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Hydra's Good Side (Character)
from "Mighty Max" (1993)

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"Mighty Max: I, Warmonger (#2.20)" (1994)
Hydra's Good Side: [the Titan Hydra philosophizes over the nature of darkness and light, but is surprised and brainwashed by Skullmaster] Blessed light, the wondrous force which gives life to all!
Hydra's Dark Side: Bah, it is the darkness which permits the oblivion of sleep!
Hydra's Good Side: Oblivion is waste, light is the ultimate good!
Hydra's Dark Side: Then why is it that the good and pleasurable things in life, are so often called evil?
Skullmaster: The answer is obvious, Hydra. It is because evil is the superior force. And that is why, I shall now invoke the power of the Lemurian Arcana! That the dark, the evil side of Hydra, may vanquish utterly, the side of light! And insufferably insipid "good!"
Hydra's Good Side, Hydra's Dark Side: A new age of darkness has begun!

Virgil: Beware, Mighty-One, there is much power in that page, it can either bring you victory, or... well, how can I put this, you might create a molecular chain-reaction, resulting in a process not unlike spontaneous combustion.
Max: You mean I might go kablooey?
Virgil: Yes, well that is another way of expressing it.
Hydra's Good Side, Hydra's Dark Side: This time you will not escape!
Max: Yeah? Well at least I'll go out with a bang! Whoa! Man I wish I felt this bright in algebra-class!
Virgil: Well done, Mighty-One-turn your power toward Hydra!
Hydra's Good Side, Hydra's Dark Side: Your power is insignificant, for it is the power of light! Now feel the power of ultimate darkness!

Max: [Max breaks the spell controlling Hydra] Well at least I can take it, I just wish I could dish it out a little more... I guess two heads are better than one-or are they? You're toast Hydra, 'cause I know the real source of your power! Your left head!
Hydra's Dark Side: You cannot hope to survive with such feeble power!
Max: Oh please, who asked you, wimpo? You're not worth the effort, it's the left head I'm worried about!
Hydra's Dark Side: Fool! The side of the dark is far more powerful!
Hydra's Good Side: Negativity is not power! Light shall triumph!
Virgil: It's working! The Mighty-One is restoring Hydra's positive polarity!

Skullmaster: I have obliterated the balance of nature, but that power is useless without the power to control those forces. Now, Warmonger, the time has come to proceed with the next stage of my plan... The page of control! Not here? But that's impossible!
Warmonger: [Warmonger betrays Skullmaster and takes control of Hydra himself with the stolen page] Ah, it was you that taught me that nothing is impossible, Skullmaster! That even a faithful servant, treated like a dog, might invoke the power of the Arcana, to take control of the most powerful force in the world!
Hydra's Good Side, Hydra's Dark Side: [Hydra kneels to Warmonger] Master, we await your command!
Warmonger: A simple command: destroy Skullmaster!
Hydra's Good Side, Hydra's Dark Side: We hear, and we obey!

Skullmaster: Warmonger, you treacherous dog! Call off that monster!
Warmonger: I've often wondered how it would feel to see you cringe before me!
Hydra's Dark Side, Hydra's Good Side: [Hydra pauses before the helpless Skullmaster] Master?
Warmonger: [laughs triumphantly] Destroy him!

Warmonger: I have taken Skullmaster's place! And I'm going to wipe out the Mighty-One so I can rule the world! Hydra, your powers are mine to command!
Hydra's Good Side, Hydra's Dark Side: Yes, master!
Warmonger: [pauses] Uh, what exactly is that power again?
Hydra's Good Side, Hydra's Dark Side: [Hydra demonstrates, turning air into rock, water into fire and land into water] To receive, to transmit, to reverse, to transform!

Hydra's Good Side: Ah, light! Blessed light! Child of the sun!
Hydra's Dark Side: A weakling compared to the dark, infinite power of space!
Hydra's Good Side: Light is the giver of life!
Hydra's Dark Side: But darkness is the ultimate end of all things!