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Doumyouji Tsukasa (Character)
from Hana yori dango (1995)

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"Boys Over Flowers: Episode #1.19" (2009)
Ha Jae Kyung: Have you heard that a man's word is as good as a blond?
Goo Joon Pyo: A man's word is as good as a blond?

Goo Joon Pyo: Hey, where are you going when someone is talking to you?

Geum Jan Di: What a pain you are! Why don't you just return to your neighborhood?
Goo Joon Pyo: I said it is a training for getting used to an independent and wild lifestyle.
Geum Jan Di: Hey, you go off every day with your chauffeur, driving you to your house to change your clothes and to eat your meals. So what part of "wild and independent" is this?

Ha Jae Kyung: Love and friendship - what are you going to choose if you had to choose one out of these two?
Goo Joon Pyo: Both. There is no such thing called "give up" in my dictionary. Go in and sleep.
[Joon Pyo leaves]
Ha Jae Kyung: Fool. If you continue to say what I like to hear, what am I supposed to do?

Geum Jan Di: [in a game of Truth or Dare] If F4 were women, whom would you want to get married to?
Song Woo Bin: What?
Chu Ga Eul: I'm really curious. Who would it be?
Song Woo Bin: No way. None of them. I'd never want to. Self-cenetered, fourth dimensional, and cold-hearted womanizer - you want me to spend my whole life with them? I'd rather you send me to a nunnery.
[the others are quiet]
Song Woo Bin: What's wrong?
Goo Joon Pyo: Self-centered egotist?
Yoon Ji Hoo: Fourth dimensional?
So Yi Jung: Cold-hearted Casanova?
[the boys pounce]

"Boys Over Flowers: Episode #1.2" (2009)
Goo Joon Pyo: They say a girl's "no" is really "yes." She says she hates me, but in reality she has fallen in love with me.

Goo Joon Pyo: Hey, commoner, just speak the truth and tell me that you like me.
[Jan Di stares back in disbelief]
Goo Joon Pyo: [chuckles knowingly] Oh, you're the type that says the opposite, right?
Geum Jan Di: Goo Joon Pyo, there's a limit to your playing. This is illegal kidnapping and confinement - a serious crime. You know that?
Goo Joon Pyo: [ignoring this] Since there's no one here, you can just tell me that you like me.
[Jan Di's jaw drops in disbelief]
Goo Joon Pyo: [thinking himself suave and gracious] From now on, when outside of school, I'll allow you to say hello to me. Why, you're just surprised at this incredible offer, huh? Do you want me to say it again? From now on - only if you are nice to me - you have permission to be a girlfriend to Goo Joon Pyo-Nim when nobody is around. Understand?
Geum Jan Di: You've gone crazy, right?

Geum Jan Di: And also - it seems like you don't know - you don't make friends with money. You use your heart.
Goo Joon Pyo: There's nothing money can't buy.

Goo Joon Pyo: What do you dislike so much? Huh? Good-looking, tall, smart, rich. What is there... what is there not to like about Goo Joon Pyo? Are you... are you a real idiot?
Geum Jan Di: You must not realize it, but your whole self and personality are unattractive. That greasy mouth, your arrogant walk and your curly hair - it's all very annoying.
Goo Joon Pyo: Are you on drugs?
Geum Jan Di: I'm not done yet. It annoys me that you guys are the only ones that don't wear a school uniform. There's the Red Card deal where you bully the weak people and just giggle about it like it's nothing. That's the worst.

Goo Joon Pyo: You're a bit late on saying sorry.
Geum Jan Di: This is the end of my patience. Warning: those sort of words are for YOU to say. Do you know that?
Goo Joon Pyo: Hey, laundry girl, do your neighbors apologize this way?
Geum Jan Di: In your neighborhood, does the victim apologize to the wrongdoer?

"Boys Over Flowers: Episode #1.9" (2009)
Goo Joon Pyo: Idiots rush in where tigers fear to tread.
Gong Soo Pyo: What? Younger brother, by any chance did you say fools rush in where angels fear to tread?

Goo Joon Pyo: If you're going to date a guy, at least pick a good one.

