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Dr. Harrison (Character)
from "Cranford" (2007)

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"Cranford: June 1842 (#1.1)" (2007)
Miss Octavia Pole: Young man! Out of our way! We are in the throes of an exceptional emergency!
Dr. Harrison: Is someone in need of medical attention?
Miss Octavia Pole: This is no occasion for sport! There is lace at stake!

Jem Hearne: I'm a carpenter. If I lose my arm, I lose the thing I am. Now, will I lose it?
Dr. Harrison: No.

"Cranford: August 1842 (#1.2)" (2007)
Dr. Harrison: [to Caroline] These palpitations are, at the very least, injurious to your mother's health.
Miss Tomkinson: Doctor Harrison, we are sisters!