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Bryan Mills (Character)
from Taken (2008/I)

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Taken (2008/I)
Bryan Mills: I have a daughter who wants to be a singer. I was wondering if you have any tips for her.
Sheerah: Yeah, I do. Tell her pick another career.

Bryan Mills: I'm not comfortable with this.
Kim: Dad.
Bryan Mills: I know the world, sweetie.
Kim: Dad, please...
Bryan Mills: I don't think a seventeen-year-old should be traveling alone.
Kim: I'm not gonna be alone.
Bryan Mills: Two seventeen-year-olds.
Kim: Amanda's nineteen!
Bryan Mills: How about this? How about if I go along? You won't even know I'm there. I'm very good at being invisible.
Lenore: As you so amply demonstrated for the rest of her life.

Lenore: I don't get you.
Bryan Mills: What?
Lenore: You sacrificed our marriage to the service of the country, you've made a mess of your life in the service of your country, can't you sacrifice a little one time for your own daughter?
Bryan Mills: I would sacrifice anything for her.

Kim: You don't have to worry.
Bryan Mills: That's like telling water not to be wet, sweetie.

Bryan Mills: I don't know who you are. I don't know what you want. If you are looking for ransom, I can tell you I don't have money. But what I do have are a very particular set of skills, skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. If you let my daughter go now, that'll be the end of it. I will not look for you, I will not pursue you. But if you don't, I will look for you, I will find you, and I will kill you.
Marko: [after a long pause] Good luck.

Bryan Mills: Now's not the time for dick measuring, Stuart!

Sam: The specialty of the groups coming out of this area is trafficking in women.
Bryan Mills: Keep going.
Sam: Okay. Their previous MO was to offer women from the emerging East-European countries like Yugoslavia, Romania, Bulgaria jobs in the west as maids and nannies. Once they smuggled them in, they'd addict them to drugs and turn them into prostitutes. Lately, however, they've decided that it's more economical just to kidnap traveling young women. Saves on transportation costs.
Lenore: [crying] Not my little baby.
Bryan Mills: What else?
Sam: Based on what they know about the way these groups operate, our analyst says you have a ninety-six hour window from the time she was grabbed.
Bryan Mills: To what?
Sam: To never finding her.

Bryan Mills: [after Jean Claude tries to shoot him] That is what happens when you sit behind a desk. You forget things, like the weight in the hand of a gun that's loaded and one that's not.
[Bryan pulls his gun and shoots Isabelle in the arm]
Jean Claude: Isabelle!
[Jean-Claude turns and shouts at Bryan in French]
Jean Claude: You asshole!
Bryan Mills: It's a flesh wound. But if you don't get me what I need, the last thing you'll see before I make your children orphans is the bullet I put between her eyes!

Saint Clair: Please understand... it was all business. It wasn't personal.
Bryan Mills: It was all personal to me.
[unloads gun into Saint Clair]

[last lines]
Sheerah: So I heard you want to be a singer?
Kim: I do.
Bryan: She does.
Sheerah: Well, come on in. Let's see what you got.

[first lines]
Singh: Mr. Mills, how are you?
Bryan: I'm fine. How are you?
Singh: Very fine. I suppose you want to see it again?
Bryan: If you don't mind.
Singh: You know where it is.
Bryan: Oh yeah.

Bryan: [after electrocuting Marko] You either give me what I need or this switch will stay on until they turn the power off for lack of payment on the bill.

[after punching Marko in the face]
Bryan: Wake up! I need you to be focused!
[stabs Marko in the legs with metal rods]
Bryan: Are you focused yet?

Bryan: A friend gave this to me. It's Albanian. You mind translating it?
Marko: [translates paper] "Good luck".
Bryan: You don't remember me? We spoke on the phone two days ago. I told you I would find you.

Bryan: You come to this country, take advantage of the system and think because we are tolerant that we are weak and helpless. Your arrogance offends me. And for that the rate just went up 10%.

Bryan: I push one button and 38 agents are here before you have time to scratch your worthless balls.

Bryan: [Torturing Marko] I believe you. But that won't save you.
[Turns the electricity back on and leaves]

Bryan: [to Marko, while preparing him for torture] You know, we used to outsource this kind of thing. But what we found was the countries we outsourced to had unreliable power grids. Very Third World. You'd turn on a switch - power wouldn't come on, and then tempers would get short. People would resort to pulling fingernails. Acid drips on bare skin. The whole exercise would become counterproductive. But here, the power's stable. Here, there's a nice even flow. Here, you can flip a switch and the power stays on all day. Where is she?

