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Lieutenant Hip (Character)
from The Man with the Golden Gun (1974)

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The Man with the Golden Gun (1974)
[M stares in shock as Bond relays news of his foul-up]
James Bond: And that is really all there is to report, sir.
M: So if I heard correctly, Scaramanga got away - in a car that sprouted wings!
Q: Oh, that's perfectly feasible, sir. As a matter of fact, we're working on one now.
M: Oh, Q, shut up! Miss Goodnight was in the boot.
James Bond: Yes, sir. We found the carplane abandonned about two hundred miles west of Bangkok.
M: And the Solex?
Lieutenant Hip: In Goodnight's handbag, sir.
M: [shakes head] Where's Miss Goodnight now?
James Bond: Well, we don't know sir. Communications aren't picking up the signal from the homer she was supplied by Q.
Q: [indignantly] Rubbish! They're simply not stepping up the reception sufficiently to enable...
M: [cuts him off] Oh, shut up! Of all the fouled-up, half-witted operations...

Lieutenant Hip: Don't tell me you saw him?
James Bond: He even invited me to dinner! He must have found me quite titillating.
[Reaches in his shirt and throws away his fake nipple]

Lieutenant Hip: I have to get back to help James.
Goodnight: Something's gone wrong?
Lieutenant Hip: There's a midget with gun on him!
Goodnight: A midget?
Lieutenant Hip: Same one I saw outside the Bottoms Up. And the girl is dead. Call the Police!