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Paul Ballard (Character)
from "Dollhouse" (2009)

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"Dollhouse: Briar Rose (#1.11)" (2009)
Paul Ballard: I don't even care that these people signed themselves over to you. There is no provision for... for consensual slavery.

Mellie: Look at the real me. And really think about whether I've ever told you *anything* I didn't believe with all my heart.
Paul Ballard: You know, you just said *exactly* what I needed to hear. And that's why I'm leaving.

Paul Ballard: I followed her to 23 Flower, the Dollhouse.
Loomis: What, you just flashed your badge, swooped in on them like Prince Valiant?

Paul Ballard: I told you. You're not in trouble.
Stephen Kepler: Oh, you are naive. They will kill me. And you. And kill me again. Please, I shouldn't have said anything.

Paul Ballard: [Looking at November in her sleep pod] They flip a switch, you'll kill me without even knowing it. I'm sorry.

Paul Ballard: [Opening Echo's pod] Caroline?
Boyd Langton: [From behind; pointing a gun] Sorry, Agent Ballard. You don't get the girl!

Paul Ballard: How far down it is?
Stephen Kepler: Ten stories. It's the best way in. I'm sorry, man. That's just how it is.
Paul Ballard: Let's go.
Stephen Kepler: No! No way! You'd go down there?
Paul Ballard: You showed me this thinking I'd give up?
Stephen Kepler: I was nurturing a tender, throbbing hope that you'd give up, yes!
Paul Ballard: Well, I'm not! Show me the real way in!
Stephen Kepler: No, that is the real way in. I just thought that you'd give up!

Paul Ballard: Come on.
Stephen Kepler: What? Just because we can move forward, we must? You know, this is the same expansionist thinking that led to the Trail of Tears, man!
Paul Ballard: Carrots!

Paul Ballard: You really justify this? What you do to these people... you can live with this?
Boyd Langton: You're the one who came in here and assaulted one of our residents.
Adelle DeWitt: Yes, there's indignation enough for everyone to have seconds.

Stephen Kepler: They told me this was gonna be the new Eden.
Paul Ballard: Eden wasn't a prison.
Stephen Kepler: What, are you kidding? The apples were monitored!

"Dollhouse: Man on the Street (#1.6)" (2009)
Mellie: [after making love] I'm not gonna freak out on you.
Paul Ballard: Uhhhh... good?
Mellie: When you tell me this is all a mistake and we should forget it ever happened, I'm gonna be very cool. You're going to be bothered by how cool I am.
Paul Ballard: What if I don't say that?
Mellie: I'll still be cool, but not *as* cool.
Paul Ballard: What if you tell *me* it was a mistake?
Mellie: God! You're going to be so clingy. Weeping and moping, texting me. It's too embarrassing.
Paul Ballard: I'm not a piece of meat, you know! I have a heart.

Mellie: [after making love] I was thinking about Caroline.
Paul Ballard: Well *I* wasn't!

Loomis: You mean everything admissable by a warrant that you got, because anybody in the whole wide bureau believes you're not insane.
Paul Ballard: I mean help me out.
Loomis: Getting shot didn't even make you pause, did it?
Loomis: I'll help you. The director sees what we're up to, he's gonna help you *out*.

Paul Ballard: Where is it?
Echo: You can't know that. You're going about this the wrong way.
Paul Ballard: I have to take down the Dollhouse!
Echo: There are over 20 Dollhouses... in cities around the world. They have ties to every major political power on the planet. You cannot possibly stop them alone.
Paul Ballard: You're gonna help me?
Echo: The person that sent this message is.
Paul Ballard: Why?
Echo: The Dollhouse deals in fantasy. That is their business. But that is not their purpose.
Paul Ballard: What is?
Echo: We need you to find out. We'll contact you again, if possible with this same body. But you have to let the Dollhouse win. Make them back off. You have to trust me.

