Christopher Donlon
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Christopher Donlon (Character)
from "Fame" (1982)

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"Fame: The Home Front (#3.24)" (1984)
Quentin Morloch: Donlon, why did you come see me?
Christopher Donlon: Well, maybe it's because you remind me of how my dad used to be.
Quentin Morloch: Hows that?
Christopher Donlon: Hard nosed. Fair. Stubborn, honest. Basically a pain in the butt.
[turns to the exit]
Quentin Morloch: Donlon, don't hit yourself with the door on the way out.
[Donlon laughs]

Christopher Donlon: Sorry I'm late.
Michael: Oh, you're not late.
Christopher Donlon: I'm not early.
Michael: You're not early, or late. You're just fired.
Christopher Donlon: What do you mean, I'm fired?
Michael: I mean I still like you enough to spare you the lectures. I'll just give it to you straight: You're out of the show.

Michael: Me and the director are just like this, man. He loves it when I show up on time, every time.
Christopher Donlon: That's just 'cause it's your show.

"Fame: Gonna Learn How to Fly: Part 2 (#3.2)" (1983)
Christopher Donlon: What, are you calling me a liar or something? Is that what you're doing? 'Cause I mean, nobody calls me a liar. You got that?
Lydia Grant: And you got that tone of voice from a bad Travolta movie and it's gonna get you kicked outta here on your can if you don't knock it off as of now!

Christopher Donlon: Hey Leroy Johnson, I'm talking to you. You hear me? I said I'm talking to you.
Leroy Johnson: No, you ain't talkin', your signifying toughness with a butt full of attitude, a thimbal full of brains, a mountain of mouth and nothing to back it with.

"Fame: Knockout (#3.5)" (1983)
Danny Amatullo: So you think that staying on Morloch's good side makes sense?
Christopher Donlon: I didn't know Morloch had a good side.
Danny Amatullo: Yeah he does, but he sits on it a lot.

"Fame: Bottle of Blues (#3.13)" (1984)
Christopher Donlon: [talking about an old 'friend' of his] When he threw the baseball, I swear he could hit a quarter at seventy yards and get you twenty cents change.

"Fame: Consequences (#3.7)" (1983)
Christopher Donlon: [to Leroy] I'm sorry Reardon kicked you out of the show, but that's life in the big city.

"Fame: Signs (#3.22)" (1984)
Christopher Donlon: Hey, why did you just help me?
Theresa: Because you're a hunk.

"Fame: That Was the Weekend That Was (#6.17)" (1987)
Christopher Donlon: Once you get your weenies squirming on the grill, it's time to confront your eggs. Trouble is getting these little cowards out of their shell.