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Nash Crawford (Character)
from The Over-the-Hill Gang (1969) (TV)

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The Over-the-Hill Gang (1969) (TV)
Nash Crawford: No Ranger retires perpendicularly.

Gentleman George Agnew: You almost outdrawed him, Nash.
Nash Crawford: "Almost" gets a man a quick funeral.

Nash Crawford: [on conspiracy] Thinking is one thing that's bound to give the mayor fits. He can't tax it, he can't stop it, and he can't even tell when anybody's doin' it!

Once Upon a Texas Train (1988) (TV)
Jason Fitch: Wagon headed south, four outriders, three empty horses.
Nash Crawford: Hey Jason, I take back everything I ever said against you. You're as good a tracker as you ever were, being able to hear all that just by putting your ear to the ground.
Jason Fitch: I didn't hear anything, they just ran over me.

Jason Fitch: There's a town up ahead!
Nash Crawford: That town up ahead has been there for the last half hour.
Jason Fitch: It has?
Nash Crawford: Jason Fitch, you are the worst tracker I ever did see.

The Over-the-Hill Gang Rides Again (1970) (TV)
[speaking over The Baltimore Kid's grave]
Nash Crawford: And in a way, you know, it was kind of fitting that of all of us, the Kid was the first to go. He, well, he always did like to lead the way.