I can't decide, I just can't decide. It's important to all of you and I just can't stand to disappoint any of you, and giving me gifts and doing me favors won't make any difference because you're all my friends and I wanna make you all happy and I can't, I just *can't*.
Applejack: Twilight sugar, I didn't mean to put so much pressure on you, and if it helps, I don't want the ticket anymore, you can give it to somepony else. I won't feel bad, I promise.
Fluttershy: Me too. I feel just awful that I made *you* feel so awful.
Pinkie Pie: And me too. It's no fun upsetting your friends.
Rarity: Twilight, it was unfair of me to try to force you as I did.
Rainbow Dash: Yes! That means the ticket is *mine*. Ha ha, I got the ticket, I got the ticket -
[sees her friends eying her with disapproval]
Rainbow Dash: you know, I haven't perfected my signature moves for The Wonderbolts anyway. I don't need that ticket either.
Applejack: We all got so gung-ho about going to the gala that we couldn't see how un-gung-ho we were making you.
Applejack, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Rainbow Dash: We're sorry Twilight.
Twilight Sparkle: Spike, take down a note. "Dear Princess Celestia, I've learned that one of the joys of friendship is sharing your blessings, but when there's not enough blessings to go around, having more than your friends can make you feel pretty awful. So, though I appreciate the invitation, I will be returning both tickets to The Grand Galloping Gala."

"My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic: The Mysterious Mare Do Well (#2.8)" (2011)
Applejack: Gotta hand it to the girl, that Mare Do Well sure can pull off some pretty heroic feats.
Twilight Sparkle: I must say, I was impressed by that spell she used to fix the dam. Seems like something like that would take quite a bit of study.
[Rainbow Dash growls]
Fluttershy: She really cares about everypony's safety.
Rarity: Have you *seen* her costume? It is to die for! If you ask me she's a hero of fashion.
Applejack: *And* she's modest *and* humble. She lets her actions speak for themselves. Gotta admire that.
Rainbow Dash: I *don't* have to admire that! I don't think she's all that great!
Spike: [writing] She's... great.
Rainbow Dash: I didn't say that.
Twilight Sparkle: Sounds like somepony's jealous.
Rainbow Dash: Who, me?
Spike: [writing] Rainbow Dash is jealous.
Rainbow Dash: Don't write that, Spike!
[others laughing]
Spike: Correction: Rainbow Dash is *very* jealous.
Rainbow Dash: Fine! Laugh all you want, but I'll be the one laughing when I prove to you all that I'm just as good- no, that I'm a *better* hero than Mare Do Well!
[angrily flies away as the others make different exasperated looks]

Rainbow Dash: [after chasing Mare Do Well throughout Ponyville, she soon manages to tackle her and pins her to the ground] All right, Miss Mysterious. Mystery...
[pulls the mask off with her mouth]
Rainbow Dash: solved!
[looks to see who's under the mask and is shocked]
Rainbow Dash: Wha?
[Camera cuts to reveal it's Pinkie Pie under the mask, who makes a nervous smile]
Rainbow Dash: P-p-p-Pinkie? Whadidya, whadida, whadda, huh?
[a second Mare Do Well approaches and unmasks, revealing it's Twilight Sparkle]
Rainbow Dash: Twilight?
[a third Mare Do Well approaches and unmasks, revealing Applejack]
Rainbow Dash: Applejack? There were three of you?
Twilight Sparkle: Yep, we all played Mare Do Well at different times.
Applejack: I stopped the carriage bus with these babies,
[gestures to her back legs]
Applejack: Bucky McGillicudy and Kicks McGee.
Pinkie Pie: And I saved the construction workers with my Pinkie Sense.
[her tail suddenly twitches then she quickly moves and pushes Rainbow Dash out of the way of a flowerpot that falls off a windowsill]
Pony: [Looking down from the window] Sorry!
Pinkie Pie: It's okay.
Twilight Sparkle: And I used my magic to fix the dam.
[magically levitates her Mare Do Well hat over her head]
Fluttershy: [Runs up beside Twilight Sparkle] Ooh! Ooh! And I did that flyby afterwards.
Rarity: [Approaches Rainbow Dash] And I made the costumes, fabulous if I do say so myself.
Rainbow Dash: I don't understand... why? Don't you want me to be a hero?
Twilight Sparkle: Of course we want you to be a hero.
Applejack: But a real hero doesn't brag!
Rainbow Dash: I guess I did start to brag a little...
Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Twilight Sparkle, Fluttershy: A little?
Rainbow Dash: Okay... a lot.