Kim: Where are we?
Bryan: I told you. It's a surprise.
[Sheerah opens the door]
Sheerah: Hi.
Bryan: Hi.
[Kim stares at Sheerah, stunned to meet her face to face]
Bryan: [chuckles] When someone says 'hi,' it's usually polite to say 'hi' back.
Kim: H-Hi.

Bryan: Really? Who's Beyoncé?
Bryan: Just kidding.

Kim: Mom said your job made you paranoid.
Bryan: Well, my job made me aware.

Jean Claude: Just like the old days.
Bryan: Would you have it any other way?
Jean Claude: Between you and me, no. But now that I sit behind a desk, the world looks different.
Bryan: You mean it looks boring.
Jean Claude: I mean different. Okay, a little boring. But is being retired any more interesting?
Bryan: It wasn't until my daughter disappeared in Paris yesterday. She and her friend were marked by a spotter at the airport. Albanians took her.
Jean Claude: How do you know this?
Bryan: I'm retired, not dead.
Jean Claude: And I assume you don't want to go to the police.
Bryan: I was told I have 96 hours. That was sixteen hours ago.
Jean Claude: Okay, first we should find the spotter.
Bryan: I found him. He's dead.
Jean Claude: You found him that way?
[Bryan stays silent]
Jean Claude: Bryan, you cannot just run around, tearing down Paris.
Bryan: Jean Claude, I will tear down the Eiffel Tower if I have to.

Stuart: Is there something I should be doing?
Bryan Mills: You have a lease agreement with NetJet through one of your shell companies.
Stuart: I do.
Bryan Mills: Get me a plane to Paris.
Stuart: For when?
Bryan Mills: An hour ago.

Sam: Am I on speaker or are you by yourself?
Bryan Mills: Lenore is here.
Sam: Hey, Lennie.
Lenore: Hello, Sam.
Bryan Mills: She needs to hear it, Sam.
Sam: The specialty of the groups coming out of this area is trafficking in women. Their previous m.o. was to offer women from emerging East European countries, like Yugoslavia, Romania, Bulgaria, jobs in the West as maids and nannies. Once smuggled in, they'd addict them to drugs and turn them into prostitutes. Lately, however, they've decided that it's more economical just to kidnap traveling young women, saves on transportation costs.
Lenore: Oh, my little baby.
Sam: Based on the way these groups operate, our analyst says you have a 96-hour window from the time she was grabbed.
Bryan Mills: To what?
Sam: To never finding her.
Lenore: No, no, no!

Taken 3 (2014)
[from trailer]
Franck Dotzler: If you go down this road, the LAPD, the FBI, the CIA... they're all gonna come for you. They'll find you. And they'll stop you.
Bryan Mills: Good luck.

[Bryan has just shot Stuart, who has confessed to framing him for Lenore's murder]
Bryan Mills: I know you know a lot of people, and with a good lawyer you'll get out of jail in a few years. And then I'll come for you. I'll find you, and we both know what's gonna happen.

Lenore St. John: Why do you have to be so damn honorable?
Bryan Mills: Believe me, right now I wish I weren't.

Clerk Toy Store: No matter how old they are, my friend, they will always be our baby.
Bryan Mills: Ain't that true? Come on, big guy.
[carrying out giant stuffed panda]

Officer Bernard: This is gonna end bad for you.
Bryan Mills: Don't be such a pessimist.
[drives off in his cop car]

[last lines]
Kim Mills: If it's a girl, we'd like to name her after mom.
Bryan Mills: She'd like that very much, Kim.

Jimy: Every single day, she goes to the same exact store, right off campus, every morning before class and gets the same peach yogurt drink.
Kim Mills: Stop.
Jimy: The fourth one from the back. Not the fifth one, not the third one, right? The fourth one, you know, will stay cold, but not too cold. That way, when she's drinking it as a snack in between classes...
Bryan Mills: It's still cold. I know I would do exactly the same thing.
Kim Mills: Yeah, the OCD gene.

Lenore St. John: [Mills picks up cell phone] How did it go?
Bryan Mills: Great. Fantastic. Couldn't have gone better.
Lenore St. John: The panda was not a hit, I take it.
Bryan Mills: Careful what you say. He's sitting right next to me. When did she grow up, Lenore?
Lenore St. John: I know. It goes so fast. All of it. Where are you?
Bryan Mills: Just going home. Make a little dinner. If you'd like to join us.
Lenore St. John: Us?
Bryan Mills: Me and the panda.
Lenore St. John: I'll... I'll take a rain check on that, if that's okay with you... and the panda?
Bryan Mills: That's fine by us. I'll see you.
Lenore St. John: See you.
[hangs up]
Bryan Mills: [to the panda] I know what you're thinking. Keep it to yourself.

