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Hiei (Character)
from "Yu yu hakusho: eizo hakusho II" (1995)

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"Yu Yu Hakusho: Ghost Files: Genbu, the Stone Beast (#1.15)" (1993)
Yusuke Urameshi: Hiei, you're a lot faster than any of us. We'll hold the ceiling up while you go and flip the switch.
Kazuma Kuwabara: You crazy? We can't trust that guy. Just look. He doesn't care at all about us.
Jaganshi Hiei: Your ugly friend has a good point, Detective.
Kazuma Kuwabara: Who's ugly? Come here, you mouse!
Jaganshi Hiei: Are you sure you want to trust me? I've already vowed my revenge on you. Maybe I'll handle that now.
Yusuke Urameshi: Yeah, but I don't think quick deaths are your style.

Jaganshi Hiei: Friends are just a crutch for the weak

Kazuma Kuwabara: Listen, I just happened to place third in Master Genkai's fighting tournament. The only ones who beat me were Yusuke and an evil monster.
Jaganshi Hiei: What's your point?

Jaganshi Hiei: If Kurama is injured, we're going to have some problems.

Jaganshi Hiei: Friends are just a crutch for the weak.

Yu Yu Hakusho: The Movie (1993)
Hiei: [From Media Blasters translation:] I just can't leave you guys alone if the Golden Seal is involved. Here!

Hiei: [From FUNimation translation:] I couldn't just leave this to you. Not when the Golden seal is involved. Here!

Hiei: I wasn't going to leave this to you, not then the Golden Seal is at stake! Here!

Hiei: With the Golden Seal at risk, i figured guys could use some extra help! Catch!

"Yu Yu Hakusho: Ghost Files: Byakko, the White Tiger (#1.16)" (1993)
Yusuke Urameshi: Kurama, how terrible is that wound?
Youko Kurama: Fine, as long as I can walk.
Jaganshi Hiei: He'll survive but he's in no shape to fight. That means we have only three fighters left, and one of them is worthless.
Kazuma Kuwabara: Hey, don't be so hard on yourself, short-stuff.
Yusuke Urameshi: Maybe I'm going out on a limb here, but I think he meant you.

Jaganshi Hiei: You really think you can beat him?
Kazuma Kuwabara: Well, of course, half-pint. In fact, I'm not scared at all.
Yusuke Urameshi: So I guess your legs are shaking out of eagerness?

Jaganshi Hiei: He has no strategy. He's just swinging his sword with the grace of a flyswatter. That's no way to survive.

Jaganshi Hiei: Try looking closely at the two fighters. Judging from the attacks, Kuwabara's obviously had the upper hand, but by the looks of them it's as if Kuwabara's the one taking all the blows.

"Yu Yu Hakusho: Ghost Files: The Three Eyes of Hiei (#1.8)" (1992)
Jaganshi Hiei: Soon you'll have a girlfriend who's a demon and an assistant who's dead.

Jaganshi Hiei: What happened, Spirit Detective? You weren't that fast before.
Yusuke Urameshi: This isn't a game, Dirt Face. Keiko is my friend.
Jaganshi Hiei: Now I see. You're a decent fighter on your own, but when your friend's on the line your strength increases greatly. You're a team player. A save-the-day superhero. I hate people like you.

Jaganshi Hiei: What happened?
Yusuke Urameshi: Simple. I won.

"Yu Yu Hakusho: Ghost Files: The Dark Tournament Begins (#1.27)" (1993)
Jaganshi Hiei: Fool! There can't be earthquakes on the water.

[wondering about their mysterious fifth teammate]
Kazuma Kuwabara: We don't know jack squat about that guy. What if he loses and we get booted from the tournament?
Jaganshi Hiei: If that happens, all we have to do is kill everyone else on the boat before we reach the island. We'll say we're the right team and no one will complain.
Kazuma Kuwabara: You didn't have too many friends growing up, did you?

Kurama: What are you mumbling?
Hiei: He's trying to talk in his sleep when he's awake.
Kuwabara: Hey! What happened to that fight we were in?
Hiei: Everyone's dead.
Kuwabara: Oh...

Yu Yu Hakusho: Fight for the Netherworld (1994)
Hiei: There is no one who does not carry scars on his heart. If there were someone in the world like that he would be a shallow soul.

Hiei: Yukina.
Kurama: So, Hiei, why don't you tell Yukuna that you are her older brother.
Hiei: I don't need your advice.
Kurama: Right. You saw the Spirit World. The condition it is in. This is no ordinary event.
Hiei: Huh. How would I know?

