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Hold Me-Touch Me (Character)
from The Producers (1967)

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The Producers (1967)
Hold me, Touch me: [locking the door to Max's office] Let's fool around.

Hold me, Touch me: Hold me! Touch me!
Max Bialystock: [pulling her into his office] Not in the hall!

Hold me, Touch me: Oh, hold me! Touch me!
Max Bialystock: Thursday! Thursday!

Hold me, Touch me: And after that, we'll play, "The Abduction and the Cruel Rape of Lucretia", and I'll be Lucretia.
Max Bialystock: And I'll be Rape!

Hold me, Touch me: I heard the Count fired you this morning - watch the road, watch the road.
Max Bialystock: [stops making car noises] Oh, Countess, I can't take my eyes off you! How can I drive when you drive me mad? Mad!
[continues making car noises]
Hold me, Touch me: Oh, Rudolpho, you dirty pig!
Hold me, Touch me: Pull over.

Hold me, Touch me: Oh Bialy, Bialy, darling, did I hurt you?
Max Bialystock: It's only a flesh wound, lambchop.

The Producers (2005)
Hold Me-Touch Me: I know, let's play the virgin milkmaid and the well-hung stable boy.
Max Bialystock: Oh, I don't think I have the strength.
Hold Me-Touch Me: Don't worry, I'll be gentle.
[Hold me-Touch me grabs an umbrella and mimcks carrying milk]
Hold Me-Touch Me: Oh dear, this milk is so heavy. I'll never reach the house. You there, well-hung stable boy, won't you please help me?
Max Bialystock: Why of course my little dairy queen. First, I shall take your milk. Then, I shall take your VIRGINITY!

[from deleted scene]
Max Bialystock: Did you bring the checkie?
Hold Me-Touch Me: Yes, but first, lets play one, dirty little game.
Max Bialystock: Here in broad daylight. All right what do you want to play?
Hold Me-Touch Me: Lets play the hairless chihuahua and the well hung Great Dane!

Hold Me-Touch Me: You know what I'd really like?
Max Bialystock: [turning to the hot dog vendor] She'll have the foot long