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Alex Wilton (Character)
from "Boon" (1986)

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"Boon: Whispering Grass (#7.12)" (1992)
[Kevin Tracken's company is competing against CBS for an award as security firm of the year]
Kevin Tracken: Glad to see you're putting a brave face on it.
Alex Wilton: I thought *you* were the only one with two to choose from.
Harry Crawford: Smile when the votes are counted, Kevin.
Kevin Tracken: It's time to believe your own publicity now, Harry. You're going to need more than the sympathy vote on the day. No, we're the only real contender in this one. We're bigger than you and we're better than you.
Alex Wilton: [coldly] Size isn't important. It's what you do with it.

"Boon: Queen's Gambit (#7.2)" (1992)
[Alex has just demonstrated her self-defence techniques to Rocky, who is now writhing on the floor in agony]
Alex Wilton: Of course the other rule I teach my ladies is "kick him in the goolies and run like bloody hell". Need a hand up?
Rocky Cassidy: [gasps in pain] No!

"Boon: Blackballed (#7.11)" (1992)
[At their annual dinner, the golf club committee have accused Harry of stealing their money.]
Harry Crawford: Let me explain! Why don't you listen to me? I've been made a target!
[committee members jeer and throw food at Harry]
Alex Wilton: [yells] How dare you! How dare you?
[someone bends down to pick up a bread roll to throw at Harry]
Alex Wilton: [yells] Leave it!
Alex Wilton: They're just not worth it, Harry.