Rebecca Mynor: Please put the gun away. My name is Rebecca Mynor and this is my husband, Joel. We just bought this house. We did, right? You didn't just break in to impress me?
Joel Mynor: No, it-it-it's paid for. This is all a big mix up. Please tell me your name.
Paul Ballard: I'm Paul Ballard. I'm with the FBI.
Rebecca Mynor: I knew it.
Joel Mynor: What?
Rebecca Mynor: It's... porn, isn't it? The internet venture that suddenly pays off. You did porn. My husband does porn!
Joel Mynor: No, I don't do porn.

Paul Ballard: Weren't you, um, seeing someone?
Mellie: Mmm-hmm.
Paul Ballard: Rick.
Mellie: Dick.
Paul Ballard: Really, I thought it was Rick.
Mellie: Oh, his name is Rick.
Paul Ballard: Ooh.
Mellie: Mmm-hmm. He said he didn't see me as a long-term investment. Said he wanted to, ah, dump the stock before it went public. He talks like that. He works at a donut shop.
Paul Ballard: What a Rick.

Paul Ballard: [Entering] I'd like you both to turn around very slowly. What's the matter, Mr. Mynor? Did you two want to be...
[Sees Echo]
Paul Ballard: alone?

Joel Mynor: [Having previously explained how he'd always been one step behind the trend] I mean, I finally got one step ahead.
Paul Ballard: Bouncy the Rat. Kids love it.
Joel Mynor: Oh, they do. I mean long story still kind of long, my first check had more zeroes than the Luftwaffe.
Paul Ballard: The Japanese. They had the Zeroes, not the Germans.
Joel Mynor: [sighs] It was money!

Joel Mynor: Why don't you tell me what you're looking for?
Paul Ballard: I found what I was looking for.
Joel Mynor: Really? Figured you'd be a lot happier right about now.
Paul Ballard: Tell me about the Dollhouse.
Joel Mynor: [chuckles] The Doll... Uh, it's pink and it opens up, and there's, uh, teeny furniture, and you put the boy doll on top of the girl doll and we learn about urges.

"Dollhouse: Belle Chose (#2.3)" (2009)
Paul Ballard: [Given a choice between escorting a doll with an air-headed personality or interrogating a serial killer] Serial killer. Thank God!

Paul Ballard: [Echo's just finished taking a shower] Would you like um -a towel?
Echo: Yes. Thank you. I'm wet.
[Puts on the towel. Starts to walk past Ballard]
Echo: Good day.
Paul Ballard: A treatement. Would you like a treatment?
Echo: Yes. Please. I enjoy my treatments. Shall I dress?
Paul Ballard: Yes. Dress would be good.

Boyd Langton: Turns out we have a sudden need for an FBI profiler. I suggested you.
Paul Ballard: For what?
Boyd Langton: To interrogate a possible serial killer.
Paul Ballard: Serial killer?... Thank God!

Paul Ballard: And I'm not a cop.
Victor: What do mean? Who are you then? What is this place?
Paul Ballard: This is the place you're not in. And I'm the guy you're not talking to. And these
[Put pictures in front of Victor]
Paul Ballard: *These* are the women you're going to tell me how to find.

Echo: What is it, Thursday? Tell me I didn't miss Gossen's lecture. He's hard enough to understand even when you're there.
Ivy: You're fine. Paul here, is going to see to it that you get there on time.
Echo: Oh, thanks, Paul. I'm Kiki.
Paul Ballard: Kiki.
Ivy: First, Paul is going to take you on a little spree.
Echo: Shopping or killing?

Paul Ballard: Terry Marion Karrens? Any part of that a boy's name?

[last lines]
Echo: I think he dreams.
Paul Ballard: Not anymore.
Echo: [Paul leaves, Echo approaces Karrens, who dies a few seconds later]
Echo: Goodness gracious.

Paul Ballard: Now, Terry. I gotta ask, and I think you know I gotta ask. Have you been practicing dentistry on large cats?
Paul Ballard: Leopards, pumas? I'm askin because I'm wondering why you have traces of a vetrinary grade paralytic in your system.

