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Patrick Martin (Character)
from Little Shop of Horrors (1986)

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Little Shop of Horrors (1986)
Seymour: [singing] Suddenly Seymour / Is standing beside you
Audrey: [singing] Suddenly Seymour / Showed me I can...
Audrey: [singing over sustain] Yes you can...
Patrick Martin: Excuse me! Pardon me, beg your pardon, if you two kids would stop singing for just a moment I've got something I want to discuss with you.

Patrick Martin: Me and the guys at the home office have been following this plant of yours. We've come up with one incredible idea. We're very proud of it. Picture this: we take leaf cuttings, develop little Audrey IIs and sell them to florist shops across the nation. Pretty soon every household in America could have one.
Seymour: [concerned] Every household in America!
Patrick Martin: For starters, kid. Why, this thing could go... worldwide!
Seymour, Audrey: [to each other, panicked:] *Worldwide*?
Patrick Martin: With the right advertising, this thing could be bigger than Hula-Hoops.
Audrey: [to Seymour, intrigued:] Bigger than Hula-Hoops?

Patrick Martin: Whaddya say, Seymour? Do we have a deal?
Seymour: No! Keep your contract. Nobody's touchin' that plant, you hear?
Patrick Martin: Hey, we're offerin' a lotta money here!
Seymour: Forget the money. Take the money and leave!
Patrick Martin: Whaddya, nuts?
Seymour: Yeah, I'm nuts! Get outta here!
Patrick Martin: Hey, now, come on!
Seymour: Go on! Get outta here!
Patrick Martin: You're a loon!
Seymour: Go on and get out!
Patrick Martin: Look, I'll come back when you're in a better mood!
Seymour: Go on, get outta here now!
Patrick Martin: Alright!

Patrick Martin: Son, kid, boy are we gonna make a fortune.