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Sol Pomeroy (Character)
from "The Dick Van Dyke Show" (1961)

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"The Dick Van Dyke Show: Sol and the Sponsor (#1.29)" (1962)
Sol Pomeroy: I bought myself a partnership in a... in a garage in Stanford, Connecticut for sports cars. Ptttt!
Rob Petrie: Sports car?
Sol Pomeroy: Yeah. Nobody drives weapons carriers anymore, Sarge.

Sol Pomeroy: [to Martha] What's your first name, honey?
Martha Bermont: [stiffly, to her husband] Henry...
Sol Pomeroy: Henry? They give ya a fella's name?
Henry Bermont: Henry is MY name.
Sol Pomeroy: You're both named Henry? That's crazy!

Sol Pomeroy: Is that your car parked out front?
Henry Bermont: Which car do you mean?
Sol Pomeroy: Uh, little foreign job. It looks like a SR-160 Mock 3, yeah.
Henry Bermont: [with pride] Yes, it is.
Sol Pomeroy: Nyeh-heh-heh. Who stuck you with that?

Henry Bermont: What did you mean when you called me a sucker?
Sol Pomeroy: Oh, well, there's got to be suckers, Henry - that's who buys the SR-160's.
Henry Bermont: I beg your pardon!
Sol Pomeroy: Why? What'd you do?

"The Dick Van Dyke Show: Oh, How We Met on the Night That We Danced (#1.5)" (1961)
Rob Petrie: [seeing Laura for the first time] Sol, who is that girl?
Sol Pomeroy: Sarge, no, no, not that girl. Not that girl, Sarge. You're gonna waste your time with that girl, Sarge. She's as stuck up as they come, that girl.
Rob Petrie: What makes you think she's so stuck up?
Sol Pomeroy: Well, 'cause I know her. I know that girl. I talked to her. I went up to her, polite-like, nice, and I said to her, "Uh, how do you do, sweetie? How 'bout you and I takin' a hop down to the PX and I'll spring for a couple o' beers, and then, uh, if I'm not too drunk, then, uh, I'll, uh, I'll heist a weapons carrier and we'll take a spin around the obstacle course." You know, nice! Well, Sarge, that girl, stuck up, comes back with an answer that you'd never believe.
Rob Petrie: Well, what did she say?
Sol Pomeroy: She said, "No, thank you."

Sol Pomeroy: [to Rob about Laurie] Sarge, I don't know what you're knocking yourself out for. Can't you see she's a cold potato?
Rob Petrie: Sol, my boy, you add a little mayonnaise, some spices, some celery and egg, and a cold potato becomes a delicious potato salad.
Sol Pomeroy: Yeah, yeah. I could sure go for a hot pastrami sandwich right now.