"My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic: Swarm of the Century (#1.10)" (2010)
Rarity: I don't have time for some silly scavenger hunt! I've got a real problem...
Pinkie Pie: You've got a real problem all right, and a banjo is the only answer!

Rarity: [Parasprites are attacking the inside of Rarity's boutique] My outfits! Go on, shoo! Get out of here. Naughty! Naughty!
[they continue to eat her merchandise]
Rarity: Aaaah!
[gets up on a stool]
Pinkie Pie: I'll save you!
[Pinkie stands heroically at the front door, then runs in, past Rarity, grabs a recorder from a table, blows into it, producing a flat, dissonant note, and runs out again]
Rarity: [shrieks again] Aaaaaaahhhh!

My Little Pony: Equestria Girls - Rainbow Rocks (2014)
Fluttershy: [referring to Dazzlings] I can't believe they got to Principal Celestia and Vice Principal Luna, too!
Rainbow Dash: They've gotten to everybody!
Pinkie Pie: Not *everybody*!
Applejack: Pinkie Pie's right. We were there while the Dazzlings were singin', and we weren't affected. It was like we were protected somehow.
Rainbow Dash: So let's take them down! It's not like we haven't tangled with dark magic before and totally whupped its sorry butt!
[to Sunset Shimmer]
Rainbow Dash: Uh... no offense.
Sunset Shimmer: [sighs in an aggravated tone] None taken... again!
Fluttershy: But that was when Twilight was here. We may have some kind of magic inside us, but it only comes out when we play music. I sure don't know how to use it to..."whupp anybody's butt"...
Rarity: [while polishing her nails] If only we could get a message to Twilight, maybe she could tell us how to break the spell The Dazzlings have cast on our friends.
Rainbow Dash: Well, that's not gonna happen. The portal's closed.
[Throws her soccer ball at the base of the pony statue where Rarity is sitting, she ducks out of the way as it bounces back to Rainbow Dash and she drops her nail polish brush, which leaves a magenta mark on her upper arm before it lands on the ground, she gasps]
Rainbow Dash: And I'm pretty sure they don't have cellphones where she's from.
Sunset Shimmer: I have an idea how we can get in touch with Princess Twilight!

Twilight Sparkle: Maybe it doesn't even matter that we're trapped down here. I don't think the counter spell would have worked anyway.
Applejack: 'Course is woulda worked, Twilight!
[Turns to look at Rainbow Dash]
Applejack: Assumin' a certain band member didn't try to hog the spotlight whole time we were tryin' to play it!
Rainbow Dash: Hey! If want to tell Twilight she's getting to a little too caught trying to be the new leader of this band, you don't have to be all criptic about it.
Rarity: She was talking about *you*, Rainbow Dash!
Rainbow Dash: Me! I'm just trying to make sure my band rocks as hard as it needs to.
Applejack, Rarity: Our band!
Twilight Sparkle: But why wasn't it working? I should know what to do. How can I not know what to do? How can I have failed like this?
Applejack: It might have been your idea to start a band. But it's not just your band, Rainbow Dash!
Rainbow Dash: I'm the one who writes all the songs!
Fluttershy: I write songs. You just never let us *play* any of them!
Rarity: I had *the* most perfect outfits for us to wear.
Applejack: Again with the costumes! Nobody cares what we're wearin'!
Rarity: I care, Applejack! So sorry if I enjoy trying to make a creative contribution to the band!
Pinkie Pie: Hey! Anybody here remember fun!
[shouting at the top of her lungs]
Pinkie Pie: I'll give you a hint! It's the exact opposite of being in the rain booms!
Rainbow Dash: I wish I'd never asked any of you to be in my band!
Rarity: I wish I'd never agreed to be in it!
Applejack, Fluttershy: Me neither!
[All except for Sunset Shimmer and Twilight Sparkle start arguing incoherently as their negative energy and distrust starts to drift up towards the stage where The Dazzlings are about to perform at as Sunset Shimmer starts to look concerned]

"My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic: Over a Barrel (#1.21)" (2011)
Spike: [getting fed up with everyone talking while he tries to sleep] Oh for Pete's sake!
[jumps out of his bunk and stomps off to another car]
Twilight Sparkle: Well that was kind of huffy.
Fluttershy: Huffy the magic dragon!
[they both giggle]
Rarity: [wearing a mud mask with cucumbers and hair curlers] Would you all be QUIET... NOOOOW!

