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Quotes for
Darnell the Elephant (Character)
from Madagascar (2005) (VG)

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"The Penguins of Madagascar: An Elephant Never Forgets/Otter Things Have Happened (#1.26)" (2009)
Skipper: So, what's the trouble, Long Trunks?
Burt: You guys gotta help me. I need to get out of the zoo and across town, today!
Private: Ooh, a breakout.
Kowalski: Complicated by crosstown transport of the world's largest land mammal.
Skipper: That's a pretty tall order, my ginormous friend. May I ask why?
Burt: Let's just say an elephant never forgets.
Rico: Uhh...
Skipper: Ooh, dark and sinister sounding with the classic pachyderm cliché. Big man, you play me like a fiddle.

Skipper: Our cover's been blown! Abort, men! Abort!
Burt: No! We don't abort for nothing!

Skipper: Gentlemen, let's go home.
Private: But Skipper, how are we going to sneak Burt back into the zoo?
Skipper: [Looks at abstract painting in apartment] Hmm...
[Cut to Burt wearing the painting, walking down the street]
Skipper: Now, if anyone asks, you're the Museum of Modern Art.
Burt: You can call me MoMA.

Skipper: Our first obstacle is Alice. We need something to keep her occupied during Burt's exodus.
Kowalski: Perhaps a large mess to clean up. But what would be the ideal spot for maximum filthyosity? The public restrooms, of course!
Skipper: Now we need some sort of stink bomb.
Kowalski: Chemical or organic?
Skipper: Let's go green on this one. Big Gray, what did you have for breakfast this morning?
Burt: Bean, broccoli and cabbage burrito. Why?
Skipper: Perfecto!

Burt: [about the fake elephant the penguins made] I don't know. It doesn't really look like me.
Skipper: Wait for it.
[Rico regurgitates some peanuts in front of decoy]
Burt: Wow! It's like looking in a mirror!

Skipper: [about the "stink bomb"] Nice craftsmanship, Burt.
Burt: The burrito did most of the work.

Skipper: But I thought an elephant never forgets.
Burt: But he always forgives.
Skipper: Right. A little sappy for my taste.

"The Penguins of Madagascar: Night and Dazed/The Big Squeeze (#2.10)" (2010)
Skipper: You like mammals? Meet Burt.
Burt: The world's largest land mammal, FYI.
Savio: Please, I couldn't eat another bite.
Burt: You got that right!
[Picks up Savio with his trunk and swings him back and forth]

"The Penguins of Madagascar: Out of the Groove/Jungle Law (#1.22)" (2009)
Burt: [attacking King Julien] Peanut head! Peanut head!
Kowalski: We're only here to talk, friend. Straight turkey, no judgements.
Maurice: Are you crazy? The dude's head doesn't even look like a peanut!
King Julien: What? How dare you insult my gloriously peanut-shaped head!
[Burt sticks his trunk over Julien's head]
Kowalski: Oh, golly!
Maurice: That ain't right.