Lenore St. John: I have the worst taste in men!
Bryan Mills: Thanks.
Lenore St. John: Oh, no. No, not you. Oh, God, I'm sorry.
Bryan Mills: It's okay.
Lenore St. John: Do you know what I fantasize about?
Bryan Mills: I'm afraid to ask.
Lenore St. John: Us.
Bryan Mills: Yeah?
Lenore St. John: And right after the guilt comes roaring in and I feel like such a shit... Does it make a bad person being married to one man, fantasizing about another?
Bryan Mills: Confused, maybe. Bad? No.
Lenore St. John: You must think I'm crazy.
Bryan Mills: If you are, Lennie, you're not the only one.

Bryan Mills: You wanna know what I think?
Kim Mills: Yeah.
Bryan Mills: I mean, it's a lot of work. It's a lot of responsibility. With your lifestyle the way it is at the moment, with college. With a puppy you have to be there all the time and feed it, walk it.
Kim Mills: Yeah.
Bryan Mills: It's no different than having a kid.

Bryan Mills: [on phone call to Kim] I have something to tell you.
Kim Mills: Dad? Dad, what's wrong?
Bryan Mills: Something terrible has happened. And I want you to hear it from me first. Your mom... she's dead. Someone murdered her in my apartment. It looks like I did it. I don't know why. I don't know who. But I'm going to find out. Listen carefully, Kim. No matter what anyone says, don't trust them.
Kim Mills: No.
Bryan Mills: You hear? I'll find a way to contact you.
Kim Mills: But Dad...
Bryan Mills: Try to be strong.
Kim Mills: Dad?
Bryan Mills: I love you.
Kim Mills: Wait.
[Mills hangs up]

Franck Dotzler: [Dotzler picks up his cell phone] Dotzler.
Bryan Mills: By now, I'm sure you know who I am. You know what I'm capable of.
Franck Dotzler: I am beginning to. Let me ask you something, just so I'm clear. CIA operative? Division 6? Division 7? What?
Bryan Mills: All you have to know is I'm innocent. Give me two days, I can prove it. I can find out who did it.
Franck Dotzler: You may very well be innocent, Mr. Mills. But that's the court's job to decide, it's not mine. My job is to bring you in and let the law take its course, that's it.
Bryan Mills: Good luck.
[hangs up]

Stuart St. John: So, what's the plan?
Bryan Mills: The plan is to make sure my daughter is safe. And the only way to do that, so it seems... is to eliminate the thing that will make her unsafe.
Stuart St. John: Malankov.
Casey: Good one, Stuart.
Stuart St. John: I'd like to help.
Casey: You're gonna help, alright. Like bait helps to catch a shark.

Kim Mills: What? My mom is dead because of one of your shitty business deals?
Stuart St. John: No, no, no. Kim, that's not what happened.
Kim Mills: I knew it! Let me go! It's his fault! He killed her! He killed her!
Bryan Mills: We need him... We need him.

Oleg Malankov: We are fucked by the same man.
Bryan Mills: What are you talking about?
Oleg Malankov: Stuart St. John. First, he gets me to kill your wife, then you. And when that doesn't work, he pushes you to kill me, no? Either way, he wins. Your wife... was just part of a business deal, like many before her. It is my turn to lose the game. Finish me! Finish me. I deserve it.
Bryan Mills: Yes... You do.

Franck Dotzler: I need you to step back and allow me to handle this. I got it.
Bryan Mills: What's your first priority here, Inspector?
Franck Dotzler: To arrest St. John and charge him with your ex-wife's murder.
Bryan Mills: My first priority is my daughter.

Bryan Mills: All your problems solved. All your worries over. But it didn't quite work out that way.
Stuart St. John: [hears the police coming and starts laughing] Oh, listen, Bryan. They're coming. You can't kill me now.
Bryan Mills: Oh, yeah?
Kim Mills: Dad.
Bryan Mills: I know you know a lot of people... and with a good lawyer, you'll get out of jail in a few years. And then I'll come for you. I'll find you. And we both know what's gonna happen.

Taken 2 (2012)
Murad: [Bryan has him cornered] What are you waiting for?
Bryan Mills: You have other sons?
Murad: Two.
Bryan Mills: And if I kill you, they will come and seek revenge?
Murad: They will for sure.
Bryan Mills: And I will kill them too. You can change that. You can go home, live your life, enjoy your sons, your grandsons.
Murad: And my other son, Marko, the son you killed... am I just supposed to forget it?
Bryan Mills: No, you'll just have to live with it. Like the parents of all those kidnapped girls. Or you can die here.
Murad: What are you telling me?
Bryan Mills: What I'm saying is, if you give me your word, I will throw down this gun and simply walk away.
Murad: Why?
Bryan Mills: Because I am tired of it all.

