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George (Character)
from Nancy Drew (2002) (TV)

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Nancy Drew (2002) (TV)
[the girls are fast asleep when Hank enters the room]
Hank: I've said it before, I'll say it again: I'm your man.
George: Hey, formerly sleeping roommate here. Can you be our man later?

Bess: [looks at Nancy while she is pulling out her notebook from her purse and points at her] I know that look. Like in the third grade, I know that look.
George: You snag a scoop?
Nancy: [serious expression as she writes in notebook] More like a bite on one of those tiny plastic spoons... and something tastes funny.

Nancy Drew: Danger by Design (2006) (VG)
Bess Marvin: Well, anybody who does business outside of a cafe can't be all bad.
George Fayne: He does business outside of a cafe?
Bess Marvin: Yeah. Nancy just said that. Didn't you?
Nancy Drew: Uh, no.
George Fayne: Your subconscious strikes again.
Bess Marvin: Dang. Am I good or what?