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Biography for
Kairi Tanaga (Character)
from "Batman Beyond" (1999)

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Kairi Tanaga is a fictional character in the television series Batman: The Animated Series.

Kairi's first appeared in the Batman: The Animated Series episode "Day of the Samurai."She was the star student of Sensei Yoru, who was also the martial arts instructor of Bruce Wayne. She was kidnapped by Kyodai Ken, a ninja who was also once under Yoru's tutlage. Kyodai ransomed her for the secret location of an ancient scroll documenting a dangerous, and hence forbidden, martial technique. She was rescued by Batman. She was voiced by Julia Kato in this episode.

Kairi's next and final appearance was in the two-parter episode "The Curse of the Kobra" in Batman Beyond, this time as an old woman appearing near her seventies and voiced by Takayo Fischer. She had settled in Gotham City, continuing the dojo of Sensei Yoru set up behind a fish stall. At some point after the episode of "Day of the Samurai," she have discovered Bruce Wayne was Batman before he retired. Wayne sent his sucessor as Batman, Terry McGinnis, to her to improve his martial art skills. She later helped Terry to end the Kobra gang's doomsday scheme while confronting Zander, the Kobra heir and her former student.

She supposedly perished on board the Kobra aircraft when her escape route was blocked off. Rather than flee, she barred the mutated Zander from escaping. Before forcing the younger Batman into the remaining escape pod, she told him keep his guard up, especially on his left side, something she always reminded Terry. Terry would later remark that she was a good teacher, to which Bruce replied "the best."

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