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Quotes for
Carl Swanson (Character)
from "Hawaii Five-O" (1968)

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"Hawaii Five-O: Six Kilos (#1.22)" (1969)
Carl Swanson: The man isn't gonna like this!
Det. Steve McGarrett: [as Harry Brown] The man wants me checked... He checks himself!

Det. Steve McGarrett: Is this the whole welcoming committee?
Carl Swanson: What do you want... Chimes?

Carl Swanson: Come on, Brown... We got things to do.
Det. Steve McGarrett: [as Harry Brown] Not with me you don't, Pretty Boy.

"Hawaii Five-O: The Box (#1.16)" (1969)
Carl Swanson: [Charlie has taken a gun from the guard] How can I blow it?... I have the iron!

Carl Swanson: [Charlie is getting desperate] Alright... I'm gonna turn this shower into a butcher shop!

Carl Swanson: [Charlie is waiting for his story to be printed] They better hurry McGarrett, or those grievances are gonna be on my tombstone.