Goo Joon Pyo: If you keep on talking shit about my girlfriend, I'm not gonna let you eat with that mouth anymore!

Goo Joon Pyo: You think it's nice to stick to them like a booger when another couple has a date?

"Boys Over Flowers: Episode #1.8" (2009)
Goo Joon Pyo: Do you want to shut up nicely or would you like to read the news tomorrow morning about your company going under?

Goo Joon Pyo: Please let me stay over for the night.
Geum Jan Di: What? What did he just say? You've lost your mind, right?

Goo Joon Pyo: How can the main room be smaller than the toilet in my house?
Geum Jan Di: The toilet at your house is abnormal.

Geum Jan Di: What should I do? I can't even swallow my saliva naturally.
Goo Joon Pyo: How should I start so that it seems normal?
Geum Jan Di: Why is it so hot?
Goo Joon Pyo: If I take my jacket off, she's gonna have a fit.

"Boys Over Flowers: Episode #1.1" (2009)
[Joon Pyo has just rejected a homemade cake offered by a classmate by shoving it in her face]
Goo Joon Pyo: [coming upon Jan Di] You have something to say?
Geum Jan Di: Yeah, I have something to say. I have a lot to say! You! Do you have absolutely no respect for people? I don't even expect you to have the humility as a rich person. If you didn't want to eat it, then you could have rejected it nicely or... will it kill you to accept it by thinking of that person's effort? What are you going to do if she says she'll jump off the roof, you bastard!

Goo Joon Pyo: If apologizing solves everything, why do you think there are laws and police officers?

Goo Joon Pyo: [learning more about Jan Di] Oh, so you're the famous "wonder bra?" People were saying Wonder Woman and stuff, so I expected at least an 'S' line and a 'D' cup. How homely.
Geum Jan Di: [gasps] I'm glad I let you down.
Goo Joon Pyo: Is it your concept not to think of your status and be nosy? Why are you butting in on other people's business?
Geum Jan Di: She is not a stranger. She's my friend. I guess in rich people's dictionaries there are no words like "friend" or "friendship?"
Goo Joon Pyo: "Friendship?" Let's see that great friendship you speak about.
Goo Joon Pyo: [regarding the ice cream blotch on his shoe] Lick it.
Geum Jan Di: What?
Goo Joon Pyo: I'll forget all abut this if you lick it instead.

Song Woo Bin: What are you doing with that serious face?
Goo Joon Pyo: Don't bother me. Can't you hear the wheels turning in my head?

"Boys Over Flowers: Episode #1.25" (2009)
Goo Joon Pyo: Does Ji Hoo know that you're going around like this?
Geum Jan Di: Hey, watch what you say.
Goo Joon Pyo: What?
Geum Jan Di: Ji Hoo has no reason to hear such things from you.
Goo Joon Pyo: Then why don't you behave so it's not so embarrassing?

Goo Joon Pyo: Didn't I say that if you were late you'd be dead?

Goo Joon Pyo: You took five minutes. Can't you walk faster?

"Boys Over Flowers: Episode #1.12" (2009)
Song Woo Bin: [examining Joon Pyo's pendant] Just looking at this, it feels like a proposal is coming.
Goo Joon Pyo: What proposal? She keeps getting into trouble, so I thought I'd give her a leash.
So Yi Jung: Is Geum Jan Di your pet?
Song Woo Bin: With your personality, giving this to Jan Di worries me.
So Yi Jung: Geum Jan Di's not the type to bear it when you say "a leash" or the like.
Song Woo Bin: Jan Di's lethal spin-kick? Makes me want to see it.

Goo Joon Pyo: No matter what happens, I'll never let go of this moon.

Goo Joon Pyo: You're always like this. If you truly knew my heart, you wouldn't step all over it.

"Boys Over Flowers: Episode #1.16" (2009)
Ha Jae Kyung: I'm only going to say this once, so bear it in mind: My name is Ha Jae Kyung. From today on, I am your fiancée. You got it? And keep in mind...
Goo Joon Pyo: Keep what in mind?
Ha Jae Kyung: From here on, I'm going to tame you. Bang!

