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El Toro (Character)
from "The Adventures of Kit Carson" (1951)

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"The Adventures of Kit Carson: Fury at Red Gulch (#1.12)" (1951)
[El Toro tries to join Red's gang by convincing Red's girlfriend he is a dangerous bandito]
Lola La Vada: Perhaps you're one of my countryman whose picture hangs on sheriffs' offices throughout the country?
El Toro: My friends told me that you were discrete - that you could be trusted!
Lola La Vada: Who are those friends and who are you? What is your name? Nobody was ever christened "El Toro."

El Toro: My friends are right - you are to be trusted.
Lola La Vada: At least with your name.

[El Toro cuts the fuse to a bomb seconds before it would have exploded]
El Toro: Does anybody want it?

El Toro: There was only one man in there. His name was Lowery.
Red Barrows: Why didn't you kill him?
El Toro: I was hired to kill Carson and Phillips. Do you want me to kill three men for the price of two?

[last lines]
Christopher 'Kit' Carson: Where are you going?
El Toro: To escort Senorita Lola La Vala to Red Barrows - in jail.
Christopher 'Kit' Carson: Wait for me. I'd like to meet her... once. Goodbye, Tom.
Tom Phillips: Goodbye, boys.

"The Adventures of Kit Carson: Outlaw Paradise (#2.7)" (1952)
Christopher 'Kit' Carson: You wait here, Toro.
El Toro: Oh, Kit, let me go with you. I know this Judge Trumbull. He's a brave and honorable man. We are simpatico.
Christopher 'Kit' Carson: He's the best, but his message said he wanted to see me alone.
El Toro: Are we not compadres? Where you go, I go. Besides I'm nobody. I'll be the little man who isn't there.
Christopher 'Kit' Carson: You're so right. You won't be there 'cause you'll be here!

[Because Kit ordered Toro to remain behind, Toro can not testify to Kit's whereabouts when the Judge was murdered]
El Toro: I knew you should not leave me behind. Now I really am the man who was not there.

El Toro: Kit, I don't like it here. I fell like eyes are crawling over me like little bugs.

El Toro: Kit, are you sure we're the bait, or are we the ones that are walking into the trap?

Christopher 'Kit' Carson: Keep your wits about you and stay out of trouble.
El Toro: Trouble? How could I get into any more trouble than we have already?
Christopher 'Kit' Carson: You know what I mean - senoritas!
El Toro: But it is my stomach that is hungry, Kit, not my heart.

"The Adventures of Kit Carson: Danger Hill (#2.3)" (1952)
[a schoolteacher greets Kit and El Toro while holding a rifle]
El Toro: Is that what you use for a pointer?

El Toro: Do you think she is loco?
Christopher 'Kit' Carson: What's crazy about doing something for the children of the country?

"The Adventures of Kit Carson: The Devil at Angel's Camp (#1.9)" (1951)
Marshal Blake: How are things on the street?
Kit Carson: Quiet - too quiet.
El Toro: Pretty soon it'll be too noisy. All the Valenzulas are waiting for us to take away your prisoner.

[the Valenzulas are about to lynch El Toro]
Don Perfidio Valenzuela: Give his liberty back to El Toro.
El Toro: I hope I can do the same for you someday, senores!