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Quotes for
Kurdy (Character)
from "Jeremiah" (2002)

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"Jeremiah: Journeys End in Lovers Meeting (#1.10)" (2002)
Kurdy: [looks around the pilgrims' camp] It's kind of nice.
Jeremiah: Yeah, it's nice. This kind of nice makes me worry. It usually means somebody wants something from ya. Trust me. I've been hustled before by guys like this.
Kurdy: You know, Jeremiah, my mom used to say there are two kinds of people - those who kiss and those who offer the cheek.
Jeremiah: I don't get it.
Kurdy: Look...
Jeremiah: I mean, you know, nothing against your mom. It's just I, uh, I don't get that.
Kurdy: Oh, forget it. She also said there are two types of kids. See, you give a kid a big, old box full of crap, and some kids are gonna see only the crap because that's what they're used to seeing, so they walk away. But the other type of kid sees that crap, dives in and starts digging like crazy 'cause he figures if theres that much crap, there's got be a pony in there somewhere.
Jeremiah: So your mom said "crap".

Constance: [stopping Kurdy, who is about to confront strangers who punched David, the pilgrims' leader] No. In order to stay, we've all taken a vow of non-violence.
Kurdy: You're kidding.
Constance: David doesn't believe in violence.
Kurdy: Oh yeah? well, what about when violence believes in him?
Constance: He prays... a lot.

Kurdy: [reads from his unfinished poem to the pilgrims] I wear hope around my neck like a noose. It's loose enough for me to breathe when I need to get me through the day. And, with each swagger and sway, comes a new belief that there's a new relief around the way. So I keep going, halfway knowing it's just a trick my mind likes to play so I don't quit. Or is it? Maybe, I'll never know. Maybe I'll never go past the dreaming that there's more, the scheming that what I'm searching for is seemingly reminiscent to the folklore that there's a garden paradise where I can settle and never have to leave. Where I can
[closes eyes]
Kurdy: breathe deep breaths and exhale with abandon. Maybe that paradise is wherever I'm standing... tall,
[opens eyes but no longer looking at his notes]
Kurdy: believing in myself, that I can conquer all the sadness and all the madness, and have a ball wherever I go. Could that be the paradise I'm looking for? Maybe. Maybe I'll never know.

Kurdy: Constance, what if you get to this place, and - I'm not saying this for sure, I'm just asking - but what if we get there and nothing happens? I mean no big, white ship, no golden sail coming out of the sky.
Constance: Faith means believing in impossible things.
Kurdy: But what if the impossible really is impossible?
Constance: Do you know how many people we've reached on the road, touching them with our dream? What happens to us doesn't matter. What matters is we made our journey, kept faith with ourselves.
Kurdy: I guess that's all that really matters for everybody, huh?
Constance: [nods head] Mm. At the end of it all, this isn't about God. It isn't about the road, and it isn't even about the big, white ship. It's about believing that miracles are possible. Because of what we're doing, thousands of people believe who didn't believe before, and they'll get their miracle no matter what... because a world without miracles isn't worth saving.

"Jeremiah: Mother of Invention (#1.13)" (2002)
[first lines]
Jeremiah: Markus, it's not like we're complaining.
Kurdy: 'Cause we would never do that, Markus.
Jeremiah: No, we wouldn't, because we *love* what we do - being out 16 days in a row, in the rain, in the snow, in the mud. We live for that.
Kurdy: Makes my nipples hard just thinking about it.
Markus Alexander: Thanks for the image.

Kurdy: Don't blame me for your charisma malfunction.

"Jeremiah: Deus Ex Machina (#2.4)" (2003)
Kurdy: So, how's it going with the rest of the founding fathers?
Erin: Ugly. I just don't think they're taking this seriously.
Kurdy: Well, should they?
Markus Alexander: Shouldn't they?
Kurdy: Think about it. Everyone in there got to where they are by fighting everybody else. Now, they have pushed and pulled and bit and scratched their way into running a town. Then a couple towns and then more. And every step of the way they've had somebody trying to con 'em or take it all away. Now, you think guys like this are gonna bend over just 'cause we ask 'em to?
Erin: I know, it's just, it's just that they...
Kurdy: They want to believe. They do. You can see it in their eyes. For sixteen years, they fought to build something and they don't want it to end when they die. They want to believe in all of this. Just like I did when I got here. But in the outside world, it's hard to trust anybody.

"Jeremiah: Interregnum: Part 2 (#2.15)" (2004)
Jeremiah: [voiceover] When I was a kid, I remember my dad saying that one man can change the world. At the time he said it, I believed him. Then the years after the Big Death, somewhere along the way, I just stopped believing.
Kurdy: [voiceover] If one guy with a bullet could change the world in the school depository in Dallas or in a hotel in Los Angeles or Memphis, how much more could one person with an idea, the right idea, change the world?
Mister Smith: [voiceover] Today, this day, the world would change forever. Not because of the clash of armies, not in the currency of bomb blasts or body counts, but through the proper application of the only force that matters. The only power that even God respects. The truth.

"Jeremiah: Voices in the Dark (#2.7)" (2003)
Jeremiah: You Rachel?
Rachel: Depends who's asking.
Jeremiah: I'm, uh, Jeremiah. This is Kurdy and this is Mister Smith.
Rachel: Mister Smith?
Kurdy: It's a long story.
Mister Smith: No, it's not. It's a proper name. First name Mister, last name Smith. Not a title. See? Max, seven seconds.
Jeremiah: Rachel...
Rachel: Miss Rachel.
Kurdy: See what you started?
Mister Smith: Is it my fault that I'm a trend-setter?

"Jeremiah: Interregnum: Part 1 (#2.14)" (2004)
Mister Smith: I read a book once. It said that we'd reached the end of history. That everything big or important that was gonna happen had already happened. If that's true, maybe the years since the Big Death was like the world resetting itself. Now history's starting all over again. I think that's maybe why my watch started up again. There's a word in Latin for it. I heard it once a long time ago. For the time between when a king dies and the new king takes over. Inter-something-or-other.
Kurdy: Interregnum.
Mister Smith: That's the one. Maybe that's what the last sixteen years have been. An interregnum.

"Jeremiah: Man of Iron, Woman Under Glass (#1.3)" (2002)
[last lines]
Jeremiah: [stopping truck on road] It was right here, you remember?
Kurdy: What?
Jeremiah: You asked me if one guy could make a difference, could change the world.
Kurdy: Yeah, so?
Jeremiah: [nods at boy at top of hill wearing Captain Iron outfit, who throws a salute to Jeremiah] Next time you oughta be more careful about what kinds of questions you ask.
Kurdy: You really think that's an answer?
Jeremiah: It'll do for now.

"Jeremiah: City of Roses (#1.7)" (2002)
Kurdy: There's never been a movement that ran on hate alone that didn't run out of steam.

"Jeremiah: The Touch (#1.12)" (2002)
Kurdy: [referring to the town where all its people were murdered by cyanide poisoning] What happened to Mayfair?
Vernon Diggs: They rebelled.
Jeremiah: Against the rules about touching?
Vernon Diggs: They made sex lawful again.
Kurdy: Well, sure. Legalize sex, next thing you know people start smiling.

"Jeremiah: Letters from the Other Side: Part 2 (#2.2)" (2003)
Kurdy: The Big Death's comin' to Valhalla!