[first lines]
Applejack: [reading to an apple tree on the train] An' that's when the yellow birdie thought to himself, "Hmm. My favorite little tree isn't such a little tree anymore." So she sang her song, big an' strong, an' they all lived in that great, big tree happily ever after. The... End.
Rarity: Applejack! Were you reading a bedtime story to... An apple tree?
Applejack: Heh... Uh... Well, ya know, being replanted in a whole new place is very upsettin' for a tree... An' Bloomberg here is one of my favorites.
Rarity: No fair, Applejack! You've got a luxurious, private sleeper car for a tree, while I am crowded and cramped in the same car with all the other ponies. How am I supposed to get my beauty sleep?
Applejack: But Bloomberg's the whole reason we're makin' this trip. He needs his rest so we can give him as a gift to my relatives in Appleloosa.
Rarity: Hmph! You talk about it as if it's your baby or something.
Applejack: Who you calling a baby? Bloomberg's no baby! Don't wet widdle Rarity make you all saddy-waddy. Bloomberg's a big and strong apple tree. Yes, he is. A-coochie-coochie-coo-coo-coo!
Rarity: It's widdle Rarity who's all saddy-waddy! Urgh!

"My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic: Lesson Zero (#2.3)" (2011)
[repeated line]
Rarity: Out of all the things that could happen, this is THE! WORST! POSSIBLE! THING!

Twilight Sparkle: Princess Celestia, wait! How did you know I was in trouble?
Princess Celestia: Your friend Spike made me aware that you were letting your fears get the best of you. I commend him for taking your feelings seriously. Now, if you will all excuse me, I must return to Canterlot. I'm expecting some mail.
[she flies away and teleports out of sight]
Applejack: Y'all heard the Princess. Spike, take a letter.
[clears throat]
Applejack: "Dear Princess Celestia, we're writin' to you because today we all learned a little somethin' about friendship.
Fluttershy: "We learned that you should take your friends' worries seriously.
Rainbow Dash: "Even if you don't think that she has anything to worry about.
Rarity: "And that you shouldn't let your worries turn a small problem...
Pinkie Pie: "... into an enormously huge entire-town-in-total-chaos Princess-has-to-come-and-save-the-day problem.
Fluttershy: "Signed, your loyal subjects.
Spike: "P.S. Obviously Spike did not have to learn a lesson, because he is the best, most awesome friend a pony could ask for. Unlike everypony else, he took things seriously, and-" Eheh... uh... yeah... I'll just, um...
[he crosses out what he last wrote, and everyone giggles. Spike snorts in mild frustration]

"My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic: Friendship Is Magic, Part 2 (Elements of Harmony) (#1.2)" (2010)
Rarity: Such lovely luminescent scales.
Sea Serpent: I know.
Rarity: Your expertly coiffed mane.
Sea Serpent: Oh, I know, I know!
Rarity: Your fabulous manicure.
Sea Serpent: It's so true!
Rarity: All ruined without your beautiful mustache.
Sea Serpent: It's true, I'm *hideous*!

Twilight Sparkle: [Pinkie Pie is laughing at some scary-looking trees in the Everfree Forest] Pinkie, what are you doing? Run!
Pinkie Pie: Oh girls, don't you see?
Pinkie Pie: [singing] When I was a little filly and the sun was going down...
Twilight Sparkle: Tell me she's not...
Pinkie Pie: The darkness and the shadows, they would always make me frown.
Rarity: She is.
Pinkie Pie: I'd hide under my pillow from what I thought I saw/ But Granny Pie said that wasn't the way to deal with fears at all.
Rainbow Dash: Then what is?
Pinkie Pie: She said: Pinkie, you gotta stand up tall, learn to face your fears/ You'll see that they can't hurt you, just laugh to make them disappear.
Pinkie Pie: Ha ha ha!
[the scary face in the tree disappears; the other ponies gasp]
Pinkie Pie: [singing; the other ponies laugh with her to vanquish the scary faces] So, giggle at the ghostly/Guffaw at the grossly/Crack up at the creepy/Whoop it up with the weepy/Chortle at the kooky/Snortle at the spooky
Pinkie Pie: [half singing/speaking] And tell that big dumb scary face to take a hike and leave you alone and if he thinks he can scare you then he's got another thing coming and the very idea of such a thing just makes you wanna... HAHAHAHA... heh... LAUGH!
[they all laugh together]

