Kate Wales
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Kate Wales (Character)
from "Anger Management" (2012)

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"Anger Management: Charlie Tries Sleep Deprivation (#1.3)" (2012)
Kate Wales: [about Sam] Why doesn't she like me? Do you think she knows we're sleeping together?
Charlie Goodson: Nobody knows. Maybe she's just intimidated by you.
Kate Wales: That's cool.

"Anger Management: Charlie and the Slumpbuster (#1.2)" (2012)
Kate Wales: This woman has had a fantasy relationship with you for the past 16 years. Now she's tracked you down, exposed you in front of your patients. And you're so busy trying to be a better guy, that you are cooking dinner for a stalker.
Charlie Goodson: She's not a stalker. She's just a woman with pathologically low self-esteem, obsessive fixations, and a tendency toward grandiose delusions.