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Biography for
Col. Scott (Character)
from Moonraker (1979)

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COLONEL SCOTT (Mike Marshall), in "Moonraker," led the detachment of (presumably) United States Marines who sacked and destroyed the great space city Hugo Drax had built to launch a chem-bio warfare attack against all of humanity.

For Scott, the affair began with the sudden appearance on radar of a 200-meter-wide object in LEO that no one could account for. From his quarters at Vandenberg AFB (where he commanded an elite company of Marines who had trained for a pitched EVA battle), he drew the assignment of talking to the head of the Soviet space command. First he assured the general (Gogol) that the USA had not "put it up there." Next he promised action to intercept the object. He did not say that he himself would lead the effort.

He took his company up in a specially designed, and armed, shuttle. As he approached, he first saw a gigantic rotating wheel, just as he would expect. Suddenly a control jet fired, and the great wheel stopped spinning. What was that about?

Then he had no time to think about that. From an airlock, several men in EVA suits jumped into space and jetted out to meet his shuttle. At his order, his pilot opened the cargo-bay doors. He then gave the order to sortie his first platoon. They engaged, using the powerful, short-burst Directed Energy Weapons they carried--and discovered that the enemy was similarly armed. Casualties, as a later board of inquiry established, ran about seventeen percent--but the First Platoon prevailed anyway and gained the airlock.

At the same time he ordered his pilot to try to dock with the great wheel. And just in time, too, because as soon as they were docked, the wheel fired another control jet and started spinning again.

But now Scott had the enemy caught in a crossfire between his First Platoon, which had defeated the sortied enemy force and gained the airlock, and his Second Platoon (with himself in the lead) who now were swarming out through the docking hatch.

You can imagine his surprise when he opened a door, to hear a woman's crisp, no-nonsense voice call him by name and tell him not to shoot! It was none other than Dr. Holly Goodhead, who had been NASA's liaison with DraxCorp during the development of the STS program. Beside her stood an obviously British gentleman who had an air of competency and experience Col. Scott did not question--and a much larger man with the weirdest orthodontic appliances he had ever seen.

The three civilians joined with Scott and his men. Together they gained the control country--and wrecked it so thoroughly the great wheel began to disintegrate. The Brit suddenly appeared and told him to evacuate his men right away. Scott didn't argue. He gave the order to evacuate--and sealed himself in with a sickening feeling in his gut when he realized the civilians had let themselves get trapped.

That sickening feeling would turn to relief when he finally landed and reported in for briefing and interrogation. For only then did he learn the identity of that helpful British "civilian": Commander James Bond, Royal Naval Voluntary Supplemental Reserve, now known as Agent 007 of the British MI-6. He also learned that Bond and Dr. Goodhead had infiltrated the station by taking the place of the flight crew of one of the six shuttles docked there, disabled the Stealth system that kept the station out of view from earth, then triggered that control jet that had stopped the rotation--in time to stop Drax' crew from destroying his shuttle with a powerful DEW. Bond and Goodhead also successfully disembarked from the doomed station in another armed shuttle, and destroyed three nerve-gas bombs Drax had already dropped before Scott and his company could arrive to stop any further bombardment.

Scott also found out that the big man with the metal jaws had managed to survive re-entry in the command-country module of the station, and even save the life of another woman on board. Everyone else aboard that station died--including Hugo Drax, who apparently had met his end at the hands of Commander Bond.

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