"My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic: MMMystery on the Friendship Express (#2.24)" (2012)
Twilight Sparkle: [after Pinkie's story about how Joe is a James Bond-like spy sent to destroy the cake with gadgets] Pinkie! There is no laser beam security system. And Joe is not sleek, stealthy Con Mane! He's big, gruff, and messy!
Donut Joe: [offended] Hey!
Rarity: Although, you would look rather dapper in a tuxedo.
[Joe beams]

Twilight Sparkle: Has anypony else noticed that Rarity is wearing her hair rather differently today?
Rarity: [gasp] What? Is it a crime to change one's style every now and again? Why, I think it's a crime not to.
Twilight Sparkle: Really?
[Twilight uses her magic to pull Rarity's hair up, revealing that her right eye is missing a false eyelash]
Rarity: [dramatically] Fine, I'm guilty! I wear false eyelashes.
[calmly, pointing to the half-eaten cake]
Rarity: Oh, and I took a bite of the cake.

"My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic: May the Best Pet Win! (#2.7)" (2011)
Pinkie Pie: Wait! Look!
Fluttershy: It's the turtle!
Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Rarity, Twilight Sparkle: Tortoise!
Fluttershy: Whatever...

"My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic: Simple Ways (#4.13)" (2014)
Rarity: Oh, Spike, how could you ever know what it's like to be totally obsessed with a pony only to find out they're obsessed with somepony else?

"My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic: The Crystal Empire - Part 1 (#3.1)" (2012)
Rainbow Dash: [singing about Crystal Pony heritage and history, wearing armor] It says that they like jousting.
Rarity: [examining some fabric] They flew a flag of many hues.
Applejack: [harvesting and eating berries with Pinkie Pie] Made sweets with crystal berries.
Fluttershy: [skipping through a field with some sheep] They had a petting zoo with tiny ewes.
Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rarity: [singing around a table with the history book in front of them] Oh, we have to get this right/Yes we have to make them see/We can save the Crystal Ponies with their history.
Pinkie Pie: There was a crystal flugelhorn/That everypony liked to play.
Twilight Sparkle: And the Crystal Kingdom anthem/Can you learn it in a day?
Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rarity: Oh, we have to get this right/Yes we have to make them see/We can save the Crystal Ponies... with their history!
Twilight Sparkle: [song ends, a crystal fair has been prepared] It looks amazing! I don't know how I could've done this without you!

"My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic: Too Many Pinkie Pies (#3.3)" (2012)
Twilight Sparkle: Hi, Pinkie Pie. We were thinking we should go out and celebrate.
Applejack: You up for some wheelbarrow races?
Rainbow Dash: Or I could take everypony on a cloud ride!
Rarity: I could throw a party with punch and zesty cucumber sandwiches! Ooh!
Pinkie Pie: You wanna know exactly what I feel like doing right now?
[she backs up into her home, sighs, and falls asleep]
Fluttershy: That looks like fun.
[all laugh]
Applejack: Oh, Pinkie.
[Twilight closes the door]

"My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic: Stare Master (#1.17)" (2011)
Rarity: [referring to Fluttershy getting Opalescence to leave] Did you use... "The Stare" on her?
Fluttershy: Oh no! I wouldn't. I *couldn't*. I-I don't really have any control when it happens. It just *happens*. Really. I'm just good with animals. It's my special gift, you know.

"My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic: The Cutie Mark Chronicles (#1.23)" (2011)
Young Rarity: Maybe I'm not meant to be a fashionista after all...
[suddenly, her horn activates itself]
Young Rarity: What's going on?
Rarity: [her horn starts dragging her out of the building and across the landscape; voiceover] I had no idea where my horn was taking me. But unicorn magic doesn't happen without a reason. I knew this had to do with my love of fashion and maybe even my cutie mark! I knew that this was... MY DESTINY!
Young Rarity: [Rarity's horn brings her to a giant rock] A ROCK? *that's* my destiny? What is your problem, horn? I followed you all the way out here for a ROCK?
Young Rarity: Dumb rock!
[a rainbow explosion happens in the distance, breaking open the geode to reveal many gems and emeralds inside]
Young Rarity: Ooh!

