Lily Leonetti
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Lily Leonetti (Character)
from Poison Ivy II (1996)

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Poison Ivy II (1996)
Donald Falk: [during class, with the model] Look at her, Lily. What do you see?
Lily Leonetti: [a little embarrassed] I see a face and a body.
Donald Falk: What else?
Lily Leonetti: I see a naked woman.
Donald Falk: Right. The whole naked woman, not just parts.
[taking her hand and guiding it on the paper]
Donald Falk: Not just the head... include the breasts and the waist... leg. The whole thing. Get it all on the page. Just keep going over and over it, eventually...
Gredin: [cuts in] Technique will give way to expression.
Donald Falk: [straightening up] Thank you.
Gredin: [drawing aggressively] Or expression will give way to expression.
Donald Falk: You have some thoughts you'd like to share with us?
Gredin: [looks from Donald to Lily] Me? Thoughts? Share? Nah, I couldn't possibly. I am here to listen and learn. Copy and conform.
Donald Falk: [about Gredin's work] I mean from this masterpiece you've just created, it's obvious you transcended all 'need' for traditional form.
Gredin: No.
[tearing off the page]
Gredin: This my fellow students was created out of no other tradtion, for that of boredom.
[as classmates laugh, takes Lily's work and shows it around]
Gredin: This... this is an A+. This is a perfect example of a hundred percent surrender to the process if tradtion! It's 'so' life-like, you could almost fuck it.
[more laughter as he puts the board back]
Donald Falk: [annoyed] Through? Can we get back to work?
Lily Leonetti: [very mortified, gets up and leaves]
Donald Falk: [under his breath, to Gredin] Jackass.

Gredin: [knocking on her bedroom door] Lily?
Lily Leonetti: [as she's taking down drawings] Yeah?
Gredin: Can I come in?
Gredin: No. I'm not dressed.
Gredin: [through the door] I'm sorry about earlier. It had nothing to do with you.

Tanya: [trying to work on her computer, as loud music is playing] Bridget? Shut that shit off!
[hitting the wall]
Tanya: Bridget!
[as Lily comes down stairs]
Tanya: I'm gonna killer. You wanna help? Good! I was thinking fat pills. She always saying if she gains one more pound, sh's gonna kill herself.
Lily Leonetti: [happily] Suicide. Very good!
Tanya: Thank you! Thank you very much!
[turning back to her computer]
Lily Leonetti: And you know what?
Tanya: What?
Lily Leonetti: I got a job.
Tanya: Doing what?
Lily Leonetti: [taking a cookie] Babysitting.
Tanya: Well how totally sweet.
Gredin: [comes in, clears his throat, and stands with his head down] She hates me. I'm an insensitive male.
Tanya: [slight confused] You, you two know each other?
Gredin: [going to his knees and taking Lily's hands] We do, but she might not want to know me now. Tell her I'm not half bad, Tanya.
Tanya: [nearly laughing] I wish I were half as good as you, Gredin!
Gredin: [pulling Lily to her feet] Come on, I'll make it up to you.
Tanya: [looking at Lily as she leaves] Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Right?

Gredin: [leading her up to his sculpture] I got carried away with Donald, I shouldn't have put you in the middle of it.
Lily Leonetti: Well I uh, probably over reacted. I can sometimes be hypersensitive.
[seeing his work]
Gredin: You should be... You got it.
Lily Leonetti: Yeah. I'm the only person in class whose hand the teacher has to hold. Literally.
Gredin: Well Falk has weakness for his female undergrads, especially when they look like you.
Lily Leonetti: [looking around at his sculpture] What is this?
Gredin: This is my magical craft. I'm sorta hopin' it'll win me a Gougenhiem.
Lily Leonetti: [smiling] You'll get it.
Gredin: You psychic?
Lily Leonetti: No. You deserve it.
Gredin: So, where were you the first two weeks?
Lily Leonetti: Well, when I applied I never thought I'd get accepted. I did and I freaked. No big family emergency. Just my own little private one.
[going to sit at the stone wall]
Lily Leonetti: That's all.
Gredin: That's enough. You see that hill over there? That's Beverly Hills, that's my home. Might as well be tim-buk-tu. My father and I, we don't talk anymore.
[watching Lily close her eyes]
Gredin: What are you thinking?
Lily Leonetti: [breathing deeply] Making a wish.
Gredin: [laying back] What are you wishing?
Lily Leonetti: That I could just... open my eyes and be different.
[laying back]
Lily Leonetti: Listen to me.
Gredin: I'm listening.
[kisses her]
Gredin: and I like doing 'that'. You're beautiful.
Lily Leonetti: No, I'm not.
Gredin: Yes, you are. You're sweet... you're beautiful... and different.
[continues kissing her]

Guy on bike: Hey, looking good.
[rides off]
Gredin: [to Lily] That guy's a loser. It's me you want. Besides I have alot more to offer than just my fine young body.
[pointing to his head]
Gredin: I have it up here.
Lily Leonetti: That's uh to bad, because all I was really interested in was your body.
[starts walkign away]
Gredin: [suggestively] Same time, same place?
Lily Leonetti: [laughing] Maybe.

Lily Leonetti: [after showing off her new look] You don't like it?
Gredin: [smiling] No. I think you look incredibly sexy.
Lily Leonetti: [happy] I'm glad you liked it.
Gredin: Did Donald like it? I saw him drop you off. Seems like your becoming a regualr teachers pet.
Lily Leonetti: No, just his babysitter.
[approaches him]
Lily Leonetti: Do you still think I'm different? Beautiful?
Gredin: [nodding] Yeah... May I?
[before kissing her]

Gredin: [catching Lily before she leaves] Hi!
Lily Leonetti: Hi! I'm really late for work.
Gredin: You know you're starting to make me feel like one of those seduced and abandoned caes.
Lily Leonetti: This isn't a boy, girl thing Gredin. This is work thing.
Gredin: [not believing] Are you sure?
Lily Leonetti: [caresses his face] Don't be so insecure.

Gredin: [during the party after watching Lily kiss Robert] No one's safe with you around.
Lily Leonetti: [turning to dance with him] Yeah, you got a problem with that.

Tanya: [seeing her transformation] Are you out of your mind? What would you do something like that?
Lily Leonetti: [smoking a cigarette] Self Expression.
Tanya: Wait a minute. First you cut off all your hair, then you pierced your belly button, now you're smoking! What the hell is going on with you?
Lily Leonetti: [still smoking] Tanya, don't you have some, some sort of super highway that you need to get on? Why don't you go have some fun.
Tanya: [beat] I was just leaving... 'Guess I won't introduce you to Roxanne.
[kisses her girlfriend and leaves]

Lily Leonetti: [to Gredin] I'm really sorry about the way I've been acting lately. It's just that this is a really hard transition for me and I've... been confused. But I'm not confused anymore... Please don't give up on me.

Lily Leonetti: [to Gredin, making her last plea as he works] I know it's pointless to ask you to forgive me... Ok, I'm just going to talk and then you won't have to deal with me anymore... My whole life, I've felt like a freak,. You know, back home in Michigan, I wasn't accepted because I was different. Then I come here and I'm not different enough... So, I decided to become someone else. Someone tough and infallible. Beautiful, sexy. Fearless. And it worked. For the first time in my life, I was accepted and I became intoxicated by the freedom of it all. Until it was too late... It's too late, isn't it?... Well for what it's worth... I love you.
[turns to leave]
Gredin: [turns around, calling her] Lily... I love you.
[picks her up and kisses her]