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Quotes for
Jerome (Character)
from Art School Confidential (2006)

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Art School Confidential (2006)
Eno: It has the singularity of outsider art,though the conscious rejection of spatial dynamics could only come from an intimacy with the conventions of picture-making.
Jerome: Are you kidding me?

Jimmy: [to Jerome] So... Who do you like?
Jimmy: [Jerome is confused by the question, so Jimmy rephrases it] Who's your favorite artist, Jerome?
Jerome: [Uncomfortable pause] Maybe, Picasso?
Jimmy: I see... Very good... Our old friend "Pig-Ass-Hole," the nasty little dwarf who went his whole life without a single original thought... I presume you're joking, right?
Bardo: [Jerome is too uncomfortable to speak, but Bardo nonchalantly chimes in] Jimmy's a Strathmore grad.
Jimmy: Just look at me now!... Just think, Jerome, some day all this could be yours. You're going places, young man. I can feel it. But you really need to take some lessons in sucking cock and licking ass. Otherwise you might find yourself rotting away in some shit-hole, postponing suicide for the slim chance that you might one day, possibly, see some glorious plague or pestilence bring horrible suffering to your hateful species.
Jimmy: [Jerome and Bardo look at each other in shocked silence, then let out uncomfortable snickers] What are you smiling about?
Jimmy: [Jerome only shrugs, an uncomfortable grin etched on his face] Laugh away, laughing boy! I will stomp on your guts till they shoot out your ass! I will bury you alive and shit on your grave!