Geum Jan Di: You got my gift?
Goo Joon Pyo: That was the first time I've ever received such a crappy gift, but I'll accept it because it's the thought that counts.

Ha Jae Kyung: [curious about Joon Pyo] Tell me more about him, Jan Di.
Goo Joon Pyo: Uh... Mmm... He is second to none when it comes to disdaining others and being arrogant. He acts like a total know-it-all, but in reality he's ignorant. And... if he likes something, he ignores others' opinions and pushes his own, just like a bulldozer. He's really scary when he's angry, but... but when he's being nice, he's really sweet. Ah, in any case, if you put "childish," "spoiled," "whiney brat" all together, that about sums it up.
Ha Jae Kyung: Jan Di, you really know Joon Pyo well. That's really good. I have a favor to ask you.
Goo Joon Pyo: What is it?
Ha Jae Kyung: I really want to make a go of things with him. Jan Di, from today can you be my dating coach?

"Boys Over Flowers: Episode #1.4" (2009)
Geum Jan Di: Goo Joon Pye, can I ask you something?
Goo Joon Pyo: If I said no, would you keep it to yourself?

Goo Joon Pyo: You guys tell me that I have the cruelest personality, but I told you that the real cruel one is Ji Hoo.
Song Woo Bin: He looks so serene, but once he turns his back, he's the scariest.

"Boys Over Flowers: Episode #1.11" (2009)
Goo Joon Pyo: She acts like she has an ancestor who died from dating!

Goo Joon Pyo: Did you just laugh?
Min Jae Ha: It's kind of funny. To the girl you like, do you have so little faith in her? And, before you get jealous, shouldn't you first understand what kind of situation your girlfriend is in?

"Boys Over Flowers: Episode #1.6" (2009)
Goo Joon Pyo: Hey! I thought you passed out in there. Were you scrubbing yourself or something?

Goo Joon Pyo: You look good with the cheap things.

"Boys Over Flowers: Episode #1.7" (2009)
[Joon Hee walks in on Joon Pyo threatening to fire the school principal]
Goo Joon Hee: [beating him] You are still out of your mind.
Goo Joon Pyo: Why in the world did you even come to school?
Goo Joon Hee: What? You want to dare fire the principal? Fine! Do it! Then I'll be the next principal. How do you like that, huh? You think you'll graduate easily when I'm here?
Goo Joon Pyo: Don't even make such jokes.
Goo Joon Hee: Dear brother, we both don't have the best personalities, but we both are not fond of making jokes, are we?

Goo Joon Hee: The type of guy that I detest the most?
Goo Joon Pyo: Selfish guys, narrow-minded guys, unforgiving guys.
Goo Joon Hee: And a guy who shows off his power unfairly?
Goo Joon Pyo: [with each answer knowing he fits her criteria] A selfish guy.
Goo Joon Hee: A guy who doesn't let go of a friend's mistake?
Goo Joon Pyo: A narrow-minded guy.
Goo Joon Hee: A guy who can't accept the consequences?
Goo Joon Pyo: An un... unforgiving guy.

"Boys Over Flowers: Episode #1.21" (2009)
Goo Joon Pyo: [reading his own wedding invitation] What is this about?
Kang Hee Soo: After discussing it with Jae Kyung's parents, we thought it'd be a good idea to push up the wedding date. You are both adults, and it'd be best for both of our businesses to continue on with the partnership if you two were already married.
Goo Joon Pyo: How can you do this without our consent?
Ha Jae Kyung: I agreed with them.

Goo Joon Hee: If I threw everything away, what would Goo Joon Hee become? To live my life as a nobody, and only being known as one man's woman. I didn't have the courage to do that.
Goo Joon Pyo: Noona...
Goo Joon Hee: From that one incident where I was a coward, it paid its toll on me and made things hard. I thought I could forget it, but I couldn't.
Goo Joon Pyo: Are you still apologetic to that person?
Goo Joon Hee: No. It's not him I feel sorry towards. It's to whom I thought would always be genuine and justified - 20-year-old Goo Joon Hee. Little brother, no matter what you decide to do, I'm going to understand, and no matter what you do or where you do it, you'll always be the little brother Goo Joon Pyo that I love... and it'll never change.