"Yu Yu Hakusho: Ghost Files: Byakko's Lair (#1.17)" (1993)
Jaganshi Hiei: There's no need to push yourself.
Kazuma Kuwabara: Huh?
Jaganshi Hiei: You have fought well enough. Now let Yusuke take over the battle so you can heal in the small chance that we need you later.
Kazuma Kuwabara: I'm sorry, Hiei, but I just don't think I can do that. See, I got this thing called a code, and it says no matter how ugly a fight gets I always finish it, even if it means risking my life.
Jaganshi Hiei: T-heh! A human with an honor code.
Yusuke Urameshi: You can't argue with the guy. He's like a mule.
Youko Kurama: Yes, he's almost as stubborn as you.
Byakko: [from a distance] What, have you all surrendered?
Kazuma Kuwabara: Shut up! I'm comin', ya impatient hair-ball!

Byakko: You like it? I call it my Tiger Scream. Everything it touches transforms into a pile of ashes.
Kazuma Kuwabara: Uh-oh.
Jaganshi Hiei: For years I have heard of a fighter who could destroy molecular bonds with the vibration of his voice. I never thought I'd meet him.

"Yu Yu Hakusho: Ghost Files: The Beasts of Maze Castle (#1.14)" (1993)
Yusuke Urameshi: [welcomingly] Well, well, well. The thieves!
Youko Kurama: Hello.
Yusuke Urameshi: Well, what are you doing here?
Jaganshi Hiei: Even that fool, Koenma, knew that it would take more than human power to kill the Saint Beasts.
Youko Kurama: By aiding in this mission, Koenma has assured us we can clean our slates in Spirit World.
Yusuke Urameshi: Heh-heh-heh-heh. I guess Koenma heard me complaining.

Kazuma Kuwabara: Well, I don't have a clue what's goin' on, but it sure is nice to have a helping hand.
Jaganshi Hiei: "Helping" is not the right word.
Kazuma Kuwabara: Hm?
Jaganshi Hiei: Koenma may regard us as equals but I do not. Once inside the castle I suggest you let us do the work. As far as I'm concerned, we're babysitting.

"Yu Yu Hakusho: Ghost Files: Yusuke's Sacrifice (#1.21)" (1993)
Kazuma Kuwabara: This blows. By the time we've plowed through all these weirdos we'll be too tired to help Urameshi.
Youko Kurama: Tired hands are better than none.
Jaganshi Hiei: Do what you like. I'm not stopping.

"Yu Yu Hakusho: Ghost Files: First Fight (#1.28)" (1993)
Youko Kurama: They both greatly underestimate each other. I believe the first one to realize this will win.
Jaganshi Hiei: Well, at any rate, it's an entertaining fight.

"Yu Yu Hakusho: Ghost Files: Kuwabara's Fight of Love (#1.25)" (1993)
Youko Kurama: Why don't you want to tell the girl? She deserves to know she has a brother.
Jaganshi Hiei: She deserves to be happy.
Youko Kurama: I thought the two were the same.
Jaganshi Hiei: This is the way I want it.

"Yu Yu Hakusho: Ghost Files: Yusuke's Despair (#1.63)" (1994)
Kurama: [watching Toguro approach] If he makes it over here, the three of us must fight him together.
Hiei: With what secret weapon? You've barely been able to stand up since your flirting with death.
Kurama: Yes. Your Darkness Fame technique hasn't left much of you, either. We could run, if you want.
Hiei: Don't be silly. I'll take Toguro alone if I must.

"Yu Yu Hakusho: Ghost Files: The Toguro Brothers Gang (#1.23)" (1993)
Mysterious Figure: Are you sure you want to go through with this? The fusion between you and the Jugon Eye will be much more painful than you imagine. I have to lock you down to the table to keep you from ripping out your own eyes. I have earplugs for myself.
Jaganshi Hiei: Huh! I won't say a word. Just do it.
Mysterious Figure: Everyone screams. The only question is what will you say?
[the operation begins]
Jaganshi Hiei: Yukina!

"Yu Yu Hakusho: Ghost Files: Three Monsters (#1.6)" (1992)
Jaganshi Hiei: Surely you're not dropping out of the game when we've come this far?
Youko Kurama: Yes.

"Yu Yu Hakusho: Ghost Files: Seiryu, the Blue Dragon (#1.18)" (1993)
Jaganshi Hiei: Is that all you have to say? They're last words, you know.