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Bernadette 'Bernie' Walsh (Character)
from Candyman (1992)

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Candyman (1992)
[Helen shows Bernadette a newspaper of one of the Candyman murders]
Bernadette 'Bernie' Walsh: Helen, this is sick. This isn't one of your fairy tales. The woman got killed here.
Helen Lyle: That's not the half of it.

[Helen and Bernadette drive into the projects to investigate the Candyman murders]
Helen Lyle: [as Helen sees a Taser in Bernadette's purse] What's with the arsenal, Bernadette? We're only going eight blocks.
Bernadette 'Bernie' Walsh: You're the one who got us dressed up like cops.
Helen Lyle: I said just dress up conservatively.
Bernadette 'Bernie' Walsh: Yeah, well we look like cops.

Bernadette 'Bernie' Walsh: Helen, be careful! The could be somebody on the toilet!

Bernadette 'Bernie' Walsh: This is sick, Helen! This isn't one of your fairytales, a woman got killed here!

Bernadette 'Bernie' Walsh: I'm sure we're going to have something for you in a week or so, but we only went to Cabrini today and...
Professor Philip Purcell: [unnecessarily loud] AH! CABRINI GREEN! Candyman country...