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Secretary of State John Hay (Character)
from "Rough Riders" (1997)

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"Rough Riders" (1997)
President William McKinley: Where are the Spaniards? It says they've landed at... Daiquiri.
Secretary of State John Hay: Daiquiri? Isn't that a new summer cocktail?
President William McKinley: NOW you're getting the idea, Mr. Hay...

Secretary of State John Hay: [examining the New York Journal's account of the Maine sinking] I think you're a scoundrel, Randolph - completely without conscience.
William Randolph Hearst: What, did Freddie go too far?
Frederick Remington: You don't really think that those people blew up that boat, now do you?
Secretary of State John Hay: A naval blockade is in the offing, gentlemen.
Frederick Remington: A naval blockade is hardly a war.
William Randolph Hearst: Furnish the pictures, Freddie, and I'll furnish the war!
Frederick Remington: Very good, Willy.
Secretary of State John Hay: Well said, Randolph!
William Randolph Hearst: Thank you, Mr. Secretary.
Secretary of State John Hay: Cheers.
William Randolph Hearst: Remember the Maine, and to HELL with Spain!

Secretary of State John Hay: General, you were one of the finest cavalry officers in the Confederacy.
Gen. Joseph 'Fighting Joe' Wheeler: [shakes his head] Let me tell you something... Bedford Forrest had 32 horses shot out from under him, but he killed 33 Yankees.
Gen. Joseph 'Fighting Joe' Wheeler: Forrest was better!

Lincoln (2012)
John Hay: Do you need company?
Abraham Lincoln: In times like these, I'm best alone.