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Kofi Kingston (Character)
from "WWE Raw" (1993)

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WWE: OMG! - The Top 50 Incidents in WWE History (2011) (V)
The Miz: I remember watching this, and I remember Jeff Hardy's entrance. And everybody loves Jeff Hardy. There was something about him that you just loved. And his entrance was just so energetic, he comes out dancing, doing his little thing, and all of a sudden, his pyro goes boom, boom, boom, and just explodes on him.
Kofi Kingston: That has got to be so painful. 'Cause I've been scorched by a little bit of my pyro, and it was not fun at all.
The Miz: You just see everyone going "Yea... oh my God." It was one of those moments that everyone just stopped. Time stopped, and you just... didn't know what happened.

The Miz: I think the most memorable moment of the Test and Stephanie McMahon wedding, she's in her-her gown and she's with the man that she loves and this beautiful ceremony takes place, and then boom... The Game comes, and ruins the whole thing.
Dolph Ziggler: Of course, there's a wedding going on in the WWE and you know something is gonna happen.
Jerry Lawler: You want to talk about outrageous... what could be more outrageous than a drive-thru wedding ceremony?
Kofi Kingston: The drive-thru in Vegas, as she was passed out. She had no idea that they were- that they were getting married.
Dolph Ziggler: [laughing] You hear Stephanie's voice, you hear her say "I do", and it's actually Triple H being a ventriloquist.
William Regal: It's a perfect way of getting married. It's the way I got married to at least... six of my wives.
The Miz: Just seeing Stephanie's face going
[pantomimes Stephanie crying]
The Miz: "No, you ruined it!"
John Cena: I was there for that, in the crowd! As a fan! It was awesome.

The Miz: Big Show and Brock Lesnar, two huge - super-huge - humans. One's probably three hundred pounds, the other five hundred pounds.
Alex Riley: You knew something had to give. You thought it was one of them. You thought it was gonna be either Big Show or Brock Lesnar.
David Otunga: So Big Show's on the- on the post, Brock's coming up and I'm thinking "Wha-? What's he gonna do here? It looks like he's setting up for a superplex."
Dolph Ziggler: I don't even know how you can- how you can say anything more than the ring exploded before our eyes.
David Otunga: Oh, my gosh. These two have to be dead. Like, there's no way they're gonna get up from this. Unbelievable.
Kofi Kingston: The ring couldn't take it anymore, obviously, and completely explodes, falls down. I've never seen anything like that. It was crazy.
The Miz: You see battle royals where there's twenty men in the ring and the ring is fine. However, when these two men did a superplex off the top rope, boom.

Kofi Kingston: [about the Undertaker/Mankind Hell in a Cell match] I could not believe... I mean, just the anticipation before it was about to happen...
The Miz: That is, like, everyone always, uh, talks about that. That is one of my favorite matches of all time.
Jerry Lawler: I had the unique perspective of being almost directly under Mankind. It was the most horrifying thing that I've ever seen.
Daniel Bryan: When 'Taker threw Mankind off the cage, uh... none of us could believe it.
Santino Marella: The single most crazy thing I ever seen.
The Miz: Mankind is just... a superhuman. He can withstand so much pain. Didn't even effect him. He still did more in that match. Which is just incredible to me.
Daniel Bryan: None of us could believe he was still... he was still moving afterwards. And to get up and continue after that... oh, boy, that was worse, right? When he landed in the ring, it wasn't, like, flat or anything, you know? There was no give, it was just "uggh."
Santino Marella: Hands down, it was, uh, shocking. How he walked away, no idea.
William Regal: That was the most barbaric thing I've ever seen.
Kofi Kingston: As a fan, I was just like "No way. My gosh. I cannot believe... that is one tough dude right there."