"Dollhouse: A Love Supreme (#2.8)" (2009)
Adelle DeWitt: One wonders how she managed. Out there. Alone. The odds of an active in an infantile state surviving outside the Dollhouse unprotected. I suppose we must take into account the fact that Echo is special.
Paul Ballard: You're punishing her for surviving. It's complete lunacy!

Paul Ballard: The wipes just push everything down. But it all surfaces again. And now she can control what and when.
Topher Brink: She can control?... What does that make her? What is she?

Paul Ballard: I know that you're looking for something that I don't think you'll find.
Adelle DeWitt: Well, you see in the Dollhouse, things aren't always what they seem.

Adelle DeWitt: Alpha? What proof do we have?
Boyd Langton: Aside from the note, nothing.
Paul Ballard: But it makes sense. He's the only only out there with knowledge of this place and an obsession with Echo.
Adelle DeWitt: I thought that was you, Mr. Ballard.
Paul Ballard: You're hilarious.

Paul Ballard: That guy was a billionaire. Where'd all his money go?
Boyd Langton: Into that fine ergonomic chair you're sitting in, among other things. Blew everything on the Dollhouse.
Paul Ballard: My ass does feel very pampered.

Alpha: For months you shared the same room. You never slept with her. You could have, but you didn't. If that's not love - Are you gay?
Paul Ballard: No.
Alpha: Then it's love. DeWitt thought so too.

Adelle DeWitt: I'm very sorry for Echo's suffering, but we must have answers.
Paul Ballard: So, if she floats, she's a witch.

"Dollhouse: Instinct (#2.2)" (2009)
[first lines]
Topher Brink: Would you like a treatment?
Paul Ballard: I was just sitting... because I'm... tired.
Topher Brink: Life of a handler is pretty exhausting. Better you than me.

Paul Ballard: I know you remember everything.
Echo: Not remember, *feel*. I was married. I felt love, and pain and fear. It's not pretend to me. They made me love my little boy. And then they took him away. They made it *so* real, every time they make it so real. Why do they do that?
Paul Ballard: I know you want to help me bring down the Dollhouse. Maybe it's too much, I can do this on my own. I promise I'll get you out. I'll get all of you out. If you want, I'll tell Topher what's going on with you, and he can fix it. He'll come up with a way to wipe you and you won't remember a thing. You won't have to feel sad any more.
Echo: Feeling nothing would be worse. That would be like before... asleep. And I'm awake now. I don't want to go back to sleep.

Topher Brink: The human mind is like Van Halen. If you just pull out one piece and keep replacing it, it just degenerates.
Paul Ballard: Yeah, I don't understand.
Topher Brink: But it's so cute that you're trying.

Topher Brink: [as Echo is resisting going into the chair] Did you offer a treatment?
Paul Ballard: [Sarcastically] Gee, that's great idea, Topher.

November: I had a daughter. She died.
Paul Ballard: I'm sorry.
November: She had a cold then it wasn't a cold. It was cancer... terminal. And my world fell apart. Within 6 months she was gone, and I was alone completely unable to function.

Topher Brink: The maternal instinct is the purest. It's too strong for a normal wipe. I outplayed myself like in chess.
Paul Ballard: Not like chess. Like Echo was in trouble and pain because you didn't think it through. She probably can't remember his name. She has to have him back, no matter what!
Topher Brink: Perhaps triggering lactation was a bridge too far. Live and learn.

Adelle DeWitt: Are we looking at another composite event Mr. Brink?
Paul Ballard: I don't think so. I think we're looking at a genius.
Topher Brink: I'm not as comfy with you saying that as I thought I'd be.

"Dollhouse: Vows (#2.1)" (2009)
Paul Ballard: You're working an angle?
Adelle DeWitt: With the exception of the very special and the comatose, have you ever met someone who wasn't?

[last lines]
Echo: I remember everything. Sometimes I'm someone else, and then I come back but I still feel them. All of them. I've been many people. I can hear them, sometimes suddenly. I'm all of them, but none of them is me. Do you know who's real?
Paul Ballard: Caroline.
Echo: I want to find her. I want to find all of them. Real them. They can be found. We are lost, but we are not gone. Will you help me?
Paul Ballard: I swear. No matter what, I'm with you. Everything's gonna be alright.
Echo: Now that you're here.
Paul Ballard: Do you trust me?
Echo: With my life.

