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Dr. Dave Greenwalt (Character)
from Tomorrow Never Dies (1997)

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Tomorrow Never Dies (1997)
Dr. Dave Greenwalt: I just noticed something.
Jack Wade: Yeah?
Dr. Dave Greenwalt: This is where the ship thought it was. This is where it really is. But see that island?
Jack Wade: Yeah.
Dr. Dave Greenwalt: That means where he's jumping, between the British and Chinese fleets... technically they're not in Chinese territorial waters.They belong to Vietnam.
Master Sergeant 3: *Vietnam*?
Dr. Dave Greenwalt: Does he have any U.S. government markings on him?
Master Sergeant 3: The parachute... the wet suit... the fins.
Dr. Dave Greenwalt: Jesus, if the Vietnamese catch him, they're gonna go crazy!
[Bond gets the green light and jumps out of the plane]
Jack Wade: He didn't even say goodbye!