[from trailer]
Bryan Mills: [picking up a gun] My turn.

Kim: Mom didn't get away, did she?
Bryan Mills: No.
Kim: Oh God, Dad. Tell me the truth! Is she...
Bryan Mills: No, no, no, no, Kim. She's not. But they have her. And they will use her until they get what they want. Me.

Lenore: Wait, what about you?
Bryan Mills: I'll be fine. It's the guys following us who are about to have a problem. When a dog has a bone, the last thing you want to do is try and take it from

Murad: I have come to take you to Tropoje to face you to the people whose lives you have ruined. To give them justice.
Bryan Mills: You mean to give them revenge.
Murad: If it gives us peace call it anything you wish.

Bryan Mills: Do you know how to shoot?
Kim: No.
Bryan Mills: Then drive!

Bryan Mills: I have to make sure these people never bother us again in our lives.
Kim: What are you going to do?
Bryan Mills: What I do best.

Kim: [passing her driving test] I was perfect.
Bryan Mills: I've been saying that since the day you were born.

Lenore: Bryan. Don't.
Bryan Mills: I don't even know where the kid lives!
Lenore: You found her in a city of 12 million people within 72 hours. Promise me.

"Taken: Pilot (#1.1)" (2017)
Bryan Mills: I need you to do exactly as I say. No time for questions. Just listen. When I start walking down this car, I want you to grab that backpack there. See it?
Cali Mills: Bryan, what's going on?
Bryan Mills: Do you see it?
Cali Mills: Yeah.
Bryan Mills: If the guy in the sport coat tells you it's his, you argue with him and you keep it going until I either come back or I shout out your name. But if I shout your name, you get down as fast as you can and you crawl into a space between those seats.
Cali Mills: You're really scaring me.
Bryan Mills: Just do as I say. Everything's gonna be fine.

Bryan Mills: How long have you been their bitch?
Mike Hall: I don't expect you to understand.
Bryan Mills: Or had you already switched sides back when you were undercover? Understand? Is that what you just said?
Mike Hall: Look, I'm sorry about your sister. But they threatened to kill my daughter! My daughter, Bryan! Lianne! You really want to know when my cover was blown? When you and the Colombians screwed the pooch on that raid.
Bryan Mills: Where is he?
Mike Hall: Are you serious? Mejia? You honestly think I know where Carlos Mejia is?
Bryan Mills: I think you can do better than that.

Carlos Mejia: You killed my son.
Bryan Mills: And you killed my sister.
Carlos Mejia: Yes. Yes, I did.

Bryan Mills: You were at my sister's funeral.
Christina Hart: Yes, I was.
Bryan Mills: Who are you?
Christina Hart: The man who shot you works for me.
Bryan Mills: Where am I?
Christina Hart: Buffalo Presbyterian. Trauma wing. Do you understand why you were shot?
Bryan Mills: He killed my sister.
Christina Hart: My name is Christian Hart. I'm a deputy director with special portfolio at the office of the Director of National Intelligence.
Bryan Mills: You used me.
Christina Hart: I report to the Director of National Intelligence, the National Security Council, and the President.
Bryan Mills: And now you're gonna tell me none of this ever happened.

Christina Hart: Tell me what you believe in, Bryan. Because what I see is a man who is wired to protect others. It's how you're built, it's who you are. It's why you tackled those gunmen on the train in the first place; to protect those 93 other passengers in that car.
Bryan Mills: I just did what I did.
Christina Hart: But when you failed to protect your own sister...
Bryan Mills: Who the the hell are you to...
Christina Hart: Tell me that's not how you felt.
Bryan Mills: It's how I still feel.
Christina Hart: Listen. Taking Carlos Mejia alive is vital to national security. But acting on the intelligence that he will share with us, make no mistake, is where we're really gonna earn our money.
Bryan Mills: You're recruiting me. And if I say no?
Christina Hart: Then, yeah, you're right. None of this ever happened. And Cali died for nothing.

Mike Hall: My only contact with the cartel is a lawyer.
Bryan Mills: Where?
Mike Hall: New York.
Bryan Mills: New York it is, then.
[noticing a tail]
Bryan Mills: Who's that?
Mike Hall: You didn't think they'd be all over my ass, too? Who do you think you're dealing with here, Bryan?