Melvin Hoover
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Melvin Hoover (Character)
from I Love Melvin (1953)

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I Love Melvin (1953)
Melvin: [Extending his hand] Oh, I'm Melvin Hoover, "Look"
Mr. Schneider: Look at what?

Judy: They want me to marry Harry Flack!
Melvin: Judy, you can't! I - I love you, Judy!
Judy: Shh...Melvin...
Melvin: You're not gonna do it, are you?
Judy: Well, you see...
Melvin: Because if you do it, I'll be very frank about this, Judy. If you do it, I'll kill myself!
Judy: Melvin! Stop it!
Melvin: I mean it! Judy, you know how I feel! I'd do anything for you! I'd rob a bank, I'd take a rocket to the moon, anything! Just ask me!
Judy: Put me on the cover! My picture, on the cover of the magazine!
Melvin: Judy, I said I'd kill myself or take a rocket to the moon, but don't ask the impossible!

Mergo: You got a cover idea? What is it?
Melvin: A girl!
Mergo: Oh joy! Now THERE is an earth-shaking notion! A girl on the cover of a magazine! They'll go mad, I tell you, mad!
Melvin: But this girl's different!
Mergo: What's she got, three eyes?
[Picks up and drinks from a beaker]
Melvin: Oh no, no you see...
Melvin: Mr. Mergo that's hypo!
Mergo: [Gasps] That's what I call a lousy drink.

Mergo: What are you grinning about?
Melvin: Oh, nothing, just happy.
Mergo: Well, don't let me catch you being happy around me!

Judy: Harry Flack is coming to dinner Monday night.
Melvin: Oh. Well, that's simple. Poison him.
Judy: He wants to talk to Pop! He's going to propose!
Melvin: Propose! To your father?

Mr. Schneider: Have some food!
Melvin: No thanks, not on an empty stomach.