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Quotes for
Don (Character)
from American Buffalo (1996)

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American Buffalo (1996)
Don: Action talks, bullshit walks!

Don: [to Bobby] Get Teach an English muffin.
Teach: I don't want an English muffin.
Don: Get him and English muffin and make sure they give you the jelly.

Don: [to Bobby] Everything that I or Fletcher know we picked up on the street. That's all business is - common sense, experience, and talent.

Don: [pontificating as to a pupil] ... there's business and there's friendship, Bobby. Watcha gotta do is keep clear of who your friends are and who treated you like what or else because the rest is garbage, Bobby. I'll tell you somethin'.
Bob 'Bobby': OK.
Don: Things are not always what they seem to be.
Bob 'Bobby': [Knowing laugh] I know that, Don.
Don: Because there are people on this street - they want this, they want that. Do anything to get it. You don't have friends this life.