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Amy Burley (Character)
from "True Blood" (2008)

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"True Blood: Plaisir d'amour (#1.9)" (2008)
Jason Stackhouse: [about Eddie] All I'm sayin' is Lafayette didn't have to kidnap him and I'm pretty sure he left with some V.
Amy Burley: Hey! If you wanna make the same arrangement with Eddie Lafayette's got, then have at it. This was just the only thing I could think of to get you out of blowin' your first vampire.
Jason Stackhouse: You done this before, haven't you?
Amy Burley: Done what?
Jason Stackhouse: This! Kidnappin' vampires! Jesus! I should've known something wasn't right the second you walked into my life carrying that big bag of crazy! 'Cause any woman with a purse that big's bound to have something in it I don't wanna know about!
Amy Burley: Jason, baby. You're sweet but you've gotta mellow out.

Amy Burley: [after telling Jason how she feels about him] Why is it that we all need to be loved, but then when somebody finally says, I love you, people just run scared?

Amy Burley: [to an upset Sookie] Take a break. It'll do you some good.

Amy Burley: [outside the bar] Hey you. Listen, you alright?
Sookie Stackhouse: Sometimes I wish I smoked, you know, so you could sneak outside without anybody knowing something's wrong with you.
Amy Burley: [understanding] Okay. I'm really sorry about your cat.
Sookie Stackhouse: Maybe I shouldn't have come in today.
Amy Burley: Yeah, I was gonna say why did you?
Sookie Stackhouse: I don't know. Maybe 'cause lately it seems like if I called in sick everytime somebody I loved got mudered, I'd never make it in for a single day of work.
Amy Burley: Well, don't you think Sam would understand?
Sookie Stackhouse: I guess. But if I went home, what would you do?
Amy Burley: Me? What's it got to do with me?
Sookie Stackhouse: Well, with Arlene doing nothin but showin' off her ring to anybody who will look at it, you'd be the only one waiting tables.
Amy Burley: Yeah, she's gonna be a handful, that one.
Sookie Stackhouse: Can you imagine what she was like the first time she got married? What about you? You ever been married?
Amy Burley: Is this the part where the sister asks what the girl's intentions are with her brother?
Sookie Stackhouse: Hm-mm. 'Cause right now I am all about protecting Jason.
Amy Burley: He misses you, Sookie.
Sookie Stackhouse: Right.
Amy Burley: No, he does. I mean, between your grandma passing and then what happened afterwords with you.
Sookie Stackhouse: He told you about that?
Amy Burley: He couldn't not. I mean, he's a mess about it.
Sookie Stackhouse: Well you wouldn't know it.
Amy Burley: Look, I know what you must think of him, and I get why you're mad at him, I do. But he loves you. You still got people around you who love you. And all I can hope is that maybe one day I can be counted in among those people.
Sookie Stackhouse: [pauses] You are way too good for him. You know that, right?
Amy Burley: [almost laughing] Of course, I know that. I'm not stupid.

"True Blood: The Fourth Man in the Fire (#1.8)" (2008)
Amy Burley: [Amy and Jason are entering Merlotte's] Intense! All these animals on the wall, it's like a natural history museum.
Jason: Hah! I never noticed them.
Amy Burley: How could you not? Everyone of these animals lived a life full of experiences that we can't even imagine!
Jason: Does that weird you out? We could always go someplace else!
Amy Burley: No, no. Everyone has to eat, right? We're all links on the universal food chain. See, squirrel eats nuts, snake eats the squirrel, gator eats the snake. And we can eat pretty much anything we want. It's the circle of life.
Jason: Jesus Christ, I wanna lick your mind!
Amy Burley: Let's have lunch first.

Jason: [in his afterglow] God damn! You... you are not like anybody I ever met.
Amy Burley: [lazily] Just gonna say the same thing. Jesus.
Jason: It felt like the whole world came together. Me, you, the bed, the house. We're all one big, giant...
Amy Burley: Organism.
Jason: Yeah. Mine was huge. I never knew vamp blood could do something like this to you.
Amy Burley: Know what? Neither did I. I mean I've had V partners before, but this was on a totally different planet. You're an extraordinary being.

Amy Burley: [being high on V] I told you. It's better than sex.

Sookie Stackhouse: I've been admiring your necklace all day.
Amy Burley: Oh, thanks. It's a lariat. I made it.
Sookie Stackhouse: You make jewelry?
Amy Burley: It's a easy way to earn extra money. I can make you one if you want.
Sookie Stackhouse: Thanks, but I don't think my boyfriend much likes silver. You know my brother's a dog, don't you?
Amy Burley: [confused] Sorry?
Sookie Stackhouse: He's all charm and smiles in the beginning. But the second he gets tired of you, he gonna stop calling. Before you know it, he's off with some other floozy. Not-not that you are one, but trust me. It's as regular as the seasons. You seem like a sweet girl, I don't want you to get hurt.
Amy Burley: You know, I don't think Jason's realized even half of what he's going to be. I wouldn't be so quick to judge. I think you might be surprised at what he's capable of.

"True Blood: To Love Is to Bury (#1.11)" (2008)
Amy Burley: [to Jason] I'd do anything for you.

Amy Burley: Balance. Harmony. Beauty.

Amy Burley: [taking the last of the V] Cheers to our future, baby.

"True Blood: I Don't Wanna Know (#1.10)" (2008)
Amy Burley: I am an organic vegan and my carbon footprint is miniscule.

Amy Burley: Withholding is tantamount to lying, and I can't have that in our relationship.

"True Blood: Burning House of Love (#1.7)" (2008)
Jason Stackhouse: How much V you got?
Amy Burley: How far to your place?
Jason Stackhouse: Get in.