Patti Dellacroix
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Patti Dellacroix (Character)
from "Eli Stone" (2008)

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"Eli Stone: Something to Save (#1.6)" (2008)
Taylor Wethersby: Look, Patti, I weathered your hostilities when I was with Eli, but now that I work here I have got to know: what the hell is your problem?
Patti: Can I be honest with you?
Taylor Wethersby: This is you holding back?
Patti: I don't like who Eli became after he started dating you.
Taylor Wethersby: I didn't change Eli, Patti, I couldn't -
Patti: After he started seeing you, the firm's smaller clients weren't worth his time.
Taylor Wethersby: Eli has been at this firm for eight years, he has been dating me for two!
Patti: How do you explain the last two months? The cases he's taken? What he's done right before, and since, he dumped you?
Taylor Wethersby: Maybe because he's sick?
Patti: Or... maybe *now* he's better.

"Eli Stone: Freedom (#1.2)" (2008)
Patti Dellacroix: [Eli has brought Patti a gift from the Himalayas] My boss has a nervous breakdown, and all I get is this lousy... what is this?
Eli Stone: That is a Saraswati. The Hindu goddess of wisdom.
Patti Dellacroix: How does it work? Do I hit you in the head with it, and then you come back to your senses?