Lt. Bruno Stachel
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Lt. Bruno Stachel (Character)
from The Blue Max (1966)

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The Blue Max (1966)
[Funeral for an enemy pilot]
Willi von Klugermann: Well, aren't you coming? It's an order.
Bruno Stachel: Why?
Willi von Klugermann: Because our commanding officer has made it one. He believes in chivalry, Stachel.
Bruno Stachel: [poring himself a drink] Chivalry? To kill a man, then make a ritual out of saluting him - that's hypocrisy. They kill me, I don't want anyone to salute.
Willi von Klugermann: [Stachel slams down his glass] They probably won't.

Willi von Klugermann: By the way, Stachel... there's an impression around that... you care more about your unconfirmed kill than you do about Fabian's death.
[long pause]
Bruno Stachel: Perhaps it's force of habit. In the trenches, we couldn't even bury the dead; there were too many of them. I've never had the time... to discuss them over a glass of champagne.

Bruno Stachel: [resignedly] Well, I suppose I might as well say it.
Countess Kaeti von Klugermann: Say what?
Bruno Stachel: You're beautiful.

Bruno Stachel: Do you think I came all this way to run off to Switzerland with you?
Countess Kaeti von Klugermann: You gambled your life for me once with Willy.
Bruno Stachel: That was about flying, Kaeti, not about you!

[about von Klugerman's kills]
Bruno Stachel: You've got 18, haven't you?
Willi von Klugermann: Squadron Rule #1, Stachel: Gentlemen never parade their military achievements.
Bruno Stachel: Any rule against... saying how long it took you?
Willi von Klugermann: I would say that was covered by the same rule, wouldn't you?
Bruno Stachel: No. I wouldn't. How many rules are there?
Willi von Klugermann: I don't know: none of them have been written down.

Bruno Stachel: [while testing the engine of his aircraft] The oil pressure is still too low!
Ziegel: [Looking in the engine cover] Well, that's all you'll get out of her! She wasn't made yesterday!
Bruno Stachel: Oh, is that what it is!

Willi von Klugermann: [after picking up Stachel from the aid station] You know, I was quite pleased at first when you posted missing.
Bruno Stachel: Thank you
Willi von Klugermann: It was just that, the war seemed, a bit more, peaceful. And then, this is the odd thing, I had a sense of loss.
Bruno Stachel: I'm touched
Willi von Klugermann: No, no, seriously, I've had things in my life too easy. I'm inclined to be lazy. I need a challenge. Some one around me who is hard to beat. And you fulfill that role.

Willi von Klugermann: [When Willi picks wounded Stachel at the aid station] Does it hurt?
Bruno Stachel: ...Yes.
Willi von Klugermann: Tell me... ah... never having suffered it personally, what does it feel like... to be shot down?
Bruno Stachel: Well... well, I'd rather you found that out for yourself.

Bruno Stachel: But I saw it! It was a kill!
Kettering: ...Then you have the deep satisfaction of knowing you have served the Fatherland.

Bruno Stachel: [looking at a picture of von Richtofen wearing a Ble Max] Two more kills and you'll have one of those.
Willi von Klugermann: Hmm, a pretty medal, The Blue Max.
Bruno Stachel: It's the only one worth having. People respect it.

Willi von Klugermann: Tell me, uh, never having suffered it personally... what does it feel like to be shot down?
Bruno Stachel: I'd rather have you find that out for yourself.

Otto Heidemann: [saddened by Willi's death] He was a better man than you.
Bruno Stachel: Well, he's dead!
Otto Heidemann: Is that your test?
Bruno Stachel: Yes! And that was his test too!
Otto Heidemann: What do you ,mean?

Bruno Stachel: There's nothing I want to run away from Kaeti - not even myself.