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Col. Scott (Character)
from Moonraker (1979)

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Moonraker (1979)
[At Vandenburg Air Force Base Colonel Scott is on the hotline with Soviet General Gogol after Drax's space station has suddenly appeared on radars]
Col. Scott: Will you please listen, General Gogol! We didn't put it up there.
General Anatol Gogol: [amid a snowstorm outside his mansion] Neither did we, Colonel Scott! So, what do you propose?
Col. Scott: We're taking action. We're sending up a spacecraft to investigate.
General Anatol Gogol: Very well. But if we do not hear from you within twelve hours we will take action outselves and hold you responsible for the consequences.
Col. Scott: We'll be in touch. Sorry to have awoken you.
General Anatol Gogol: I was already awake. How can I sleep? Nothing but problems. Problems, problems.
[Gogol hangs up and returns to bed with his lovely secretary]