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Puffin (Character)
from The Swan Princess (1994)

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The Swan Princess (1994)
Puffin: There comes a time, the possum said, when if all else fails just play dead.

Puffin: When the hunter has you in his sight, look for the sun and fly into the light.

Puffin: Me name is Puffin. Lt. Puffin.
Odette: It's a pleasure, Lt. Puffin. I'm Odette. Princess Odette. And these are my best friends in the whole world: Mr. Lorenzo Trudgealong...
Speed: Friends call me Speed.
Odette: ...and Jean-Bob.
Jean-Bob: I have no friends. Only servants. And they call me "your highness".
Speed: Thinks he's a prince.

Puffin: There you have it, everlasting love.

The Swan Princess: Escape from Castle Mountain (1997) (V)
[Jean-Bob is trying to convince the others he was turned into a prince]
Jean-Bob: Are you going to tell me you did not see me as a prince?
Puffin: [taps forehead] I think he's still got some damage in the attic.
Jean-Bob: I don't believe this. I was a prince!
Speed: Don't push your luck, Jean-Bob.
Jean-Bob: But-no- Hey, you out there! Quit smooching and tell me something. Did you or did you not see me as a prince in the mountain!
[everyone laughs]
Jean-Bob: This is not happening. It's a conspiracy. I was a prince, I tell you! A prince!