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Ravendark (Character)
from "Mighty Max" (1993)

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"Mighty Max: Let Sleeping Dragons Lie (#1.5)" (1993)
Ravendark: Doom Dragon: I'm awake-and after ten thousand years, I'm hungry...

Ravendark: Doom Dragon: Burn, insect!

Ravendark: Who dares to intrude upon me in the midst of my workings?
Max: Nobody here but us chickens!

Ravendark: Doom Dragon: Like a burden you stand, little Thunderer, but I want to hear you scream as I swallow you whole!
Norman: [Swings hammer into face] Swallow this!

Ravendark: Doom Dragon: Where are you, Thunderer? We have old business to discuss. Thunderer, Thunderer, Thunderer, would you test your mettle on me again? What do they call you now? Lancelot? Little John?
Norman: [Heroic voice] They call me...
[normal voice]
Norman: Norman.

Ravendark: Doom Dragon: When I'm free, Thunderer, I'll rip you like I rip this mountain!
Norman: Ha-ha! Boastful wyrm! Surrender now and spare yourself needless pain!

Ravendark: Doom Dragon:Curse you, Thunderer! You, you hurt me...
Virgil: Very good Norman, I believe he wishes to kill you again!
Norman: Thank you, Odin.