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Gianni Chellini (Character)
from Transporter 2 (2005)

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Transporter 2 (2005)
Frank Martin: I'm afraid that your flight's been canceled.
Gianni Chellini: I'm afraid that *you* have been canceled!

Gianni Chellini: But nice try, I'm impressed. Took more than a driver to figure this out.
Frank Martin: I haven't figured it all out yet.
Gianni Chellini: Perhaps I can help you! What part are you a little... how you say, "thick" on?
Frank Martin: You. Why?
Gianni Chellini: Oh, well, that's the easy part. It's a business deal, pure and simple. I'm for hire to he highest bidder. And in this case, the highest bidders were the Colombian cocaine cartels that wanted these pesky lawmen off their backs.

Frank Martin: You really think killing all these politicians is gonna make things easier for them?
Gianni Chellini: That's not my problem. I was hired to do a job. I did the job, like you. Just... my pay is better. My hair and my suit, too.

Gianni Chellini: Not quite what you expected when you showed up for work this morning, is it, Frank?
Frank Martin: [rolls his eyes] Is that what passes for wit in this circle?
Gianni Chellini: [laughs] In this circle, my friend, "wit" is not a requirement of the job. Brutality, yes. An ability to inflict pain, absolutely. A certain psychotic moral ignorance, blind obedience, all required. But not wit.

Jefferson Billings: [answers the phone] Hello?
Gianni Chellini: Put me on the speaker so you don't have to repeat the instructions. In the next two hours, you'll get five million dollars in non-sequential one hundred-dollar bills. You put them in a waterproof suitcase. You go to the Bayfront Park, personally. There will be a blue Chrysler parked on the side. You place the suitcase in the trunk, and you leave.
Jefferson Billings: I don't know if I can get five million dollars in two hours...
Gianni Chellini: Mr. Billings, please. I read the newspapers. The day you were appointed to your current position, your net worth exceeded one hundred million dollars, so... you won't even feel the bite.
Jefferson Billings: What... guarantee do I have that you won't harm my son?
Gianni Chellini: [chuckles] "Guarantee"? Mr. Billings, uh... I'm not a car dealer; don't let the charming accent and my grammatically impeccable syntax mislead you. I live in the jungle, and in the jungle, you either eat or be eaten. But, in the spirit of doing business, here is the guarantee: Ten minutes past the deadline, if the money doesn't arrive, I send a finger. Twenty minutes, a hand. Thirty minutes, a foot.