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Don Masters (Character)
from The President's Analyst (1967)

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The President's Analyst (1967)
Don Masters, CEA Agent: What now?
V.I. Kydor Kropotkin: We blow the main power supply.
Don Masters, CEA Agent: Ok. What kind of time does that give us before the emergency power comes on?
V.I. Kydor Kropotkin: Ten, maybe twelve minutes. We've gotta rush.
Don Masters, CEA Agent: If we don't, what?
V.I. Kydor Kropotkin: We're going to have to kill our way out, okay? Shall we rescue our doctor?
Don Masters, CEA Agent: Yeah. If I don't resume my analysis pretty soon, I'm gonna flip out.

Don Masters, CEA Agent: I'm a CEA agent.
Dr. Sidney Schaefer: [rises from desk, walks over to read ID card] You ARE a CEA agent. And you really did kill someone!
Don Masters, CEA Agent: Ahhummm.
Dr. Sidney Schaefer: Fascinating, Don... I suppose it's the conditioning of motion pictures, or television, or maybe it's just it's the times we live in, but... killing is serious business, yet this little card makes it somehow less shocking... acceptable in a way! You mean to say you can actually legally kill someone?
Don Masters, CEA Agent: Yeah, and it bothers me sometimes that I don't feel guilty about it. Don't you think that's psychotic behavior?
Dr. Sidney Schaefer: No I don't! It explains your utter lack of hostility. You can vent your aggressive feelings by actually killing people! It's a sensational solution to the hostility problem.
Don Masters, CEA Agent: Doctor, are you trying to tell me it's all right to kill people?
Dr. Sidney Schaefer: It's simply a moral question. Morality is a social invention, and in this case society has decided it's not only acceptable for certain people to kill other people... it's even commendable. Don! I've got to write a paper for the Institute on this!
Don Masters, CEA Agent: I don't think the CEA would like that.

V.I. Kydor Kropotkin: Are you trying to tell me every phone in the country is tapped?
Don Masters, CEA Agent: That's what's in my head.
V.I. Kydor Kropotkin: Don, this is America, not Russia!

Don Masters, CEA Agent: I was five. And I knew there were colored people and white people. But then Mama took me to school, and it was almost all white kids. And nothing much happened on the first day. But on the second day, I was walking to school alone - my big brother, he was already in the third grade, and when you got a kid brother in kindergarten it can be kind of an embarrassment. So he ran on ahead to be with his buddies. Anyhow, there was a group of white kids on the street up ahead, and as I came up they started laughing and running and yelling, "Run! Run! Here comes the nigger! Run, run!"
Don Masters, CEA Agent: Here comes the nigger. And I looked around, and I didn't see any niggers. But if they wanted to play, so did I. So I started laughing and running and yelling, "Run, run! Here comes the nigger!"
Don Masters, CEA Agent: Run, run. Here comes the nigger. Suddenly there was my big brother. And I ran up to him, and I started yelling, "Run, run, here comes the nigger!" And he hit me. Then he did something worse - he told me what a nigger was.