Paul Ballard: I can't beat you. The FBI kick me out for trying. Maybe the Senator can, I'll raise a glass. But in the meanwhile, I'm a kiss away from taking down a gun runner the FBI couldn't touch.

Paul Ballard: All you had to do was remember who you were.
[Ballard hits Echo]
Paul Ballard: You can't remember? Nobody home? We're gonna die and this scumbag is gonna walk because of you! The Chinese Restaurant - you remember that?
Echo: [Echo continues to remember past engagements] Whoever you think you are - I know.
Paul Ballard: I'm counting on it.

Paul Ballard: I don't work for you.
Adelle DeWitt: No, you work for the betterment of mankind, fighting crime by listening to Echo have sex. It's terribly noble.

Echo: Hey, partner.
Paul Ballard: Hey. How was last night? You okay?
Echo: Oh, I'm so sore.
Echo: My feet, perv. Why do people get married in frickin' stilettoes?
[plants her feet on Ballard's lap for a foot rub]
Echo: C'mon, work for a living.

"Dollhouse: Meet Jane Doe (#2.7)" (2009)
Echo: [after Echo fends off Ballard's attack] You okay?
Paul Ballard: Fine. Only next time, don't wait for the attack. Take the offensive like we've been practicing.
Echo: Sometimes a girl likes to be chased.

Paul Ballard: Mac and cheese, huh?
Echo: You're not sick of it, right?
Paul Ballard: 36 personalities. Not one of them can cook?
Echo: Look who's talking.

Paul Ballard: Sex and food are sisters in human desire.
Echo: Well, I never did a sister act... with food... with *cooking* food.
Paul Ballard: Ok, I'm done. Moving on.

Echo: But that idea that Caroline might not be... I've been saving this body for her. But I'm not her.
Paul Ballard: You don't know that. You've resisted the wipes from the start. You tracked down my cell, you couldn't remember my name. You knew I would help you. Keep you from DeWitt. DeWitt was Caroline's enemy, not Echo's. Maybe it was Caroline picking up those shells.
Echo: I'm *not* her! My name is Echo.

Paul Ballard: The Dollhouse made you fall in love over and over, you told me that.
Echo: They also made me aggressively sexual, and phenomenally creative in bed.
Paul Ballard: [Ballard sigh] Now that's just cruel.
Echo: Also sociopathic, inexperienced, blind and at least 7 times gay. There's a lot of noise from the chorus girls, but they're not me. There is a me.
[Gently touching Ballard's cheek]
Echo: This is me.

Paul Ballard: She's not saying anything, but I think her headaches are getting worse. She's deteriorating.
Boyd Langton: I thought you said she was getting smarter.
Paul Ballard: She is. And it's taking its toll.
Boyd Langton: I'll wait for your signal. Good luck.

"Dollhouse: Omega (#1.12)" (2009)
Adelle DeWitt: The Alpha situation was an unfortunate technological anomaly.
Paul Ballard: "A technological anomaly?" My God, what have you people done?

Paul Ballard: In a mass killing like this, the first victims will often be whoever's in the way. Who was the first individual that Alpha went for the moment he had a choice?
Topher Brink: Himself. Yeah. The first individual? He came over here to the Self Shelf. It's where I keep my primaries stored, the original personalities that the volunteers first walk in with. He took his original self and he smashed the hell out of it.

Adelle DeWitt: Carl William Craft.
Paul Ballard: Three names. Always ominous

Paul Ballard: [standing next to the chair] So this is it. This is where you steal their souls.
Topher Brink: [sarcastically] Yeah. And then we put 'em in a glass jar with our fireflies.
[to DeWitt]
Topher Brink: Why is there a tall, morally judgmental man in my imprint room besides him?
[points to Boyd]

Paul Ballard: So this is it. This is where you steal their souls?
Topher Brink: Yeah. And then we put them in a glass jar with our fireflies! Why is there a tall, morally judgmental man in MY inprint room,
[points at Boyd]
Topher Brink: besides him?

