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Justin (Character)
from "Absolutely Fabulous" (1992)

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"Absolutely Fabulous: Fat (#1.2)" (1992)
[explaining why she never did exercise]
Eddie: In the sixties, we were too stoned to jog. In the seventies, we had platform shoes.
Justin: That high.
Eddie: and in the eighties...
Justin: Brain cells destroyed in the sixties. See, you know, she can't remember. The Age of the Punk.
Eddie: Yes, punk darling. We were too busy putting pins through our noses.
Saffie: But you were too old to be a punk, weren't you?
Eddie: Darling, I was a punk.
Saffie: I know.

Patsy: Don't let her torture you, Eddy. I mean, she ruined your figure in the first place.
Eddie: Exactly!
Patsy: She's the one who turned you into this potato that we see before us.
Justin: Now, now, now, now! That's unfair. I mean, I liked you when you were sort of heavier. You know, you were more umm... umm cuddly.
Eddie: Oh, God! I'm sick!
Patsy: I'm going to throw up.
Justin: I mean, tough, really tough. Really tough.
Patsy: Let's go.
Eddie: We'll go on a public transport, Pats.
Patsy: Are you mad? I've got nothing to wear on public transport.
Eddie: Yes, but sweetie, I will not have my daughter thinking she's so great, because she can use public transport. Anybody can use public transport, darling!
Saffie: I know. That's the point.
Eddie: Come on, Pats. I'll go and get that... map thing I always use. You know, the "A to Street Map" thing-book. Come on!

"Absolutely Fabulous: Poor (#2.5)" (1994)
Saffie: Malcolm and I just frightened her into slimming things down a little bit.
Justin: Oh, she's not a good slimmer, sweetie. I mean she could eat air and put on weight.
Saffie: Yes, well I intend to keep her thinking she's poor for a while. It mat cut out the worst of her excesses.