"Boys Over Flowers: Episode #1.10" (2009)
Goo Joon Pyo: Ji Hoo, why am I feeling so uneasy? I feel like something is going to happen to her. What I'm most worried about is, the moment she is in danger, I might not even know.

Goo Joon Pyo: Promise me.
Geum Jan Di: What?
Goo Joon Pyo: That if anything happens, you'll tell me immediately.
Geum Jan Di: All right.
Goo Joon Pyo: And one more - that whatever happens, you will never run from me.
Geum Jan Di: I can't promise you that.
Goo Joon Pyo: What?
Geum Jan Di: I wanted to escape for many times not because of your mom. Because of you.
Goo Joon Pyo: Hey!
Geum Jan Di: I'll promise you... that your mom isn't going to be the reason, at least.

"Boys Over Flowers: Episode #1.20" (2009)
Goo Joon Pyo: [looking up from his paper, startled] Oh, my! Gran-granny, you're still alive?
Head Maid: Yes. No matter how you may wish for it, it seems I can not go.

Goo Joon Pyo: It took you three minutes to get here. Next time make it here in one.
Geum Jan Di: What?
Goo Joon Pyo: I, Goo Joon Pyo, command my personal maid Geum Jan Di to make delicious ramen right away.
Geum Jan Di: I don't want to! You know I am holding back because of your sister.
Goo Joon Pyo: I want my ramen in ten minutes. I'm hanging up.
Geum Jan Di: Goo Joon Pyo, do you really want to die?
Head Maid: [entering] Whom do you think you are addressing so informally?
Geum Jan Di: [to Joon Pyo] Yes, sir.

"Boys Over Flowers: Episode #1.14" (2009)
Geum Jan Di: You've become cruel, Goo Joon Pyo. Really cruel.
Goo Joon Pyo: No. I was always like this. I was only pretending I wasn't.

Goo Joon Pyo: Are you satisfied? Since you got your way, are you satisfied?
Kang Hee Soo: Well, it's not so pleasant that we still have to talk about such a little girl.
Goo Joon Pyo: She is not just such a little girl. She's the first girl... that I, your own son... ever loved since I was born.
Kang Hee Soo: Yes, that's right. Then what do you plan to do? You want to abandon everything and run to her? You want to abandon the ShinHwa Group's employees, your future? Fine. Have you ever thought about your father?
Goo Joon Pyo: Stop.
Kang Hee Soo: For ShinHwa Group - something that you might toss away in a moment's notice - the person who tried his best until the very end for this company, your father... Do you plan on throwing him away, too?
Goo Joon Pyo: Stop it.
Kang Hee Soo: What are you going to do about that Jan Di girl? Should I make her not be able to live anywhere in Korea?
Goo Joon Pyo: Shut up. DIDN'T I TELL YOU TO SHUT UP? Jan Di... don't mess with her. If you break your promise, I'll destroy everything.

"Boys Over Flowers: Episode #1.15" (2009)
Goo Joon Pyo: What is the evil witch talking about now?

"Boys Over Flowers: Episode #1.22" (2009)
Goo Joon Pyo: Jan Di - I can't let her go, even though I always make things hard for her. I've sometimes thought it might be better to let her go to you. I didn't even want to think about it, but if I had to... I thought you should be the one. I thought I would only give her to you, Ji Hoo.
Yoon Ji Hoo: Goo Joon Pyo...
Goo Joon Pyo: Even so, I don't think I can.

"Boys Over Flowers: Episode #1.23" (2009)
Goo Joon Pyo: You're the type of girl on whom cuteness is wasted.

"Boys Over Flowers: Episode #1.24" (2009)
Kang Hee Soo: Joon Pyo, come talk with Mom.
Goo Joon Pyo: "Mom?" Do you really think that you were even once my mom? Why don't you quit with the act of being a mother when it doesn't suit you, Chairwoman Kang?

"Boys Over Flowers: Episode #1.5" (2009)
Goo Joon Pyo: Did you boil and cook the heart of a train when you were the size of a bell on a cat's collar?