"Dollhouse: Epitaph Two: Return (#2.13)" (2010)
Paul Ballard: [post-apocalyptic world, butchers, dumbshows, chaos, the group is discussing strategy] This is where it gets interesting.
Mag: It was dull?

Paul Ballard: The point is Topher thinks he can flip it. Create a pulse to restore all the wiped minds.
Zone: Yeah? He also thinks he's a little teapot, short and stout.
Adelle DeWitt: [Rising] Topher Brinks is a genius! And you will keep a civil tongue in this house, or I'll cut it out and put it in the stew.
Caroline Farrell: Good to see you've mellowed.

Paul Ballard: The world still needs heroes kid.
[Everyone laughs]
Echo: Did you really just say that?
Paul Ballard: What? I was being inspirational.
Echo: You are so corny.
Paul Ballard: You're fat.

Paul Ballard: I've been knocking 10 years, you still won't let me in.
Echo: I've let you in a few times.
Paul Ballard: When you were sure we were gonna die. What happens if you're sure we're gonna live?

Paul Ballard: I think you've got a hundred people living inside your head, and you're the loneliest person I know.
Echo: That's kind of sweet.
Paul Ballard: Not for the person who's with you.

"Dollhouse: The Public Eye (#2.5)" (2009)
Paul Ballard: [Speaking of November] So just how much danger is she in?
Adelle DeWitt: A former active once made a passing reference to us in his blog... That was his *last* entry.
Paul Ballard: So going before the United States Senate that would be worse.
Adelle DeWitt: Considerably.

Adelle DeWitt: She's a sleeper.
Paul Ballard: An assasin you mean. Like Madeline when she was Mellie.
Adelle DeWitt: Oh please, she didn't kill you.

Paul Ballard: This is the same tech that turned Echo into a serial killer.
Topher Brink: We said we wouldn't dwell on that. He's dwelling.
Adelle DeWitt: Just continue.

Paul Ballard: But you released her. Why would she still have her architecture in her head?... No one ever really leaves here, do they?

"Dollhouse: A Spy in the House of Love (#1.9)" (2009)
Paul Ballard: [to Mellie] The Dollhouse is way bigger than I ever thought it was. Everytime I look deeper, I find more clients, larger amounts of money and a web of financial and political connections all over the world to coporations, the government, even inside the FBI.

Mellie: I'm sorry we had to deliver the news to you like this, in this body. The Dollhouse has likely discovered that we've been placing messages in their imprints and this is the only way we could get the message to you.
Paul Ballard: They did this to you.
Mellie: They did this long before you met me. They've been using this body to spy on you for months. The only reason Mellie exists is because of you.
Paul Ballard: Aren't I special.

Paul Ballard: [Paul and Mellie kissing, Mellie suddenly stops] Too much? Too fast?
[Sniffs his armpits]
Paul Ballard: Do I smell that bad?
Mellie: I have a message for you from inside the Dollhouse.
Paul Ballard: That's not funny.
Mellie: My name is November.

Mellie: The Dollhouse deals in fantasy, but that is not their purpose. Investigate their purpose. We will find other ways to contact you.
Paul Ballard: Who? Who sent you?
Mellie: I'm not imprinted with information you're not supposed to have.
Paul Ballard: Tell me who!
Mellie: Remember, you can't tell her. You must maintain the illusion.
Paul Ballard: Wait!
Mellie: [Changes back] Paul, what's wrong?
Paul Ballard: Nothing.
Mellie: Then why aren't you kissing me?

"Dollhouse: Gray Hour (#1.4)" (2009)
Paul Ballard: [Showing Lubov a picture of Caroline] Who is she?
Lubov: A-A pretty girl.
Paul Ballard: She is a pretty girl. Pretty and lost. You know lots of girls like that.
Lubov: Not her.
Paul Ballard: Is she the reason they want me dead? Her name's Caroline! Bell's ringing?

