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Quotes for
Ezekiel Cobb (Character)
from The Cat's-Paw (1934)

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The Cat's-Paw (1934)
Ezekiel Cobb: A cordial greeting, my worthy friend!

Pete - Policeman: Say, what's the big idea?
Ezekiel Cobb: I have no ideas. In fact, I'm quite bewildered.
Pete - Policeman: Now, don't get gay with me.
Ezekiel Cobb: Sir, I'm far from gay.

Jake Mayo: Where you from, son?
Ezekiel Cobb: China.
Jake Mayo: China? You mean where them laundry men come from?

Pat Pratt: Well, Mr. Mayor!
Ezekiel Cobb: Good evening, Miss Pratt. Isn't this terrible!
Pat Pratt: What?
Ezekiel Cobb: What? I've got to be mayor!
Pat Pratt: Oh, well its all a circus anyway. And every circus must have its clown.

Strozzi: I got a message for you. Just two words.
Ezekiel Cobb: And they are?
Strozzi: Lay off!
Ezekiel Cobb: Lay where?

Ezekiel Cobb: Now, that's what I like about you. You are so honest in your dishonesty that, at heart, I believe you're honest.

Jake Mayo: Well, what brought you to Stockport?
Ezekiel Cobb: I was born here.
Jake Mayo: Eh-huh. A hometown boy, heh? Any friends here?
Ezekiel Cobb: Well, eh, no. But, I have a letter to Tien Wang, a Chinese gentleman. I'm sure he'll welcome me as a guest.
Jake Mayo: Say, that ain't right. White man coming back here, no place to go but a Chink.

Ezekiel Cobb: Why is it that all American girls are so lacking in individuality?
Pat Pratt: What?
Ezekiel Cobb: Well, they all look alike. Big-eyed. And pastied-faced. And, well, one exactly like the other.
Pat Pratt: Eh, how interesting.
Ezekiel Cobb: Yes, and furthermore, they seem to lack that sense of inferiority that a woman should have in the presence of a man.
Pat Pratt: Oh, they do?
Ezekiel Cobb: Yes, I'm disappointed. I doubt whether I shall be able to find an American girl that will make me a suitable wife.