"My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic: The Cutie Map: Part 1 (#5.1)" (2015)
[from trailer]
Twilight Sparkle: That's it! That's the place on the map!
Rarity: Right, let's get down there and find the spa.

"My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic: Boast Busters (#1.6)" (2010)
Rarity: [Twilight's friends have had enough of Trixie showing off, and have been hinting that she needs to show up Trixie by saying "a unicorn" should face her] Enough. Enough, all of you. I take your hint, but Rarity is above such nonsense. Rainbow Dash and Applejack may behave like ruffians, but Rarity conducts herself with beauty and grace.
Trixie: Ooo, what's the matter? Afraid you'll get a hair out of place in that rat's nest you call a mane?
Rarity: Oh, it. Is. On! You may think you're tough with all of your so-called powers, but there's more to magic than your brutish ways. A unicorn needs to be more than just muscle.
[Rarity takes some of the curtains off the stage and instantly turns them into a makeshift dress with a new hairstyle]
Rarity: A unicorn needs to have style.
Audience: Ooh!
Rarity: A unicorn is not a unicorn without grace and beauty.
[Trixie's horn begins to glow with magic]
Spike: Rarity won't let Trixie get the best of her! She's strong, she's beautiful, she's -
[a magical blast sound is heard off screen, and the audience gasps]
Rarity: Quick! I need a mirror! Get me a mirror! What did she do to my hair? I know she did something terrible to my hair!
Twilight Sparkle: Nothing.
Rainbow Dash: It's fine.
Applejack: It's gorgeous.
Spike: It's green.
[Twilight, Rainbow, and Applejack glare at him]
Spike: What?
Rarity: [Rarity's new hairdo has been ruined to the point where it looks like a tall bird's nest with worms and branches sticking out of it] Ugh, no. Green hair! Not green hair!
[cries, runs away]
Rarity: Such an awful, awful color!
[she runs past Golden Harvest, who today is wearing her hair green]
Golden Harvest: Well, I never!

"Pony.Mov: Swag.Mov (#1.9)" (2013)
Rainbow Dash: [reunited at the hospital, this is towards the end of the movie] Hey guys, know what I just realized? We're, uh, all together again. Y'know, like, uh, family, or somethin'.
Twilight Sparkle: I guess friendship really is magic!
Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy: Awwww!
Twilight Sparkle: [defecates a turd, plops onto the floor]
Spike: Man, you guys are gay. I need to get some guy friends.

"My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic: A Canterlot Wedding - Part 2 (#2.26)" (2012)
Shining Armor: [getting ready to leave in their carriage] Twilight! None of this would've been possible without you, little sis. Love ya, Twily.
Twilight Sparkle: Love you too, B.B.B.F.F.
[they hug]
Shining Armor: [in the carriage, to Cadence] Ready to go?
Princess Cadence: Oh! Almost forgot.
[she tosses the official bouquet of flowers out the back, and the three original bridesmaids - Lyra, Twinkleshine, and Minuette - prepare to catch it, only to be pushed aside by Rarity]
Rarity: IT'S MINE!
[rushes to catch it in her arms]
Rarity: Oof! Ahaha... ha.
[she sheepishly relents and backs off, holding the flowers with her magic instead]

"Pony.Mov: Apple.Mov (#1.1)" (2011)
Rarity: Whoa, hey guys, check it out! Applejack's eatin' a shit-loada apples!
Applejack: [mumblings from all the apples in her mouth, she swallows them in one gulp]
Fluttershy: [walking on over] Hey, hey, hey. This I gotta see!
Applejack: [she has two apples in her mouth] Hey sugar cubes, look, I'm a walrus.
[imitating sounds]
Pinkie Pie: Man, Applejack. You eat all those apples, you're gonna get a wicked-bad tummyache.
Rainbow Dash: Ah, no way, I'd just said the same thing, you crazy cunt.
Twilight Sparkle: Go Applejack, go!

"My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic: Filli Vanilli (#4.14)" (2014)
Rarity: Pinkie, don't be ridiculous!
Pinkie Pie: But I'm so good at it!

"My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic: A Bird in the Hoof (#1.22)" (2011)
Rarity: Stay right where you are. All I want is a clear path to the exit. Nobody move, and my dress won't get hurt. Stay back! Back, I say!