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Quotes for
Dr. Elgin (Character)
from Cold and Dark (2005)

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Cold and Dark (2005)
Dr. Elgin: Ever had a tinkle in the Indos, mr. Dark? Because it's a very risky buisiness. In the Indos, there's a little fish called the candirú which can swim up a stream of urine. It does this to find it's way into your testicles, because the candirú is a parasite and every parasite has it's chosen... of occupation. Belly. Bowels. Balls. I tell you this in the hope that it will make what follows easier to accept. The candirú is from the natural world, our world. Supernatural means beyond natural. Not beyond what exists, just beyond what we know. It is supernatural only until we witness it, and you have witnessed the grail mr. Dark. Think of a grail as a spectral parasite that needs a very particular kind of host, a human corpse. Vacated by it's valid lifeforce, this fleshy vessel gives the grail all it needs. It enters after death, burroughing into the heart and reanimating the corpse. Digging itself deeper, and deeper, mutating and corrupting the heart into it's own monstrous form, and compelling it's host to seek out the blood of which they must both now live. I once had a fragment of the grail in a specimen jar, taken from the ruptured heart of a kurdistan goat farmer, but it is lost and gone forever, courtesy of British Airways.

Dr. Elgin: Detective Sergeant Dark. My name is Dr. Elgin from the CUUC, that's Civilian Unexplained... ehhh... something, something.