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Steve (Character)
from "EastEnders" (1985)

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"EastEnders: Episode dated 6 January 2000" (2000)
Robbie: [as Steve Owen is about to leave the Queen Vic] Murderer.
Steve: [turns round angrily] No you're wrong. Because I'm not a murderer. Right now it's my turn. You're all gonna be on my side of it. I came to Walford, because the woman I loved, yeah Saskia, was unfaithful to me. Ya know I just wanted to start a new life that's all! But she found me, and she wouldn't let me. She wasn't happy until she ruined it all! And then she tried to kill me.
Dot: We've 'eard it all before. If you was innocent, why didn't you call the police?
Steve: [emotionally] Because I panicked! I wasn't just scared, I was terrified! I hid her because I knew you react in EXACTLY the same way you're all doing now! And I was still scared when they came to arrest us. I admit I didn't want to spend the rest of my life in prison. I thought if I'd blame Matthew and he'd blame me, not either one of us would end up going to prison! And Dot, Dot you're right. It was an evil, evil thing that I did. But 'ow do you think everyday I felt Matt was locked up inside?
Jamie: Then you should've phoned up.
Steve: Listen whether you believe it not, I don't find it very easy to live with. The same with what I've done to Saskia. And yeah, yeah I deserve everything I get! But the only reason I hit her was because she was strangling me. I had to get her off. I swear to you all, it was self-defense. So you lot can just say what you like! But don't you
[points to Jamie]
Steve: or any one of you EVER call me a murderer.
Beppe: [kindly] Pint of lager Dan, whatever Steve's having.
Steve: [calmer] Thanks Beppe. I'll have a large scotch.