Lubov: The FBI doesn't work like that! You can't - you can't do this!
Paul Ballard: I'm a screw up, remember? My CI shows up dead, nobody's gonna blink. Nobody's going to care.

Paul Ballard: How'd you get in here?
Lubov: [holding up a lock pick] Your-your locks are for crap.

Paul Ballard: [shouting] Who gave you the tip? Was it her?
Lubov: A voice on the phone. A man. Not old, not young... accent, sounded Georgian, maybe. Russia Georgia, not Sweet Home Georgia.
Paul Ballard: [Takes gun off Lubov's chest] Alabama.
Lubov: What do I know? It's confusing, this country.

"Dollhouse: Ghost (#1.1)" (2009)
Detmer: I'm a billionaire. I can hire anybody for anything. And I'm gonna go to an illegal organization and have them build me, program me, what, the perfect date? Confessor, assassin, dominatrix, omelet chef? I'm paying a million dollars for that? I can get that. I have everything I want.
Paul Ballard: Nobody has everything they want. It's a survival pattern. You get what you want, you want something else. If you have everything, you want something else, something more extreme, something more specific, something perfect.

[Paul is holding a gun to the back of Lubov's head]
Paul Ballard: Dollhouse.
Lubov: What?
Paul Ballard: Dollhouse. Say it.
Lubov: Dollhouse.
Paul Ballard: Say it again.
Lubov: [chuckles] Your-your brains are...
[Paul cocks the gun]
Lubov: Okay! Dollhouse, dollh-frickin'-house. Keep saying it. It's fun to say. Dollhouse, dollhouse, dollhouse, dollhouse.

"Dollhouse: Stage Fright (#1.3)" (2009)
Paul Ballard: We split the atom, make a bomb. We come up with anything new, the first thing we do is destroy, manipulate, control. It's human nature.
Lubov: Yeah, people are mostly crap. I don't think there's a Dollhouse. I hear different, I'll get word. Personally, I wish there was.
Paul Ballard: How come?
Lubov: So I could sign up. Wipe all of my, uh, terrible burdens away.

Lubov: Hey, I'm getting this third-hand. I still think it goes nowhere.
Paul Ballard: Then why call?
Lubov: Because you inspire terrible pity. Watch your back.

"Dollhouse: Haunted (#1.10)" (2009)
Paul Ballard: I got prints on someone who might be a missing person.
Loomis: [scoffs] You got prints on someone who might be a doll, you mean?
Paul Ballard: They are missing people, you know? They just... don't know it.

Paul Ballard: [after search results disappear] What just happened?
Loomis: ...I just started to believe you.

"Dollhouse: Needs (#1.8)" (2009)
Echo: [Ballard checks his voicemail] Paul Ballard, this is - you don't know me. But I have a file and your name is in it, and I think we've met. I know it sounds crazy...
Paul Ballard: Caroline.
Echo: But we're here, somewhere underground. I'm trying to get everyone out, but if I can't - please, please find us!

"Dollhouse: Echoes (#1.7)" (2009)
Mellie: Are you making breakfast?
Paul Ballard: It's kind of late, but since I'm a gentlemen of leisure, and you've taken up professional sleeping.

"Dollhouse: The Hollow Men (#2.12)" (2010)
November: Tell me they taught you how to sabotage supercomputers at Quantico.
Paul Ballard: [Slight chuckle] Right after the course on toppling evil corporations bent on world domination.

"Dollhouse: Getting Closer (#2.11)" (2010)
Echo: We haven't really talked since you... died.
Paul Ballard: Guess we've... both died since then.
Echo: Yeah, weird week.

"Dollhouse: The Attic (#2.10)" (2009)
Paul Ballard: What - what the hell - what the hell did you do to me?
Boyd Langton: You were in a coma, Paul.
Topher Brink: Alpha damaged your brain. We did it to save your life.
Paul Ballard: Did what?
[Long pause, as Ballard realizes what happened]
Paul Ballard: You made me a doll?