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Quotes for
Junior Gorg (Character)
from "Fraggle Rock" (1987)

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"Fraggle Rock: The Lost Treasure of the Fraggles (#1.9)" (1983)
Junior Gorg: [talking in his sleep] Enemy of Gorg... Ever vigilant... Peach and garlic pie...

"Fraggle Rock: Sir Hubris and the Gorgs (#2.9)" (1984)
Gobo Fraggle: [disguised as Sir Hubris] Gorgs! I wish to speak with you, Gorgs! Come out, come out wherever you are!
Junior Gorg: [bringing a wheelburrow with a bag of cement to Pa Gorg] I found the cement, daddy.
Gobo Fraggle: Well, you won't need it.
Junior Gorg: Huh?
Gobo Fraggle: Before you leave, there is one thing that I must show you.
Junior Gorg: Oh, goody! I love surprises!
Gobo Fraggle: [takes off the cape, with the other Fraggles] Fooled you!
[Ma Gorg gasps in shock and faints]
Gobo Fraggle: Let's get out of here!
Wembley Fraggle: Hey, Gobo, what's gonna happen when the real Sir Hubris shows up?
Gobo Fraggle: Not now, Wembley! Not now!
Junior Gorg: [trips on a wheelburrow] Come back here! Come back here, you Fraggles!