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Quotes for
Mugsy (Character)
from Bugsy and Mugsy (1957)

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Bugsy and Mugsy (1957)
Rocky: That'll teach ya to get any ideers.
Mugsy: But Boss you know I don't get any ideers.
Rocky: Well make sure that you don't.

Mugsy: [Rocky and Mugsy have pulled off a robbery] Gee! Some haul!
Rocky: Yeah. All 14 karat.
Bugs Bunny: [from the hole in the floor] Carrots? Carrots? Who? What? When? Where? Why? How? Where? Who? When?
Rocky: Hey, Mugsy, we better get some shut-eye if'n we're gonna pull that job tomorrow.
Mugsy: Okay, boss.
Bugs Bunny: Why, those dirty crooks! Someone oughta teach 'em that crime doesn't pay, and it looks like that someone's gonna be me.

[Bugs placed a phone next to the sleeping Rocky's ear and speaks through the other line]
Bugs Bunny: Hello? Calling Rocky? Hello? Rocky? Am I getting through to you, Rocky?
[Rocky's limp cigarette hanging from his lips springs up straight]
Bugs Bunny: They're saying you trust your pal Mugsy with that suitcase of jewelery. Heh-heh. Don't make me laugh.
[Rocky awakens and looks around, then shrugs and goes back to sleep]
Bugs Bunny: [speaking through phone] Look at Mugsy laying over there, pretending he's asleep. And all the time, he's thinking, getting ideas.
[Rocky awakens again, goes over to the sleeping Mugsy and slaps him in the face, startling him awake]
Rocky: That'll teach youse to get ideas.
Mugsy: But boss, you know I don't get any ideas.
Rocky: Well, see that you don't.

[Bugs unscrews the light, then as Mugsy is about to screw in the light again, it falls on Rocky]
Rocky: Mugsy, c'mere.
Mugsy: But, but, but boss, I...
[Rocky kicks Mugsy up in the air four times]
Rocky: Maybe, that'll teach ya's. Now get back on that couch and go to sleep.
Mugsy: Okay, boss.

[Bugs throws Rocky's cigarette and replaces it with a stick of dynamite on his mouth, then he sneaks up behind the couch where Mugsy is sleeping]
Bugs Bunny: [imitating Rocky] Hey, Mugsy, c'mere. Gimme a light.
Mugsy: Okay, boss. Yeah, boss. Yeah, yeah. Gee, I'm glad you're not mad at me no more.
[He list the dynamite, then it explodes on Rocky]
Mugsy: Aw, now you're mad at me again! But, but boss...
[Rocky beats up Mugsy, ties his arms and legs, and throws him into the next room]
Rocky: Now get in the other room. NOW GO TO SLEEP!
[He hits Mugsy with a baseball bat and leaves]

Bugs and Thugs (1954)
Rocky: Shut up!
Mugsy: What'd I do, boss?
Rocky: I said button yer lip.
Mugsy: Oh, okay, boss.
[Literally buttons up his lip]
Mugsy: [Muffled] How's this, boss?

[Bugs makes sounds like a police car stopping]
Bugs Bunny: [Irish accent] All right, Clancey, take the boys and surround the house.
[Runs through the door]
Bugs Bunny: Jiggers, the cops!
Rocky: Hide me! Quick, hide me!
Bugs Bunny: Here. hide in here, quick.
[Puts Rocky inside the stove]
Mugsy: Hide me too! Hide me! Wah-hah-hah! It's not fair! You've gotta hide me, too!
Bugs Bunny: I must be dreaming. It couldn't be this easy. Okay, quick. Hide in here.
[Hides Mugsy in stove]
Bugs Bunny: Now don't move until I tell you too.
Bugs Bunny: [Knocking on door] All right, open up! This is the police!
[Forces door open]
Bugs Bunny: All right, where's Rocky? Where's he hiding?
Bugs Bunny: [Normal] He's not in this stove.
Bugs Bunny: [as policeman] Oho! He's hiding in the stove, eh?
Bugs Bunny: Now look, would I turn on this gas if my friend Rocky was in there?
Bugs Bunny: [as policeman] Um, you might, rabbit. You might.
Bugs Bunny: Well, would I throw a lighed match in there if my friend was in there?
[Throws match in stove; it explodes]
Bugs Bunny: [as policeman] All right, rabbit, you've convinced me. I'll look for Rocky in the city.
[Closes door]
Bugs Bunny: The coast is clear, fellas. They've gone.
[Rocky and Mugsy come out of the oven, all burned and groggy; just then the real police arrives]
Policeman: Okay, Clancey. Take the boys and surround the house.
Bugs Bunny: Jiggers, fellas! The cops!
[Rocky and Mugsy hide back in the oven]
Policeman: [Knocking on door] Open up! This is the police!
[Bursts through door ]
Policeman: All right, Rabbit. Where's Rocky? Where's he hiding?
Bugs Bunny: He's not in this stove.
Policeman: Oho! He's hiding in the stove, eh?
Bugs Bunny: Would I turn on this gas if he was in there?
Policeman: Um, you might, rabbit. You might.
Bugs Bunny: Well, would I throw a lighed match in there if he was in there?
Rocky: Oh no, you don't!
[He and Mugsy burst out of stove and grovel at the policeman's feet]
Rocky: Take me with you! Don't leave me with that crazy rabbit! I confess! I did it! Arrest me! Arrest me!

Rocky: Mugsy take this rabbit into the other room and let him have it.
Mugsy: Duh, okay boss
Bugs Bunny: Alright Mugsy let me have it!, come, come you hoid what the boss said let me have it!
Mugsy: Oh uh, okay but duh
[Gives him his gun]
Bugs Bunny: That's better
[shoots Mugsy in the face]
Mugsy: Duh, I let him have it boss just like you said
[Passes out and lands on top of Rocky]
Rocky: Get off!
[punches him]
Rocky: I guess I'll have to take care of that rabbit myself.

The Unmentionables (1963)
Mugsy: [as he and Rocky are seen spinning around in a mixer in the Acme Cereal Company's processing machine] Hey, boss. This is fun. Like in the amusement park.
Rocky: Shaddup.